Steps and Requirements for Gratuity in Chile

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Education in the Republic of Chile is divided into four basic, middle, upper and kindergarten phases of which the basic and middle are compulsory. Education is governed under the General Education Law.

Gratuity is a benefit for Chilean and foreign citizens who wish to prepare, for this they must comply with certain regulations and requirements that are mandatory to apply among many students who need this contribution for their studies.

As in any country in the world, education is a right that all citizens of the Nation should enjoy, who have a desire to prepare and improve, that is why the Ministry of Education of Chile offers and guarantees students from universities and institutions this benefit That adds to the educational advancement of those who apply through the gratitude website.

Requirements for free in Chile

In the 2019 school year, students who meet the following requirements will have the right to free Higher Education:

  1. You must enroll in one of the affiliated institutions for free, in an undergraduate degree with face-to-face modality.
  2. Come from households belonging to the 60% of the lowest income in the country.
  3. If you are already a Higher Education student, you must not have exceeded the formal duration of the degree.
  4. Not have a previous professional title or a terminal bachelor’s degree, obtained in a national or foreign institution.
  5. In the case of students with a bachelor’s degree, they will be able to access free of charge if they choose to take a program leading to a teacher or educator degree, but only for the duration of the study plan of that program, which cannot exceed four semesters.
  6. On the other hand, if the student has a higher-level technical degree, he will be able to access free of charge only if he enrolls in a career leading to a professional degree with or without a bachelor’s degree.
  7. It is essential to have Chilean nationality, if you are a foreigner you must have your permanent residence certificate or with residence and full high school education taken in Chile.

For new applicants

New applicants must follow the following steps:

  • You must have completed the Unique Accreditation Form Economic partner (FUAS) during the dates reported on this site.
  • Review the information on Socio-economic Level that the Ministry of Education will publish during the month of December. At this stage, applicants will be able to know if they can be subject to gratuity for next year, for meeting the socio-economic requirement to qualify for the benefit. Those students who have inconsistent or incomplete information on their socio-economic situation must present supporting documentation at their institution at the time of enrollment.
  • Enroll in a free institution, in an undergraduate degree with face-to-face modality.

For former applicants

Former students with current credits, with or without scholarships.

  • You must have completed the Unique FUAS Socio-economic Accreditation Form during the dates reported on this site.
  • Review the information on Socioeconomic Level that the Ministry of Education publishes that during the month of December, to find out if they can be subject to Gratuity the following year. Those students who have inconsistent or incomplete information about their socioeconomic situation, must present all their supporting documentation at their institution.
  • They must enroll in an institution assigned to free, in an undergraduate degree with face-to-face modality.

Old students with gratuity

  • You must enroll in your institution or in another house of studies attached to Gratuity, to maintain its right.
  • You must be studying within the formal duration of your degree

FUAS form

This form must be completed through the official website of the gratuity.

It is important that all applicants to obtain this benefit take into account that as of 2019 it is very important that they complete the FUAS, even if they do not meet the requirements to access gratuity, since if they enroll in any institution attached to this policy and during the Socioeconomic level stage, you are qualified in deciles 7.8 or 9 and you will be opting to pay a fee adjusted to your socioeconomic status.

Socioeconomic level

In this stage, the student is allowed to have more communication when defining which career to study, and which institution of Higher Education to assign.

The information provided in this step does not apply that the student already has the benefit of gratuity, because the student already has gratuity, because Mineduc must check in advance if the student also meets the other available conditions.


The pre-selection will take place after the data on the socioeconomic status of the applicants have been published. At this stage, the student must know if he meets the requirements to opt for the benefit of free.

For that, you must meet the requested requirements such as: Be Chilean or foreigner with permanent permanence, in the case of the foreigner you must have residency and full high school education in Chile, you must not have any professional title, bachelor’s degree or technical title. Although for students who have a bachelor’s degree, they can only access free in a program for the title of teacher or educator, that entails a minimum duration of four semesters

To obtain detailed information in Mineduc, you can validate these data through the external body, such as the Civil Registry, Investigative Police, Higher Education Information Service and the Ministry of the Interior.


To validate this benefit, all students must enroll in one of the authorized institutions, here we share some of them:

  • Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
  • Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso
  • Alberto Hurtado University
  • Arturo Prat University
  • Academic University of Humanism
  • Austral University
  • Autonomous University of Chile
  • Aysen University.

Results delivery

After the ministry verifies the information on the socioeconomic level of the student and their enrollment in some institutions assigned to free, then the allocation of the benefit must be executed and finally the results will be published.


The appeal can only be made in a On-lineIn this way, this can be verified through the same platform where all the previous steps are carried out, in this system you will verify your assignment results, and which is accessed through this site.

What is gratuity?

It is a benefit that operates as a scholarship that covers the fee and eliminates the co-payment, however today the financing of education continues to come directly to the students and not to the institutions, this means that all universities compete with these resources .

The institutions that are registered and enjoy these benefits for students are the following:

Universities Professional Institutes
1 Pontifical Catholic University of Chile 3. 4 IP Adolfo Matthei
2 Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso 35 IP Arcos
3 University Academy of Christian Humanism 36
Chile IP 4 Alberto Hurtado University 37
IP DUOC UC 5 Arturo Prat University 38
INACAP IP 6 Austral University 39
IP Institute of Banking Studies Guillermo Subercaseaux
7 Autonomous University of Chile 8Cardenal Silva Henríquez Catholic University
Technical Training Centers 9 Catholic University of the Holy Conception
40 CFT CEDUC UCN 10 Catholic University of Temuco
41 CFT of Araucanía


Catholic University of Maule

42 CFT del Maule
12 Northern Catholic University 43
CFT ENAC 13 University of Antofagasta 44
CFT INACAP 14 Atacama University Four. Five
CFT San Agustín de Talca fifteen University of Aysén 46
16 University of Chile
17 University of Concepcion
18 University of the Border
19 University of La Serena
twenty University of Los Lagos
twenty-one University of Magallanes
22 O’Higgins University
2. 3 University of Playa Ancha
24 University of Santiago, Chile
25 Talca University
26 University of Tarapacá
27 University of Valparaíso
28 Bio Bio University
29 Diego Portales University
30 Finis Terrae University
31 Metropolitan University of Education Sciences
32 Federico Santa María Technical University

Metropolitan Technological University

Institutions attached since the 2018 process.

How long does the gratuity last?

This student benefit offered by the Ministry of Education of the Nation It can finance part of the cost of your studies, covering part of the annual fee for your degree. Remember that in some cases these resources are delivered directly to students and in very special cases to institutions. In order to receive this benefit, remember that your application is necessary through the website and that you must follow a series of instructions and requirements, and wait for the results online on the corresponding dates. Keep this principle in mind:

Education is the great engine of personal development.

It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, the son of a miner can become the head of the mine, or the son of agricultural workers can become President of a nation.(Nelson Mandela)

The only thing you need to achieve your goals is to have your heart, life will open the necessary doors for you to get where you propose to go.

Many young people are giving testimony of how they have been able to carry out their studies

, thanks to your application to the free selection website.

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