Adecco Labor Certificate: Everything they haven’t told you

Do you want to know the Adecco Labor Certificate: Everything they haven’t told you You will find it by reading this article

Adecco is a very important labor group in Colombia, this organization grants labor certificates to its clients and associated employees

This business group makes its web services available to provide more ease and effectiveness in its procedures

In order to keep its associates in good condition and guarantee highly available labor services by providing a web tool such as

If you have wondered How to obtain the Adecco Labor Certificate?, Or what are the requirements to obtain this document, do not hesitate any more

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Adecco Labor Certificate

Labor certificates provide a series of very important information in the labor sense and implementing particular documents

Processing a labor certificate was always a tedious and cumbersome procedure in terms of its procedure, since most of the time you had to make long lines to request a shift

Thanks to technology, the cumbersome procedure was left behind, most companies have implemented a web portal offering feasibility in the procedures

Adecco is not far behind in terms of web procedures, due to the greatness of affiliated users in Colombia and different parts of the world, this organization grants different labor documents among these is the Adecco Labor Certificate

It is important to know the information that this certificate provides to labor institutions, since this document contains relevant information about the applicant.

Information contained in a labor certificate:

  • Transfer and unemployment records within the work period
  • Total salary received by the worker on the date the certificate is issued
  • Record of salary discounts and withholding of labor source
  • The total amount of Premiums granted
  • Vacation calculation
  • Payroll registration information in the year issued

Note: The labor certification will record the salary that the employee received at the time the document is issued.

Adecco Online

It is worth mentioning that the Adecco business group began its work in Colombia since 1996, having a resounding success

Many employees resort to processing the Adecco Labor Certificate due to the recognition of this company, since Adecco is positioned in the first place of Human Resources services in Colombia

This company originated due to the union between the companies Adia and Ecco, which have more than 40 years of experience and services in the business sector.

The Adecco Group had a resounding success not only in Colombia but also worldwide, thus achieving its internationalization with offices in more than 50 countries, thus having more than 5000 offices internationally.

Colombia has the presence of the Adecco business firm in 11 cities of the national territory, this is possible thanks to the support of de 725 employees.}

Adecco Online seeks to innovate in web procedures and modernize the way of managing its services with its products on the web portal (click here to access)

In this web portal you can find a series of very important Adecco products, which facilitates the management of payroll documents, employment documents, vacations, employment certificates, among others.

How to enter?

When entering Adecco Online we find a series of links which allow us to access each document that we want to obtain

Once the user has entered the portal, the first thing to do is register in the system with a user (it is necessary to have a gmail email to register)

The links offered by Addeco Online are many of an important nature, but among the most sought after by affiliated citizens are:

  • Outsourcing in business Payroll content
  • Certification in digital content of commercial services
  • Digital guide on Industrial Safety for large and small companies
  • Logistics content in the business sector
  • Certificate of Industrial Processes for entrepreneurs and interested parties

Apart from the services mentioned above, Adecco Online is present in the professional sector of Consulting, Training, Temporality, Headhunting and recruitment of personnel in the Human Resources sector.

To enter Addeco Online click here

Adecco Digital Certificate

As you have seen throughout the article, Adecco offers different types of certificates and employment documents on its web portal.

It is worth mentioning that this web platform provides an instrument to employees who wish to affiliate to facilitate the form of income

The certificates section that we can find in Adecco shows us each of the certificates that this platform issues, among these certificates are:

  • Digital labor
  • Independent labor certificates (this certificate is awarded to independent workers in Colombia)
  • Wage income and payroll withholding (inability to pay employees)
  • Digital certificate of the vacation request within the period that the vacation period is going to start
  • Registration and calculation of unemployment benefits registered by the employer
  • Basic news (total income)
  • Source withholdings within working time

It should be noted that some certificates can only be handled online, this means that they cannot be physically held, but some can

Note: To obtain digital certificates it is necessary to have a user and a password in the Adecco Online system (to register click here)

How to print the Certificate

We have been pronouncing the different certificates that Adecco grants to its affiliated users, when a certificate is already processed it must be printed

But it is important to mention again that some certificates can only be managed and used online, if this is your case you must send the certificate via email or fax

Once you have successfully managed your certificate, the web portal will allow you to save the document in PDF format on your computer and print it

Below we will show you the steps to follow to print your employment certificate, payroll, among others from Adecco:

  1. Enter the Adecco Online main web portal
  2. Indicate the identification number which is registered in your user within the system
  3. When you have entered the system you should go to the certificates section
  4. Select Labor Certificate
  5. The company in which the applicant works must be indicated
  6. Save the certificate on your computer to print it! And voila!

The system will ask you to activate the printer system in which you must activate it and indicate the type of printer you are going to use and the document will automatically be printed

If it is not convenient to print it when the certificate is ready, there is no problem, since you can save the certificate and print it when necessary

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