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As parents, it is a totally normal attitude that we want to protect our children from any danger. It is an instinct as basic as it is useful to want to care for our loved ones.

Of course, we must let them live their own experiences, perhaps break their hearts, or learn to eat calmly so as not to feel sick to their stomachs.

However, when probable risks and dangers begin to appear, we must set off all the alarms and get on the charge to get the information we need so that nothing bad happens to them.

For this reason, the Condition I believe in 2012 a online service that allows employers, parents, and the caregivers themselves to access a document that allows them to verify that someone who works with children does not represent a danger to them.

That document is the certificate of inability to work with minorsand in this article we will show you everything you need to know about the people who spend a lot of time with our children besides us.

What does it mean to have a disability?

A disability in this case, they are the actions and faults that a person carried out in the past that make them a potential danger to the children with whom they can work.

Some of the faults that can cost an inability to work with children are having a history of:

  1. Violation.
  2. Humiliation.
  3. Physical, psychological or emotional abuse.
  4. serious injuries.
  5. Forced labor.
  6. Kidnapping.
  7. Homicide.

All these offenses can be taken and punished before the law, forcing the accused to go to prison, especially if they are carried out against a minor.

The risks that are tried to avoid reaching children and adolescents, in addition to child abuse, are crimes similar to those mentioned above, as well as forms of violence such as intimidation, threats, beatings, sexual abuse, among others.

Of course, someone who has not been involved in crimes before can harm our children, which is why we must continue to be on our guard even when it has already been proven that the caregivers and caregivers do not have these criminal records.

What are the necessary skills to work with children?

There are many qualities that a person who works with children must have, from caregivers to teachers, and among them we can find that the most notable are:

  • Be responsible and trustworthyso that the children feel safe around them and their representatives can leave them in their care without any problem.
  • Be sure of yourself. Since you are their example, children and young people need a guide who transmits that feeling of self-worth that drives them to act and speak in an appropriate and controlled manner in any situation.
  • Maturity is essential if you have to be in charge of children. You must be able to act sensibly and calmly, especially in emergency situations, and know how to establish order and discipline without causing discomfort in your students.
  • Having good manners is also a quality that we transmit to the little ones in our care. If we show kindness, courtesy and respect, not only the children, but also their parents will feel comfortable and calm when we are in front of them.
  • Know how to care for a child: Knowing things like what to eat, games that help them learn and entertain themselves, and even how to change diapers, are all skills that any caregiver must master in order to take responsibility for children, especially the little ones.
  • You must know how to adapt. Each child or adolescent handles themselves differently, they have been raised in different ways and have behaviors that vary depending on a lot of factors. The best thing you can do is find ways to help them, but also strategies to relate to them.
  • Pprotect those represented from any danger that can arise as long as they are with us. Sometimes this comes down to having to intervene in an abusive or neglectful family dynamic, so it is important that you are prepared to deal with some uncomfortable situations.
  • Being able to work under pressure is very important; sometimes you will have to work against time, or face difficult situations. That is why you must learn to manage pressure, regulate stress and remain calm.
  • Have your planning armed. Manage your time correctly between the tasks that you have to dedicate yourself to.
  • Be assertive, know your surroundings, the children you will be in charge of and their parents, and develop strategies to control and help in the different circumstances that may arise. Many times people do not know how to communicate their problems or difficulties, and the caregiver’s job is to analyze and communicate the solution found.
  • Be self-critical and seek to improve every day.
  • Be positive. It is an attitude that you will undoubtedly be able to translate to the minors in your care. From having a good disposition towards your work, to enjoying every moment you share with them, it will be noticed that you love your vocation and even inspire one or another child or adolescent.

It is extremely important that there is communication with the families of the children. Include parents in the projects, invite them to participate in the stages in which their children will need them the most, and address any doubts or concerns they may have.

What is the certificate for?

The disability certificate It is a document that records whether a person has a criminal record that does not allow them to work with or near children, such as various acts of violence or contempt towards any child or adolescent.

By the time the inability to work with children consultation system was created, in 2012existed 2700 people who were not allowed to fulfill the tasks of caregivers so as not to put the integrity of any minor at risk.

It is necessary that the consultation be made and the disability certificate Any person who wishes to participate in jobs in which they are involved with children, such as in a school, nursery, technical school, high school, and other jobs that require contact with minors.

We must know if people have the mental and moral capacity to deal with our children, since even the least minor cases of abuse leave traces on them that will easily affect them, in their condition as infants and young people.

The disability certificate does not show the would-be caretaker’s crimes against a minor or otherwise, but rather shows the Unique Tax Role (RUT) of that individual and if he is disabled. Nothing more and nothing less.

Who issues it?

The ccertificate of disability is a document issued by the Civil Registry and Identification of Chile.

How to obtain the certificate of disability?

To date, the Service of civil registration and ID It has a large number of offices throughout the national territory that allow users to request, among other things, their disability certificate.

In favor of obtaining it, however, it is not essential that you attend a headquarters or delegation of this service, since a system has been established that allows you to access information on the disability of someone free of charge through your Web page.

Any Chilean citizen can request the data of the disability certificate through this online service, as long as you have certain important information on hand to go through the process.

It is an open system 24 hours during the day so that all citizens can take care of their procedures without scheduling problems and with even more speed and ease.


The incorrect use of the disability certificate will result in fines of between two and ten Monthly Tax Units.


Not you need no document in physical format to go through this process. But it is important that you handle the following data so that you can get the disability certificate:

  • The number of Unique Tax Role (RUT) of the person you want to consult.
  • The full name of the person to be checked.
  • your number Unique Tax Role (RUT).
  • Your full name, if you are the applicant but not the owner.


The Disability Registry allows you to access the information necessary to find out if a person has a record of crimes that could endanger the health or integrity of a minor, from possessing inappropriate material with minors in it, theft or intimidation, to sexual abuse.

There is a simple method through which you can demonstrate or know if a person (or yourself) has such a record, and if you do not, show that you are not prevented from working with children.

  1. Enter the link to consult and obtain the disability certificate, which you can enter by clicking here.
  2. Fill in the boxes referring to the applicant with your RUNfull maternal and paternal names and surnames.
  3. Continue with the boxes where they ask for your RUT and your business name. These data can be added optionally.
  4. Add the data of the person you want to consult, their RUN and full name.
  5. Complete the anti-bot check by placing the text they show on the small image.
  6. Accept the terms and Conditions (after reading everything carefully).
  7. Press send.
  8. Ready! The system generates the candcertificate of disability at the moment, looking for matches among those registered, issuing a document that shows whether or not you can start working with children and adolescents.

Parents will always worry about ensuring the well-being of their little ones, and the Condition has created a tool that allows us to prevent a lot of incidents that could harm those we love: the certificate of inability to work with minors.

Not only that, the other side of the coin is that whoever wants to be employed to deal with children will be able to ensure that they have not engaged in inappropriate behavior, and dedicate themselves to their vocation without doubts tormenting those around them.

It is obvious that We can never protect our children from everything bad 100%but in what if we can do it, we are sure that we will fight tooth and nail to take care of our spoiled.

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