What are the requirements to get married in Chile?

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Marriage is the union between a man and a woman, this bond is socially recognized.

Marriage is much more than love. For this reason, many people wonder if the person with whom they have a romantic relationship is really the right one to marry. But having doubts about this is completely normal, what’s more, it’s even healthy.

Requirements to get married in Chile

To get married in the Republic of Chile it is necessary to take into account the following requirements:

  1. You must go to the civil registry: Attention will be paid to the citizen or citizens who wish to get married.
  2. Ask for the time you want to perform the act.
  3. Statement of witnesses: You must indicate the name of the witnesses.

By civil

The officials authorized to celebrate civil marriages are the Municipal Family Judges, the Corregidores and the religious Ministers of cults with legal status.

  1. Fill out a marriage request form at the office where you want to get married.
  2. Have received the civil pre-marriage course at the DIF both spouses
  3. Recent certified copies of the birth certificate of the suitors.

For the church

There are a number of procedures that must be taken into account to carry out a church marriage, primarily you must:

  1. Make the reservation of the church.
  2. Submit the civil certificate stating the day, place and time where the civil union was made.
  3. Submit a baptismal certificate of the spouses issued with a maximum age of 6 months
  4. Take an ecclesiastical pre-marriage course
  5. After having carried out the ecclesiastical marriage, there is a maximum period of 8 days to register it in the civil registry.

Documents to get married in Chile

To be able to enjoy one of the most pleasant steps of any human beingsuch as getting married, you must collect all the following documentation:

  • Original birth certificate and copy of the spouses
  • single certification
  • Presentation of two witnesses
  • Sheet or marriage file
  • marriage edict.

By civil

In order to complete the entire religious wedding procedure, take into account the following:

  • Go to the parish corresponding to your address to make a corresponding report.
  • The selected parish must be where one of the couple was baptized. In case of selecting a different one, they need an authorized letter from the corresponding parish priests.
  • Certificate of baptism
  • Identity card
  • civil marriage book
  • Pay a voluntary contribution to the corresponding parish

types of marriage

In general, we can mention different types or circumstances in which they occur in different parts of the world, in the case of contracting marriage or union between people who seek in a formal and legal way, to formalize their relationship.

  1. arranged marriage: this is very common in past times and still today in certain ethnic groups and radical regions, it can be said that it is the one that is agreed in advance by the families of the participants, mostly their parents, leaving out a fundamental part of their essence, which is freedom of choice and love as the engine of relationships, becomes an arrangement by the representatives who decide in advance for common purposes, even ignoring the consent of the contracting parties.
  2. Marriage of convenience: This happens in places where the law grants foreigners greater rights or certain advantages if they are married to citizens. Thus arises the possibility of obtaining an economic or legal advantage by contracting marriage. There appears the idea of ​​marrying not for love but for those benefits, which may well be for both parties or for one to the detriment of the other. It is not done out of love or affection but by agreement to take advantage of that union in some way.
  3. Common-law marriage: This refers to the de facto union legitimized in the Civil Registry at the request of both parties. In general, it is required to demonstrate that cohabitation has been maintained for at least five years under conditions of singularity and stability.
  4. Morganatic marriage: refers to the union (mostly happened in antiquity) between two people of very unequal social rank, due to economic factors, even race, and residence. In that case, the person of lower rank, as well as the children that could be born as a result of that marriage, are deprived of the inheritance of the one of higher rank. Thus, each spouse retains his social status. Emperor Napoleon I, for example, contracted this type of marriage with Josephine de Beauharnais, from a much lower social class than him.
  5. Group marriage: As its name indicates, it is the one that more than two people practice at the same time. All members share parental authority over the children that two of them may have. Today it hardly exists, but it probably is or was common in closed communal societies.
  6. Gay marriage: without a doubt, the main discussion regarding marriage today is on the question of same-sex marriage. In countries that have legislated in favor of this, then homosexual marriage is admitted, in which contracting parties acquire the same rights and obligations as in heterosexual marriages. The first nation to approve it was the Netherlands, in 2001, and since then many countries from different parts of the world have accepted it.

Where to go to get married in Chile?

The documents that you must present are the aforementioned and must be presented at the Municipal Family Court, Notaries, National Directorate or regional offices of the Civil Registry, who have jurisdiction to celebrate civil marriages, depending on the place of domicile of one of the contracting parties.

By civil

The date to celebrate the marriage is reserved if the future spouses present all the complete requirements. The minimum term to present all the requirements is five (5) business days and the space is reserved prior to availability or the agenda of the office that will carry out the celebration. (Applicable for the Civil Registry).

For the church

The marriage must be celebrated in the parish itself, that is, where one of the contracting parties has his domicile. With the permission of the bishop or their own parish priest, they can do so in another parish.

Marriage Talks

They are marriage preparation courses required by the Church to consecrate the union and consist of 4 group talksbetween 1 to 2 hours long, in which issues related to married life are dealt with from the perspective of the Catholic faith. The future spouses will have the freedom to choose in which parish they want to take said course.

afterands of the Marriage

After the religious marriage You have a maximum period of 8 days to register it in the Civil Registry. Usually the date is set when making the Information, and it is an essential requirement to validate the marriage, since with the new legislation there is no longer a need to perform a new civil ceremony, only the registration of the marriage within this period.

Cost of marriage in Chile

As all procedures in most countries have a cost, until the most important moment of our lives, to build a home, all people who want to get married in any country must pay for it.

By civil

A marriage in Chile by civil notary has an approximate cost of:

  1. Outside the SRCeI office and outside working hours: 32,520 pesos.
  2. Outside the SRCeI office and within working hours 21 thousand 680 pesos
  3. At the SRCeI office and within working hours, there will be no cost. You only have to pay the value of the marriage booklet, which has a value of $1,830

For the church

The cost of the ceremony will depend on the budget and the type of ceremony that meets the expectations of the spouses. Most church weddings have large elements of luxury such as; dress of the bride, the groom’s suit, the rental of the party room, music, food, various drinks and the honeymoon, all this costs an average of 120 thousand or 150 pesos.

Taking into account the most common aspects that make up this celebration, with the cost of it, it can be affirmed that with what is repealed in a ceremony of this type and in the celebration, a little more can be spent or invested than previously mentioned. .

How long do the procedures take to get married in Chile?

Many people have the doubt of knowing if the procedures to get married in Chile take some period of time immediately or if it takes some time.

By civil

By civil this process is totally simple, since the spouses only have to have all their documentation in complete order and go to the competent authorities to expedite the entire procedure quickly, the process will be effective if the spouses do all the procedures as described. establishes before the Law.

For the church

At the time of the ecclesiastical wedding, and fine-tuning all the details for the celebration, the religious entity will be in charge of giving the priestly blessingand immediately your document before the church will be delivered formally.

Getting married is a decision that will always mark our lives. We hope that with everything we refer to in our article you can fulfill the dream of establishing and building a family.

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