Apply for Alkosto Card: What is it, Requirements, How to Apply, Benefits, Associated Businesses and MORE

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If you want Apply for Alkosto Card It is important that you know that this is one of the best Credit Cards in all of Colombia. It provides a great series of benefits and serves to save as much money as possible in any establishment.

Alkosto is a chain of stores that is located in several cities of the Colombian territory. It was founded in mid-1987 and since then it has great confidence in the entire population. If you want to know how to request your card Keep reading!

What is Alkosto?

Alkosto is a chain of warehouses and stores in Colombia that is dedicated to the market and sale of products for the home, kitchens, etc. Its online store is one of the three most important and visited e-commerce sites in all of Colombia.

With its promise of «Hyper Offers», Alkosto manages to maintain constant offers and promotions not only in physical stores, but also on its online page, with competitive prices in the market.

They have two particularly critical moments each year: Cyber ​​monday. These days, they offer special discounts to buyers. Cyber ​​Monday is usually the first week of June and the first week of December.

This chain of stores is owned by the Corbeta Group. His business covers eight cities across the country. By 2013, it had 2,388 employees nationwide. The brand’s motto is «Hyper Saving Always».

The company’s popular seasons are listed in date order: “Alkosto is a bargain” for April. «Agosto Alkosto» in the month of August and «Big Christmas» in the last month of the year. In these seasons a large amount of sales is generated due to their offers.

Each product and / or service and workflow provided by Alkosto has its precision and adequacy, which are derived from the specific intention of always achieving the highest level of excellence, consistency and precision. In addition to having the appreciation of the population.

Many branches of the Alkosto warehouse chain also specialize in the use and development of clean and renewable energy in almost all its branches in the country. So it can be said that it advocates for the welfare of the environment.

Requirements for the Application

When you need this card, it is normal that you wonder how to request a Alkosto card. However, if you are in any way bound by an employment contract, you must primarily provide the documents and requirements that are mentioned later in this article.

It should also be noted that if the company you work for requests a credit card, in addition to the documents to be mentioned, you must also present a letter of employment. To verify it by Alkosto.

In said employment letter the position of the person requesting the card, qualifications, salary and type of contract will be specified; the maximum validity The period of this document is three (3) months.

If you want to get atAlkosto credit card, it is not a matter of concern for many documents. Because to make the request it only requires that you present the following requirements:

  • Be between 18 and 89 years old.
  • Submit credit application, opening contract, blank promissory note and letter of instructions.
  • A copy of a valid ID.
  • Provide formal income support.

As explained above, there are not many documents required to request an Alkosto cardHowever, among the documents mentioned, you must make sure that they are updated and in perfect condition, that is, without any type of deletion or modification.

How to make the request?

According to the requirements, the process for apply for the Alkosto card It is not that cumbersome, in fact, it is only necessary to go to any Alkosto and / or Ktronix store and show all the documents and requirements that we pointed out above.

It is worth mentioning that the approval and subsequent delivery of this card are fast, so once the process is finished, you will get this card in less time than you might expect.

If you have other questions about the Alkosto card, you can call the contact center in Bogotá at 482 4807, Medellín at 444 3784, the Cali contact number at 380 8935 or the national toll-free number: 018000915555. Alkosto stores throughout the Colombian territory are:


  • 68 avenue 68 street corner.
  • Carrera 30 with calle 10.
  • South Highway Carrera 68.
  • 170 Street with Boyacá Avenue.
  • El Edén (Avenida Boyacá with Calle 15).


  • Cll 31 No. 31-95 Avenida el Llano.


  • Morichal Plaza CC. Calle 24 with Carrera 29 Esquina.


  • Avenue of the Americas No. 46-03.


  • Av Bolivar: Calle 22 No. 6-28.
  • Center: Calle 19 No. 28-89.


  • Ipiales: Parque 20 de Julio Carrera 5 No. 8-26.
  • C. Gran Plaza Ipiales: Local 101.


  • Túquerres: Carrera 13 with calle 20 Esquina.


  • Pasoancho with Carrera 80.


  • Calle 98 # 51 B – 91.


  • Ring Road km 2.5 Floridablanca- Girón.


  • Sincelejo Calle 28 No. 25B – 27 CC Guacari Local 101.


Finally, would you like to know what are the benefits of obtaining and apply for an Alkosto card? These are usually a great deal of benefits. That is why these benefits are mentioned below:

  • You have more discount opportunities every week of the year.
  • You only need to pay a handling fee if you have a monthly balance and / or usage on your Alkosto credit card.
  • You are more likely to pay through different Alkosto and Ktronix stores across the country and pay with an Alkosto card.
  • You can choose the number of installment purchases and prepayment, and the period of each installment is from one (1) to 48 months.
  • You can create a credit history.
  • You can choose the payment date that suits you best between two (2) options: the 10th and the 17th of each month.
  • You can make advance payments through all the cash registers that exist in the Alkosto and Ktronix stores; In addition, you can postpone it for up to 48 months.
  • You can obtain an Alkosto credit card with one (1) monthly income of the current legal minimum wage.

Products and Services offered by the Alkosto Card

Rates for Alkosto Mastercard

  • Alkosto Card Handling Fee: 2020 Rate (VAT included) of $ 19,200.00. Valid as of January 1. Monthly periodicity if there is a balance or uses
  • Alkosto Card Replacement: Chip Rate 2020 (VAT included) of $ 31,000.00. Valid as of January 1. Periocity for reissue
  • Alkosto Card Advance Cost: 2020 Rate (VAT included) of $ 10,900.00. Valid as of January 1. Periocity per Transaction
  • Alkosto debtor life insurance: Rate 2020 (VAT included) of $ 3,350.00. Valid as of January 1. Fixed monthly charge periodicity if the cardholder has a balance greater than $ 1,000 on their Alkosto Mastercard Card
  • Alkosto Card Advance Cost: Local and International ATM Rate 2020 (VAT included) of $ 5,300.00. Valid as of January 1. Periodicity per Transaction.

Alkosto Credit Card Fees

  • Alkosto Card Handling Fee: 2020 Rate (VAT included) of $ 17,500.00. Valid as of January 1. Monthly periodicity if there is a balance or uses.
  • Alkosto Chip Card Replacement: 2020 Rate (VAT included) of $ 22,500.00. Valid as of January 1. Periocity for Replacement
  • Alkosto Card Advance Cost: 2020 Rate (VAT included) of $ 10,900.00. Valid as of January 1. Periodicity per Transaction.
  • Alkosto debtor life insurance: Rate 2020 (VAT included) of $ 3,159.00. Valid as of January 1 Periocity per Million.

Alkosto SURA Insurance

With the Alkosto Credit Card, you can purchase the following insurances: Total Cancer Support, Funeral Support and Your Safe Life, approaching any of the Alkosto Credit Card service centers.

These are located in all the Alkosto and Ktronix warehouses in the country, except in the warehouses of the department of Nariño: Ipiales and Tuquerres. Opting for these insurances is completely voluntary.

Cancer Support

This is a solution that offers you financial support to face a difficult moment in the face of a disease such as cancer. This insurance offers all of its the following benefits:

  • You do not require medical exams for admission, you just have to be in good health.
  • They receive payment only with the diagnosis of the disease.
  • You can defer them for up to 12 months with the Alkosto Credit Card.
  • Backed by Seguros SURA.

Medical supplement

This add-on provides the solution that is needed in case of any accident and need urgent care. This just by having the Alkosto Credit Card. It has its Annual Premium value: $ 39,000 and with a minimum and maximum age: 18 and 65 years.

Associated businesses

From the moment your Alkosto credit card is approved, you can start making purchases and advances according to your credit quota. With the Alkosto card you can buy in more than 22,000 associated stores

Entering the alkosto website you can apply the filters according to the category of business you want to achieve, your Department and city, or directly with the name of the business to know the address. Some of the associated establishments where you can buy with the Alkosto card are:

  1. 40 degrees brothers.
  2. Aaa gas.
  3. Abacol and drywall tiles.
  4. Adidas.
  5. Agrocampo.
  6. Dodge and Chevrolet warehouses.
  7. Self-services.
  8. Footwear: adix 1, anchor, bionda, bucaramanga.
  9. Clinics: happy animals, triad orthodontics, galvez, dental world, mauricio linares, odontoclass, oral dent, tascon dentistry.

There are many other places where you can use this type of card through agreements. If you want to know all that they are, you can click below to visit the Alkosto website.

Get your Card!

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