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Entering the university is a very important step in everyone’s life. Each country has its method for allowing new high school graduates to enter the university, so it varies from region to region.

In this way, in the following article we are going to explain everything you need to know to obtain your PSU Certificate in Chile, which is the one that allows you to enter the university and the career you want.

What is PSU?

The university selection test, or better known by its acronym as PSU, is a kind of replacement to what was previously known in Chile as the academic aptitude test or the PAA.

Basically, The functions that this test fulfills is to evaluate all the knowledge that is required as a minimum level for a student to have the possibility of starting a course in a certain career or university.

It is an evaluation that includes a series of tests that measure the cognitive abilities of the student, to establish if the individuals have the basic minimum of necessary knowledge regarding the subjects that are considered fundamental.

The universities that request this test to allow their students to enter are accredited universities, that is, those that are members of CRUCH, and depending on the career to which the student is opting, the required minimum score used as cut-off criteria will vary.

The subjects that the PSU contains and evaluates are the following: it is mandatory to take the Mathematics and Language and Communication tests, and the student can choose between the two elective subjects, among which they have History, Geography, Sciences and Sciences. Social.

How is the PSU made?

In order to take this test, The first thing you need to do is register, which you can do through a registration portal set up by Demre.

If, for example, a student enrolls in 2018, the correct thing to do is to take the PSU in the month of December of the same year in which they enrolled, and by 2019 they should already have the results and applications for the which ones you can choose

These results are published through the internet, on the same web page where the students registered, and generally the time it takes for them to appear is one or two months after taking the test.

If you are going to take the test and you have already registered, but you do not know the exact place where you should take it, The DEMRE portal makes a publication with a date through all its social networks and its website.

In it, it informs all students who want to take the PSU what are the steps they must follow and where they should go.

In order to access this information, all you have to do is enter the DEMRE website and enter your RUT and your password, which you obtain automatically when you register in the system. Once inside, you automatically get the information about where the PSU should be submitted.

What is the validity of the results?

All results obtained at the PSU remain valid for a period of two years. This means that if the student decides to take the test again the following year, the previous one continues to be valid if the score obtained was higher than the second one presented.

Taking it two years in a row is generally not recommended, but if you’re unhappy with your results and want to significantly improve your performance to increase your score, you can.

In the previous test, wrong answers subtracted points from correct answers, but that method removed it, so now the score obtained is considered only from the correct answers provided by the student.

When calculating the total test score, a scale known as the standard score (PS) is used. and through it, all the scores that the students obtained are normalized.

Thanks to this method, all students are measured equally taking into account their percentile and the abilities that they demonstrated in the range of the evaluation.

What is sought with these calculations is that all students are measured fairly, and that the scores they obtain truly reflect their knowledge.

This refers to the fact that the student with the highest score is not the one who got everything perfect, but the one who, within the group of students who took it at the same time, stood out more and got more correct answers.

How to request it?

To request your PSU certificate, all you have to do is follow a series of very simple steps that require practically no requirements. This is because it is a completely virtual process, which makes it easy for the student to carry out the entire process from the comfort of their home.

It is important that we remind you that to request the certificate you must have first taken the PSU test and obtained the results, because otherwise you will not be issued any document.


Once you have already taken the test and they gave you the results of it, you are already in the capacity to request your PSU certificate. In this way, the only data and requirements that are requested to issue this document are the following:

  • $1,500 pesos.
  • Your RUT and password on the web server.
  • Your date of birth.

These are all the requested data, which, as you can see, do not require much effort to obtain and provide.

Where is the process carried out?

In general, the entire application process for the PSU certificate is carried out online, through a specific virtual section found on the official DEMRE website.

Nevertheless, When there are university vacations, the sale of PSU certificates virtually also goes on vacation, so if you need it urgently during these dates you should go to the DEMRE physical office to make the request, which is located in José Pedro Alessandri 685, Ñuñoa.

If you are going to apply online during the normal school season, the steps you must follow are very simple and fast, and we will mention them below.

Steps to follow

The online certificate is obtained quite quickly and easily, so we recommend you follow the steps below if you want to obtain your certificate as soon as possible.

  1. Enter the official page of DEMRE and enter the platform.
  2. Enter your RUT and a password (the same in principle will be your date of birth).
  3. Make the payment of the certificate online, with any of the payment methods that place you on the platform.
  4. Ready! Now you can get your certificate.

Certificate characteristics

It is important that you take into account that the PSU certificates have certain characteristics that allow you to determine that the certificate does contain all the data it should and is valid for you to present it at the universities.

In this way, the characteristics of the PSU certificates are the following:

  • The monetary value is $1,500 pesos.
  • The method of payment of the same is through Payment Coupon at Banco de Chile or through the Webpay online systemwhich accepts both debit and credit bank cards.
  • Once canceled through Webpay, the system will allow you to print it immediately.
  • The validity of the certificate lasts 90 days, starting to count at the time it was issued.
  • Each admission process in which a certificate is requested must be cancelled, that is, if it is necessary to request different certificates from different admission processes, each one of them must be canceled separately

The PSU certificate It is a very important document for all high school students who want to enter the University. We recommend that you prepare very well to take the test and once the results are obtained, that you follow all the instructions that we give you so that you can obtain your certificate efficiently.

Although it is a very simple procedure to acquire, the difficulty of it lies in its background, that is, in the registration and presentation of the test, so focus all your energies on it and once with the present results you can get your PSU certificate and opt for the university of your choice.

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