Steps and Requirements to be a Carabinero in Chile

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The carabineros are one of the security and order forces that make up the Police Institution of the Chilean Republic. It was created on April 27, 1927 under its motto force and orderand with its symbol two crossed cabins.

The municipal police, prosecutors and carabineros were unified under the name of Carabineros de Chile, thus concretizing the idea of ​​handing over to the central State the monopoly of police forces.

Its mission is to provide security throughout the national territory through priority preventive actions, supported by a permanent approach to the community.

Requirements to be a carabiner

Know the requirements to apply to the institution of the carabinero:

  1. be chilean
  2. Single
  3. Military situation up to date
  4. Physical and mental health compatible with the profession
  5. Clean criminal record
  6. Take knowledge tests, whose purpose is to assess basic skills.
  7. Minimum height for ladies: 1.60 m
  8. Minimum height for men: 1.70 m
  9. Take the physical tests and swimming test, according to the minimum standards established in the table of specifications
  10. Scores obtained in PSU with a validity of two years (Science, language, history and mathematics).

Documentation to be a police officer

The documents that you must present to the administrative entities to become part of the police are the following:

  1. Background certificate.
  2. Updated military situation in the case of men.
  3. Original high school certificate or legalized photograph.
  4. Two letters of recommendation (from unrelated people)
  5. Two passport size front photos with and Rut
  6. Medical examinations must be carried out as a specialty in Santiago, they must be carried out in a particular way, this also applies to the regions.
  7. Notarial statement according to what is indicated in Articles 54,55,56 adjusted to Law No. 18,575.

How to be a carabiner?

Being part of the police is defined by fulfilling seven fundamental roles:

  • Social solidarity (Benefits for victims of catastrophes and crimes)
  • Educational (make known the laws of the republic and warn citizens of the dangers).
  • Service (information to the community about location, state of roads, etc.).
  • national integration
  • Environmental impact.

Application process

The selection process of Institutional Appointment Personnel to join the Improvement Course

Enabling for promotion to the ranks of First Sergeant and Petty Officer (NP3), leading, in the case of Petty Officers, to the Title of Graduated Petty Officer of Carabineros and to «Higher Level Technician in Police Prevention and Investigation» (Art. 18 of the Organic Law of Police of Chile No. 18.961 and article 73 of the Constitutional Organic Law of Education No. 18962), is carried out at an institutional level, through a national call.

This is based and structured, in accordance with the provisions of the Educational System and Model of Carabineros de Chile, which indicates that the face-to-face modality of Improvement in the context of permanent education represents the educational process that is developed after the Training. Initial and allows to expand, deepen, update, enrich and complement the training received with emphasis on the application.

Said process lasts at least 6 months with the Chief Official of the Recruitment and Selection Department P.6

For the selection process, you must primarily apply on the official admission page of the Carabineros school, then you must wait a period of time. 4 months to start the pre-selection process by the institution. This time will depend on the receipt of the documents requested from the applicant.


Every man or woman selected by the administrative team of the Police School must comply with the regulations of the institution and show their performance through their qualifications.

Likewise, the prospectus that has a value of 15 thousand pesos which must be paid through a balerista, This document must be taken at any bank by the applicant, their parents, guardians or legal representative. The sale of the prospectus is carried out in person and directly with the applicant at any application office throughout the country.

Career cost as Carabinero

The people selected to be part of the institution must not make any type of payment, on the contrary, being part of The Carabineros Training School grants its students in fact, and on a monthly basis, a subsidy granted by the State of the Republic of Chile. For all those admitted in the new school year, where they will be able to pay their personal and student expenses, without having to depend on their parents or family.

Carabinero career length

The Carabineros School is in charge of training all the students selected to study this beautiful career, which trains young people for the protection, order and safeguarding of the country.

The duration of this career is included in a period of 8 academic semesters, the first six months correspond to an Internship Regime, in which the student as an Official Applicant receives the necessary knowledge in different academic areas. such as (Institutional, Legal, Psycho-communicational and Physical Sports Fundamentals), each one of them with well-defined subjects taught by Teachers and Professors of recognized professional and academic trajectory.

When the sixth semester is over, you graduate with the rank of Carabinero sub-lieutenant and an Externship Regime begins where at this time the Professional Practice in Carabinero Operative Units will be carried out and the Title Work is developed to Obtain the Academic Degree.

In this way, the students who start at the institution will be finishing their career as a member and part of the Carabineros.

What is it to be a Carabinero?

It is the Chilean police that make up the Force and Order of the Nation, Originally it is an institution that integrates the public force in charge of giving effectiveness to the law and fulfilling its objective of maintaining public order and internal public security throughout the territory of the Republic and fulfilling the other functions that are the responsibility of the Law and the Constitution. .

The Carabineros are a military force of the Republic of Chile, where their fundamental role is not only to ensure law and order, but they have also become a society that lives and develops with social justice and equity.

Being a Carabinero is understanding that disinterested and true service, goes hand in hand with a modern institution with a vision of the future. A Carabinero is a servant to his country and goes along with the needs of each time and age.

Carabinero functions

Its multiple functions are based on the following:

  1. Preventive: The specific work of Carabineros de Chile is essentially preventive; that is, in anticipation of events that may, in one way or another, affect social peace, public tranquility, life and property of people, which is achieved through permanent active surveillance.
  2. Educational: Oriented so that the community has a conscious knowledge of the legal system. To this are added the talks in schools, neighborhood associations and social organizations, on issues of drug prevention, domestic violence, sexual abuse, among others.
  3. Public Comfort: Aimed at solving problems that arise in people’s daily lives. Role of National Integration Protect the nationality and integrity of the national territory and its inhabitants.
  4. Social Solidarity: This function is carried out mainly in emergency situations such as storms, floods, strong earthquakes, and other natural phenomena.
  5. Public Order Control:Once Public Order is broken, Carabineros de Chile has the obligation -by constitutional mandate- to restore it. You must also practice and enforce the acts of instruction and orders decreed by the judicial and administrative authorities of the country.
  6. Multiple Tasks: Currently, Carabineros de Chile is not only concerned with being guarantor of public order, but performs various functions, ranging from the protection of our sovereignty to the care of minors at social risk. The protection of borders, the rescue of victims in areas of natural disasters and the transport of injured in ambulance planes These are just some of the tasks that Carabineros carry out to help the community. In addition, through the School Traffic Brigades and the Open School for Traffic Education, they play an educational and preventive role by encouraging respect for basic traffic rules.

How much do you earn as a Carabinero?

In this way, the institution reported that like all contracted workers, the remuneration starts with a base salary, taxable, taxable and subject to zone assignments, which varies according to the different grades.

According to data obtained by dnaIn the case of the so-called supreme appointment staff, there are 12 different grades. The highest base income is that of the General Director ($721,508), and the lowest, that of the sub-lieutenants ($331,634).

In the case of institutional appointment personnel, the highest base income is that of the senior petty officer ($375,589) equivalent to the lowest penultimate income of the rank of supreme appointment. The lowest salary in this rank is that of the Carabinero ($173,099),same remuneration that a student aspiring officer reaches.

The highest base salary in the uniformed police is that of the Student Carabinero in grade 20, which amounts to $133,708.

To the base income, a series of assignments must be added, which end up being the great way of building the real salary of a Carabineros officer.

From the «triennials», which are bonuses for years of service calculated in periods of 36 months; those for mobilization and family allowance, bonuses for work in difficult areas due to isolation or high cost of living, and «ranch» or food (17% of income).

There is also an income bonus allowance based on grade. Thus, while the general director sees a 46% bonus for his salary at the top of the table, the lowest grade, the 1st corporal, receives a 5% bonus.

On the other hand, those in high command receive additional assignments given their responsibility, the general director an additional 30%, the inspector generals 22%, and the generals 17%.

Positions within the Carabineros School?

Within the School, all graduates may apply for the following positions:

  • Office Applicants (Applicant)
  • Junior Officer (Second Lieutenant, Lieutenant and Captain)
  • Chief Officer (Major Lt. Colonel, Lt. Senior Officer)
  • General Officer. (General, General Inspector, General Director

These have various types of denominations where applicants must strive to obtain the rank they desire.

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