Apply for a Davivienda Credit Card: What it is, Benefits, How to Apply for the Card, Requirements and MORE

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Are you a Davivienda customer and want to know how Apply for the Davivienda Credit Card? Here we are going to tell you how to do it. But, we are also going to provide you with information that will allow you to choose the product that best suits you and adapts to your needs.

Remember that a purchase with a credit card is like a loan that must be repaid. With which, that loan has a percentage rate that you must pay if interest charges accrue. Keep reading to find out about this and other things that can help you when applying for the card.

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What is Davivienda?

The Colombian Savings and Housing Corporation, Coldeahorro, was created in August 1972. It opened its doors to the public on November 15, 1972, with the main branch in Bogotá, and a branch in each of the cities of Medellín, Cali and Barranquilla..

In 1973, Coldeahorro changed its name to the Colombian Savings and Housing Corporation, Davivienda. In 1997 Davivienda became Banco Davivienda SA and in May 2006 it merged with Banco Superior.

For 2006, Davivienda bought Granbanco SA – Bancafé from the Colombian government. The acquisition allowed Davivienda to expand its business in the corporate and agricultural markets.

Davivienda’s logo is a «Red House», which it has used nationally and internationally since 1973. In 1994, the company introduced the label «Your money may be in the wrong place» as part of its advertising campaigns..

Davivienda bought HSBC’s operations in Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Honduras in 2012. And in 2010, Davivienda received permission from the United States Federal Reserve to operate a branch in Miami, Florida..

What is the Davivienda Credit Card?

It is a financial instrument that allows holders to borrow funds to pay for goods and services with merchants that accept payment cards.. This is on the condition that cardholders return the borrowed money, along with interest, before the billing expiration date.

With the Davivienda Credit Card you also have a cash line of credit that allows you to request cash advances. You can access them through bank tellers or ATMs.

Davivienda credit cards have a wide variety of products, ranging from classic franchises to shared and private brands. This is to allow you various consumption options and special benefits. You only need to enteresar to Davivienda official website for withCheck all credit card options.


Aside from the world-renowned franchises of Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, Davivienda also offers rewards credit cards in conjunction with other brands.. This is to offer airline miles, hotel room rentals, gift certificates to major retailers. Visit lto Davivienda official website to know mores benefits.

They also have a branded credit card, that is, with the name of the store stamped on the front of the cards. This is the case of the Spring Step private label card, a Credit Card that gives you the option of enjoying particular benefits. These benefits can be enjoyed at Spring Step, Alpie, Blu-Shu, Big Box Shoes, and Sports world.

To know the full range of products that Davivienda has in terms of Credit Cardsito, visit your official website. There you will surely find the option that best suits your conditions and expectations.ace.

How your line of credit works

Every time you make a purchase, your available credit decreases by that amount. If you have a credit limit of $ 1,000,000 and you make a purchase of $ 800,000, you will have $ 200,000 in available credit. With which, you will owe $ 800,000 to the credit card issuer.

If you also make a cash advance for $ 100,000 before paying the previous consumption, you will owe the issuer a total of $ 900,000. With which you will only have $ 100,000 of credit available. What makes a credit card different from a loan is that your credit limit is available after paying.

You can repeat the process of spending up to your credit limit and repay the balance as many times as you like, as long as you comply with the terms of the credit card. You can continue to borrow against your credit limit over time, which is why credit cards are called revolving accounts or open accounts.

How Credit Card Interest Works

The credit card issuer allows you some time to pay off the full amount you borrowed before they charge you interest.. The period of time before interest is charged is called the grace period, which is generally between 21 and 25 days.

If you don’t cancel your full balance before the grace period ends, a finance charge or fee is added to your balance. The finance charge is based on your interest rate and outstanding balance.

The interest rate is the annual rate you pay to borrow money with your credit card. Interest rates are generally based on market interest rates, your credit history, and the type of credit card you have.

Benefits of Applying for the Davivienda Credit Card

To the Apply for the Davivienda Credit Card has a convenient financial product that can be used for everyday purchases like gasoline, groceries, and other goods and services. It’s also a great resource for buying expensive items like televisions, travel packages, and jewelry. Well, the funds for these items are not always immediately available to us.

The convenience of having a credit card is determined by the advantages they offer us. Reason why, we expose some of the benefits of the Davivienda credit card that it is important for you to know:

  • Davipuntos loyalty program according to the card category (accumulation for purchases in USD)
  • Availability of a catalog to redeem Davipuntos in different categories such as home, health, entertainment and others. Also through the Davipay App buying in allied stores such as Juan Valdez and many more.
  • Virtual Box Ultrabox to facilitate your purchases online by transporting and delivering them anywhere in Colombia.
  • International assistance anywhere in the world in case of loss of documents, illness or accident, among others.
  • Online payments and PSE and purchases in affiliated merchants paying with your credit card or by PSE.
  • Davivienda Mobile App to consult products and make transfers between Davivienda, DaviPlata accounts and to other banks. In addition to all payments for Bank products and public services, easily and safely.
  • Virtual key to access our virtual channels, Davivienda Mobile app and Red Telephone to make inquiries, payments and transfers easily and safely.
  • Covered card that allows the main cardholder to extend one or more credit cards to the persons they designate, as protected. Those who acquire it have the same benefits of the main card.

Requirements to Apply for the Davivienda Credit Card

The requirements for Apply for the Davivienda Credit Card they vary depending on the type of credit card you want to apply for. They exist from financial instruments for very young people with little income, to cards for people with a solid credit and financial life with multiple benefits such as a travelers club.

However, we can find some requirements that are common to all products and that are mentioned below:

  • Be of age.
  • Fill out the credit card application form.
  • Certificate of Income and Withholdings for the last year.
  • Labor certificate showing minimum 6 months old.
  • Proof of payroll for the last three months.
  • Bank statements for the last three months.
  • Photocopy of the citizenship card (enlarged to 150%)

How to apply for the Davivienda Credit Card?

Apply for the Davivienda Credit Card It is very simple, as you can apply online. You just have to follow the steps shown below:

  1. Entersa in the Davivienda official website.
  2. Press the «Request» button
  3. Indicate the type of card you want to request.
  4. Select the range of monthly income you have.
  5. Indicate your occupation.
  6. Press the «Continue» button
  7. Indicate the type of document you are going to use.
  8. Enter the document number without periods or hyphens.
  9. Indicate your names.
  10. Enter your first and second surname.
  11. Select the genre.
  12. Indicates the date of birth.
  13. Press the «Continue» button
  14. Enter the contact information.

Once a bank employee contacts you and informs you of the steps and requirements you need, fill out the application form. Sign it and present it together with the collections at the Davivienda agency closest to your home.

We hope that the information we present will help you to Apply for the Davivienda Credit Card and select the credit card that best suits your needs. As well as to use this financial product responsibly.

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