You get married? Get your marriage certificate in Chile

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Are you getting married soon? Do you need to have your marriage certificate? Well, you are in the right place! Continue reading if you want to know everything about how to get your marriage certificate in Chile.

First, what is marriage certificate what is it for me? These are questions that arise frequently. We explain:

What is the marriage certificate?

When two people are in love and want to make their life together, they choose to get married. We know that it is a unique moment, indescribable and full of magic. If you are in the process of getting married and making your life a bond with another person, there are certain documents that you cannot leave out. The marriage certificate is one of them.

But what is it? what is it for? Well, the marriage certificate It is the document that is issued by the civil manager in a civil registry office at the request of the applicant.

It is extremely necessary for carrying out different procedures. You may never get to use it, but never dismiss the idea. We recommend you request as soon as possible after the celebration of the marriagemaximum 5 days or a week after getting married.

Basically, it attests to the act of marriage. Save the date, time and place at which it happens. It’s like a birth certificatefor example.

Who issues this document?

Who issues the document is the Corresponding Civil or Consular Registry.

However, electronic marriage certificates with an electronic stamp from the General Directorate of Registries and Notaries can also be requested, taking as a reference the information that is collected in the central database of all those who are registered in the Civil Registries.

In the case of Chile, the person in charge of carrying out the procedure is chile attends. Later we will explain the process.

Because it is necessary?

Although we already mentioned it, it is necessary for two reasons:

  1. Save, collect and document your wedding. Date, time and place.
  2. You will need it for other procedures.

It is extremely important that you have it and do not leave it out, it is an official document that certifies the celebration of the marriage.

How to get it?

The procedure and requirements are extremely simple. You don’t even need anything to request it.

Here are the steps:


  1. Original of the legalized and apostilled marriage certificate.
  2. Identification of the applicant with photograph.



First of all, you must access the ChileAtiende page. Click here.

Then, you must go to the option «marriage», «marriage certificate all procedures with registrations» either “marriage certificate all procedures without registrations”.

Once this tab appears, you must write your RUN and click «add to cart».

After that, enter your email and click “continue”.

Later, as a result of the procedure, you will immediately receive the certificate in your mail.


On the other hand, you can do it in person. The procedure is the next:

  1. Go to the office of the Civil Registry Service that is closest to you. The office that is easiest for you to reach.

Next we leave you a list with the addresses and telephone numbers so that you can see which one suits you best:

National Directorate2261 15001
Tarapaca / Iquique Regional Office57 2510901
Antofagasta Regional Office55 2417901
Atacama / Copiapó Regional Office52 2543002
Regional Office Coquimbo / La Serena51 2674915
Valparaiso Regional Office32 2189301
Metropolitan Regional Directorate2261 14301
Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins Regional Office / Rancagua72 2977001
Maule / Talca Regional Office71 2534850
Bío Bío / Concepción Regional Office41 2184501
Ñuble Regional Office42 2836330
Regional Office La Araucanía / Temuco45 2658500
Los Lagos Regional Office / Puerto Montt65 2774201
Aysén / Coyhaique Regional Office67 2582335
Regional Office Magallanes / Punta Arenas61 2722620
Regional Office of Los Ríos / Valdivia63 2672501
Arica / Parinacota Regional Office58 2572401

After you decide which office you are going to, you must approach and explain the reason for your visit. In this case, it would be requesting a marriage certificate.

There are several types of marriage certificate so be very aware of which one you want to request:

Positive Marriage Certificate

Consists in the data contained in the Civil Registry in relation to the celebration of a marriage, as well as the identity of the contracting parties. It is a summary but not all the data will appear.

In addition to the extract or summary of the Positive Marriage Certificate, you can also request a marriage registration certificate, which is a copy that contains the data of the celebration.

Negative Marriage Certificate

The Negative Marriage Certificate is used to certify that a marriage is not registered in the Civil Registry. It must be requested when for any reason the marriage between two people is not recorded by the corresponding Civil or Consular Registry.

Marriage Certification with Electronic Seal

Finally, with respect to the Marriage Certification with Electronic Seal of the General Directorate of Registries and Notaries.

serves for certify any information contained in the digitized registry entries of the central databaseas long as these entries have been made after January 1, 1950 in the Municipal Civil Registries or in the Central Civil Registry.

In your case, the one you are going to request is the certificate with registration. What are the details of your marriage?

Then, you pay what the document costs.

Ready! You have your birth certificate.


  • The document is delivered immediately, once the applicant has complied with the aforementioned precautions and completed the process that will allow him to obtain the certificate.
  • Possibility of joint taxation.
  • The marriage and the issuance of the certificate of the same allows the inheritance due to the death of one of the spouses, if there were children, the surviving spouse corresponds to a third of the inheritance or half of it if it occurred with the parents of the deceased. If it were the case that the deceased did not have parents or children, the entire inheritance would correspond to him when there is no will.
  • Taxes of some successions so that the surviving spouse and children may receive a remuneration in the tax.
  • Widow’s pension in case one of the spouses dies.
  • Social Security, even if only one of the spouses works, it is enough so that the other, if he were to ever be absent, can enjoy a survivor’s pension.
  • A series of tax benefits as a couple for the spouses.

Frequent questions

When should the marriage certificate be requested from the corresponding entity?

Any time of the year, preferably 5 days or a week after the wedding. It is the most recommended, then time will pass and you can forget.

Who can complete the application process for a marriage certificate?

The request for the marriage certificate must be made by one of the spouses or by a third person with their authorization.

Who issues the marriage certificate?

The marriage certificate is issued by an official who works in the facilities of the legal department.

What is the cost?

We cannot tell you the current price, however, when you go directly they will tell you the corresponding price.

Unite your life with your special person and do not forget those procedures that you need. Much success! Process your marriage certificate, do not stay without it. Follow the steps and requirements and get it immediately.

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