Apply for a Banco de Bogotá Credit Card: What it is, Types, Requirements, Benefits, How it works and MORE

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Apply for a Banco de Bogotá Credit Card It is of great help for all those clients who wish to have another type of financing, known as «credits». To apply for a Credit Card it is necessary to have a bank history that supports the decision to obtain said card.

Banco de Bogotá is a financial institution that offers these credit cards to its users. It also offers credits, accounts, and other financial products. It is part of Grupo Aval. If you want to know more about this Keep reading!

What is the Banco de Bogotá Credit Card?

A credit card is a banking product, it can be used to buy in installments. Every time you buy a product or service, you choose a payment term, up to 36 months. You can use your card in national and international commercial organizations, and you can also make purchases and payments online.

In addition, the use of credit cards allows cash advances, which means that part or all of the approved fee can be withdrawn. It is recommended Apply for a Banco de Bogotá Credit Card due to the different types of credit cards it offers.

Depending on the credit card you choose, you can get offers such as mileage, points or discounts in markets and service stations. Banco de Bogotá allows these cards to be ordered online quickly and efficiently.

Since the needs of each client are different, we offer several types of cards, which have their own characteristics and advantages. For example, there is a digital card whose characteristic is that you can request it online from any mobile device in 5 minutes. You can get the card for free at home. It also provides assistance for vehicles and families.

You can also request the Latam Pass credit card to accumulate miles and kilometers and redeem miles during a trip. In addition, you can also find unlimited credit cards to access a series of privileges and benefits. The handling fee is the fee you pay to the bank with your credit card. The value depends on the type of credit card. They are usually charged in two ways:

  • Advance: The bank will collect the payment before the specified deadline. They paid the February fees in January.
  • Overdue – The bank will charge a handling fee after the due date. They pay for January in February.


American Express Blue Card: this card is ideal to start shopping with a credit card and accumulate travel points. It provides you with purchase protection insurance for USD 1,000 per event, up to USD 5,000 per year. Your income must be equal to or greater than $ 1,000,000.

Young MasterCard (MasterCard): If you wish Apply for a Banco de Bogotá Credit Card This card is recommended since it does not require a large income and can be used for only US $ 200,000, it is aimed at young people between 14 and 25 years old. You can get special discounts by accumulating points when buying.

The Ideal MasterCard – You can pay on time and earn a higher credit rating. Your fee for cash advances at ATMs is limited, if your income is 1 and 2 SMMLV, you can apply.

Classic MasterCard: For those who want a little more, Classic MasterCard is a good option, you just need to have an income of 1 million US dollars or more to apply. In addition, you also have 24/7 global service and accumulate points at the time of purchase.

Classic Visa: the Visa card is the most recognized card in the world, so it is very necessary to use the first credit card. Collect points, enjoy special offers and the minimum income is 1 million US dollars.

Banco de Bogotá Digital Credit Card

  • If you want to apply for a credit card for the first time and get a faster approval, Banco de Bogotá can provide you with a digital credit card. If it is your first request, this card can bring you the greatest benefits:
  • In just 5 minutes you will know the approved quota for digital credit cards.
  • You don’t need documents, which is one of the main obstacles when applying for a credit card for the first time.
  • No need to queue, fast, convenient, safe and completely online.
  • The Banco de Bogotá Digital Credit Card can provide you with 6 months of free service fees and provide you with promotional activities at affiliated companies.

Requirements to Apply for the Credit Card

  • I will pay Counter-guarantee.
  • Covered Credit Card Application Form.
  • Life Insurance Debtors Credit Card Policy.
  • Necessary requirements to make a claim.
  • Life Insurance Debtors Unemployment Policy Credit Card
  • Debtor Life Insurance Credit Card Theft Policy
  • Request for Financial Services Natural Person
  • Credit Card Regulations
  • Photocopy of the identity document extended to 150%.

For employees they must present the following documentation

  • Pension or payroll payment receipt equivalent to the last month, in case the payment is made biweekly, 2 receipts are needed.
  • Labor letter no more than three months where it indicates: salary, time working, salary and type of contract.
  • Income declaration for the previous tax year, according to the periods determined in the tax calendar, if you have to declare.
  • If you want to support other income, you can present the additional documents that you think are necessary.
  • Certificate of Income and Withholdings for the last tax year, signed by the client, if he presents an Income Statement, it is not necessary to present this document.

For Independent, they must present the following requirements

  • Visit with supports or interview summary.
  • Account summary of the last 3 months where your income is reflected.
  • Income declaration, if due to your economic activity you are obliged to declare this document.

How to make the request?

For Apply for a Banco de Bogotá Credit Card you need to follow a series of steps. It is of great importance that each of the steps are considered very simple and fast. This is because they can be requested through a mobile phone at the Banco de Bogotá website. You just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Access your information.
  2. Be aware of the approved quota and select the card you want.
  3. Selection if you want to receive it at your office or at your home.
  4. Once you receive the cards, you can activate it.
  5. You must download Banco Móvil on your cell phone and create your «Secure Key», look for the «Security» alternative and then «Card Activation» and continue with the steps that are notified in the application.
  6. To activate your card with a secure code or debit card code, you should look for the option on the Banco de Bogotá website.

Benefits that Credit Cards Offer

Get any of the Banco de Bogotá Credit Card grants a series of benefits or privileges, several of these benefits are expressed below. Also making the payment of this card through the website grants a series of privileges. These are as follows:

  • Provides partners with whom you can enter special sales.
  • For each purchase made with the credit card, points are added and you can release them for trips or prizes.
  • Assistance and insurance coverage, which you can benefit when you need it, for example: services to the vehicle, to the home and in international and national trips
  • To finish, let’s briefly mention the Benefits of Paying the Credit Card. You may not understand very well the importance of keeping up with your debts, so we will tell you in a concise way why you should pay on time.
  • You can have a good credit history. This is especially important when you want to apply for another credit of greater weight such as a mortgage. Your history of defaults will determine how risky it is to grant you a loan, so you should try to pay on time.
  • You avoid accruing interest. If you do not pay, the delinquent interest will accumulate and when you go to do it you will have to cancel a higher amount, which reduces the benefit of having a credit card in terms of personal finances.

How do Banco de Bogotá Credit Cards work?

The cards that are available for Apply for a Banco de Bogotá Credit Card they have an interest. This must be paid for deferring purchases to more than one installment. If they make a purchase for $ 1,000,000. The interest rate if it were 2.17% per month or 26.04% per year and / or the handling fee of $ 12,000 per month.

The handling fee is the fee you pay to the bank with your credit card. The value depends on the type of credit card. The value will depend on the type of credit card and the benefits offered by the bank. They are usually charged in two ways:

  • Advance: The bank will collect the payment before the specified deadline. They paid the February fees in January.
  • Overdue – The bank will charge a handling fee after the due date. They pay for January in February.

The handling fee can have different monthly, quarterly and semi-annual periodicity, having options such as: monthly due, quarterly anticipated, and so on. If the quota is quarterly in advance in March, they pay the quota for April, May and June.

Take advantage of the Card offers!

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