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Request Credit Card It is an extremely simple and fast process, and it is also considered that it can be approved in an easy way. This is a Credit Card that allows all users to purchase any product they want and, at the same time, have good financing through this company.

It should be noted that it acts as a quota that can be consumed and can be paid through any public service company in Colombia (EPS). Similarly, it allows cash advances as long as the user has it available. If you want to know more about this card Keep reading!

What is Crediuno?

Crediuno is a brand of Crediservicios SA. Its function is to provide financial services to all the Colombian people so that everyone can realize their dreams. Also called «Credivalores» is a non-financial company with more than 15 years of experience in the financial sector and is the country’s leader in sources of consumer credit.

Credivalores is an entity resulting from the merger of Crediservicios SA and Credivalores SA. It was incorporated in 2003 with the main objective of granting salary deduction loans. Credivalores SA was also incorporated in 2003 and its main activities are factoring and financing of goods, services and insurance premiums. Both companies provide local services in Cali, Colombia.

Due to the merger in 2008, Credivalores SA was completely absorbed by Crediservicios SA And the entity merged its name into Credivalores-Crediservicios SAS Over time, the company has developed in other geographic regions of Colombia (including Bogotá). Credivalores has 86 offices and customer service points throughout Colombia; More than 2,100 direct and indirect consultants have issued more than 7.43 billion pesos in loans to date.

The net assets of this non-bank financial company exceed $ 228 billion. Credivalores ensures that customers are served through different partners that can enter the market of more than 27 million potential customers. In addition, the company is also subject to the supervision of the company’s regulatory authorities. Apart Credivalores is reliable, but we recommend you read the opinions of other clients.

Crediuno Virtual Zone

To explain what is called «Virtual Zone» or «virtual area» it can be said that it is a space where corporate clients can carry out all the procedures related to credit, whether they require it or have been granted.

In other words, it can be said that the Credivalores virtual area is a technical platform that the institution provides to users so that they can carry out the program comfortably at home or in the office. To do this, you must register in the system, create a username and password to access the account later.

To enter the virtual area of ​​Credivalores, that is, their website, You only need a mobile device, tablet or computer with a good internet connection to check the status of your credit account in this space, we will explain the operation step by step later.

What is the Crediuno Card?

For Request Credit Card, You should know what this Card is and if it is debit or credit. The answer to this is that it is a credit card that is part of the Visa franchise, it is agile and easy to approve, and it gives customers the benefit of paying based on public service bills.

Crediuno allows them to obtain everything they have always wanted, at the best prices in the main commercial organizations. It also allows you to make cash advances as long as the user has it available.

With the VISA Crediuno credit card, it is sought or has the mission that the group with the lowest income in the history of Colombia that does not have a credit history can access and use a good credit with the interest rate established by the Financial Superintendence of Colombia in terms of credit.

This credit card is valid nationwide and is known as the first VISA credit card for levels 1 to 3 in all of Colombia. This was done through an alliance of the Credivalores Company and the global payments technology company Visa Inc.

This company offers a free Customer Service line for all those users who need to request or resolve any questions about the VISA Crediuno credit card. The number for Bogotá is «(1) 482 32 82» and for Cali «(2) 485 62 12».


It is important to know that at the time of Request Credit Card And getting approved for said card, you get to have a great list of features. This is a point that is considered a benefit by the Credivalores company. All these characteristics are mentioned below:

  • Very few credit card documents are required. If you have any questions, you can ask for any point of sale in the country.
  • When you pay monthly, space will be freed up so you can make new purchases with your credit card.
  • With a credit card, you can purchase life insurance to guarantee debt repayment in the event of death or permanent total disability.
  • You have the opportunity to purchase voluntary insurance.
  • You can easily pay by ESP invoice or personal statement. Conditions apply.
  • Use an account with the “cash advance” option based on your personal details (conditions and restrictions apply).
  • You can request a Crediuno Visa Amparada card so that beneficiaries over 18 years of age can make purchases or advance cash at any institution nationwide. Share up to 50% of your fee and enjoy discounts.


This credit instrument allows Credivalores customers to make their purchases comfortably, without disbursing the money immediately. The Crediuno Visa card is accepted in establishments of:

  • Sale of food products.
  • Shoe stores.
  • Colombian department stores.
  • Stores selling appliances and home products.
  • Restaurants
  • Travel agency.
  • Clothing stores for children, women and men.
  • Pharmacies and other businesses where they sell health products.

On the other hand, you have the possibility of making cash advances, if you have one of these credit cards. To do this, you must go to the Efecty or Giros y Finanzas points and present your identity card along with the Crediuno card.

Likewise, you can also contact the number 01 8000 120 379 and request the cash advance, directly, in your bank account. In the same way, you will need to have your identification and credit card information at hand, in addition to your account number.

Another benefit that this credit card has is the Debtor Life Insurance, which is an insurance that covers the balance of the card in the event of death or total disability. It should be noted that this insurance is mandatory to purchase.

Requirements to Make the Request

From PC

  • You must have a camera integrated into the computer.
  • Have your cell phone handy, as there you will receive a text message (SMS) with a code during the application process.
  • Have your ID since you must take a photo of each side of your document and save it as a JPG file on your computer to upload later.

From mobile phone

  • Make sure your camera is working properly.
  • Get your ID ready and take a photo of it directly from the cell phone as we indicate in the process.
  • Stay tuned for the text message (SMS) with the verification code that will reach your cell phone.
  • Our application works best for mobile devices with Android operating system and Google Chrome browser.

How to Apply for the Credit Card?

Getting a Crediuno Visa credit card is very easy, since you only need to present your identity card and a utility bill to get this plastic. In addition, once you have applied for the card, the approval process is very fast, so you can count on it immediately.

On the other hand, you will have a credit quota that will be released as You continue canceling your monthly payments for the use of the card. The process for Request Credit Card explained below:

  1. Enter the Credivalores website and request it online.
  2. Go to any point of sale.
  3. Present your original ID (Keep in mind that you must carry a public service receipt). For the Covered Card you must go with the beneficiary and both must present their document.
  4. Claim your Crediuno VISA Credit Card or your Crediuno Visa Covered Card at no cost.

In this way, in 10 minutes you will know if it was approved and in a maximum of 8 business days you will receive it at your door. It can also be paid in a Control Fee, which means that in this way, you will have to pay a fixed monthly amount, which will not increase over the months.

This payment can also be made through a flexible fee where it is explained that in this way, you will have to cancel a variable monthly amount, which will depend on how much you use your card in the month. In this way the «minimum payment» of this card can be used.

Thank you for reading!

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