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Apply for a Professional Card: What it is, Who Issues it, What Careers Need the Card, Requirements and MORE

Request Professional Card, It is one of the simplest, most practical and necessary procedures in various and numerous careers for the legal exercise of the profession in the national territory. It is issued in entities created by law. For this reason, in this article we dedicate ourselves to explaining in depth: what is the Professional … Read More

Steps and Requirements to affiliate beneficiaries to EPS Sanitas

The Government of Colombia through the Ministry of Social Protection created a “Mandatory Health Plan (POS), which allows comprehensive protection of families, maternity and diseases in general; To meet this objective, the EPS (Health Promoting Entities) were created. This is how Sanitas, SA, begins to function as such and offer its medical assistance services. In … Read More

Procedures and Requirements to Adopt a Child in Colombia

Adoption constitutes a legal act in which a kinship bond is acquired between two (2) paternity persons, that is, a relationship analogous to that of parents and children is established and to form it it is necessary to comply with certain Requirements to adopt a child in Colombia. The laws of the country establish several … Read More

Procedures and Requirements to open a bar in Bogotá

To open a bar today and undertake this business, it is necessary to comply with a series of Requirements to open a bar in Bogotá, in this adventure you need to have enough capital, diverse contacts and especially dedication, perseverance, energy and self-confidence. In this article we will highlight numerous keys when creating or opening … Read More

Requirements to Rent an Apartment in Colombia

Currently, there is approximately 35% of the Colombian population that lives rented, in addition, in the commercial real estate market, companies prefer to rent a premises or establishment over the purchase of it for their operations. Know the Requirements to Rent an Apartment and go through this simple process. A lease is a contract that … Read More

Requirements to baptize in Colombia

There is a tradition or belief in the Catholic Church that says that every child at birth must perform an act of faith in which the relationship between God and the believer is manifested. This act is called: Baptism. To do so, it is necessary to meet the essential requirements. Know the Requirements to baptize. … Read More

Requirements to obtain the Colombian ID

Before contacting the Registrar, it is necessary to know the Requirements to obtain the Colombian ID. The National Registry of the Civil State is in charge of issuing identity documents in the country. The citizenship card allows citizens of Colombian nationality to participate in civic events. Take into account that the request and withdrawal of … Read More