Steps and Requirements to apply for the subsidy in Chile

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At the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Housing of the city of Chile opened new applications for the program that provides a monthly contribution of 3 UF (80 thousand pesos approximately) to be used in the payment of rent.

By applying, you could be close to receiving the benefit offered by the National State to acquire, rent or build a home. . The target group to which this type of subsidy is directed is made up of people who cannot pay the full value of a property, but thanks to their ability to save money, they could buy it if they received complementary financial support

This program supports access to housing where families from different sectors who seek to improve their current living conditions and to which you can apply in person and online.

Requirements for subsidy in Chile

The housing subsidy benefitIt is administered and awarded in Chile by the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism. The requirements to acquire your subsidy are the following:

  1. Be of legal age at the time of application
  2. Neither you nor your current spouse or partner must have previously received this benefit.
  3. You must not currently own any type of home, neither the person applying to acquire the benefit nor your spouse or partner.

Documents required for grant

The documents required to start your process are the following:

  • Valid identity card to apply for Chileans and Foreigners (Original and Copy).
  • Photocopy of identity on both sides of each member over 18 years of the family group.
  • Declaration of the family nucleus (form D-1), which indicates the prohibition of applying for three years (with the exception of the applicant’s spouse) to those over 18 years of age.
  • Signed Affidavit of Application (Form D-2)
  • In the case of a foreigner, a permanent certificate of permanence (with a maximum validity of 90 days)
  • Savings book with a minimum of 12 months old from its opening (original and copy) or a certification that states the number and type of account in the case of a financial institution with online consultation such as: Banco Desarrollo de Scotiabank, Coopeuch and Caja compensation Los Andes.
  • Account maintenance certificate, to prove savings in the case of a financial institution without online consultation, that is, those not mentioned in the previous point.
  • Certificate of credit approval or prequalification as a subject of mortgage credit.
  • Simple savings mandate, signed by the account holder, in case the savings are in a financial institution that has an online consultation.

All this documentation is mandatory in order to carry out the application procedure.

If you cannot complete all the requested documents, you must abstain, since for no reason without the requirements requested by the Ministry of Housing you will be able to execute the application to receive the benefit of which every citizen residing in the country has the legal right to possess.

How to apply for the subsidy in Chile?

Here we will show you everything you need to do to apply for the Chilean subsidy.

There are two ways to make your application, one in person at the assigned offices and the other online.

Postulation by Internet:

  • Gather the background in the field required documents
  • Click on «go to procedures»
  • Write our RUT and password and click on «enter». If you are not registered, you must request the unique password.
  • You must complete the required data and click «accept»
  • Finally, you must print the application receipt

Application in office:

  • You must book an appointment on the website of the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism.
  • The next thing is to gather the background mentioned in the required documents field.
  • Go to the office of the Housing and Urban Planning Service or to an IPS-ChileAttende service point at the time I reserve to make the application
  • Explain that you want to apply for the housing subsidy for middle-class families.
  • Finally, you must submit the required background

How much does the subsidy cover?

For foreign families residing in Chile, they may also apply directly to housing benefits from their State portfolio.

Only the permanent residence document in the country will be required, through a legal modification, which is obtained after five years of permanence in the country.

For this, at the time of application, you must present the original and a photocopy of your Chilean Identity Card for foreigners.

Additionally, you must present in original, the Definitive Residence Certificate stating a minimum seniority of 5 years from its granting until the time of application.

How is the value calculated?

The amounts for the beneficiaries of this housing subsidy vary depending on the titles and the geographical area. The 2018 housing subsidy amounts for Title I are different depending on the tranche.

  • Section 1: It has a maximum amount of 700 UF (depends on the area).
  • Section 2: offers a maximum variable amount of up to 600 UF.
  • Meanwhile, the Title 2 offers a maximum amount of up to 450 UF

The calculation can be made through the application where you must enter what type of subsidy you want to opt for, the region where you want to buy the house, the value in UF of the house, the amount of UF saved for the subsidy, and an annual interest percentage.

What is the subsidy?

It is an economic benefit that the Government of the Chilean Republic It is given as a form of support to those who want to buy a home.

Offering the possibility of acquiring a completely new or used property, also some beneficiaries can obtain the housing subsidy and use it for the construction of a house in a place where it is the legal owner.

You can even apply for this benefit and build on some urban or rural land where a property has already been built before.

Besides the subsidy It allows to identify a public assistance based on an aid or benefit of an economic type.

It is a system focused on stimulating consumption or production, or an aid that is granted for a specified period of time.

Subsidy benefits

Acquire, build or rent a home, ease of payment for minimum installments during a comfortable period of time for those who acquire the benefit.

Types of subsidy

Currently there are many types of housing subsidies, some are used to buy houses, but there are also some modalities that allow the rental of houses, this modality of building for those who own their own land in a locality or rural area in the city.

Types of subsidies that exist in the country are the following:

  1. DS19 Subsidy: This is intended for vulnerable families and middle sectors that allows them to find housing offers up to 2200 UF. In cities where there is a greater deficiency and demand for housing.
  2. Subsidy DS1: For families from middle sectors, not homeowners.
  3. DS49 Subsidy: For homeless families, in a situation of social vulnerability.

We would define it a little more clearly like this:

  • Build a home
  • Buying a home
  • lease a property
  • Rural program
  • Improve housing and neighborhood.

Application dates to apply for the subsidy

Applications are made twice a year through a call, in 2016 and 2017 the dates to make the applications they were in the month of April and November. When you need to make your application, consult the website of the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism of the Country.

You must be attentive on the web for the dates for applications, mostly this is done twice a year. For that reason, you must be consulting the published dates weekly.

Duration of the subsidy in Chile

The subsidy certificate is valid for 21 months, from the date of its issuance. It can return without losing the option to apply again, as long as the interested party meets the requirements for it.

Every government elected by the citizens of any country in the world must offer a subsidy, as a stimulus to the economy, since it is the difference between the real price of a good or service and the real price charged to the consumer of these goods or services. In economics the subsidy It is applied to artificially stimulate the consumption or production of a good or service.

These benefits allow the recipient to function while spending less of their own money. For example, food stamps are a direct government subsidy for low-income families.

As always contributing to all those who through the Internet seek detailed and precise information on special requirements to carry out procedures anywhere in the world where you are, we always provide the best alternative so that everything is easier when carrying out your procedures .

Wherever we look, our mastery of science and technology is growing by leaps and bounds and with each passing day we push the limits of what is possible a little further.
The speed of the change is impressive and it is in continuous acceleration. they have and will have a great impact on our lives. TOSome of these changes will require a significant change in mindset. We must all evolve: both researchers and society as a whole.

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