Get your Comfama certificate in Colombia

Comfama is a privatized, supervised and autonomous social enterprise by the Colombian National State Already taken the responsibility of covering with different actions in the Department of Antioquia Colombia, this company provides at least ninety million of services in the health, housing, culture, education, and recreation sectors. The creation of this company was in the … Leer más

Realization of the Cadastral Certificate in Colombia

A cadastre is the administrative registry detailing the rural, urban and special characteristics, independent or dependent on the State real estate. There are 3 types: Tax register: It includes the price or value of the property, and is updated annually. This helps to calculate the proportional contribution of the Property Tax collected in the municipalities. … Leer más

How to recover the Bancolombia password

When making a Bancolombia transaction through its application or online, you need your Bancolombia password. What happens if you forget it? You know how to recover the password of Bancolombia? If you need to recover your password, you are in the indicated article, here we will explain what Bancolombia is, what services it offers, how … Leer más

How to recover the DaviPlata key

You need to know how to recover the DaviPlata key, Calm! Don’t keep looking for more, you came to the right article. This article seeks to guide all Colombian citizens who have DaviPlata and have very little information about it, how will we do it? Very simple, we will explain a little what DaviPlata is, … Leer más

How to recover Sena Sofia Plus password

You want to enroll in a SENA program, you were registered but you forgot your password and now you don’t know how to recover the password SENA SOFIA PLUS. Look no further, you are in the right article. Through this article we seek to guide those who need to recover the SENA SOFIA PLUS password, … Leer más

How to recover Allowance 14

If you meet the requirements and are of the required age, you will surely be collecting the allowances, including allowance 14. If this is not the case, you will surely ask yourself How to recover Allowance 14. For this reason we invite you to read this article where we will explain in detail this topic … Leer más

How to recover my Savings key at hand

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How to recover my Claro number

How to recover my clear number? It is a question that many Colombians ask ourselves, since when we lose our mobile phone or we are a victim of theft, it is uncomfortable for us to buy a new line. In this article we want to help you and you will surely ask how we will … Leer más