Apply for Bancolombia Debit Card: What is it, Types, How to Apply, Benefits, Features and MORE

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Before Apply for Bancolombia Debit Card It should be known that Bancolombia is one of the most important financial entities operating in Colombia. A Debit Card is a way in which we can have money in an account and use that money to pay.

It can be said that it is a way in which money can be used in a virtual or physical way through depositing the money in any of the accounts that you may have. If you want to know more about this Keep reading this article!

What is the Bancolombia Debit Card?

When talking about debit cards, this is a way or a means by which we can dispose of the money we have in savings accounts or checking accounts. This is normally granted by the bank when opening an account with said entity.

In these debit cards the money can be used to make payments in the virtual or physical realm. You can also withdraw cash at the corresponding point of this service. Through ATMs of the corresponding bank.

This is the biggest difference between it and a credit card, because the same commercial transactions can be carried out, but the only reason is that the entity’s money is used as a loan with the credit card instead of the account of the money deposited. previously.

Another big difference is the commission between the two, which depends on each entity. The normal thing is that each bank receives an annual commission for the use of the card, either debit or credit. In this sense, it is usually a cheap commission on a debit card.

Bancolombia is a multinational financial entity in Colombia. Their functions are mainly for their business in the American continent, they have departments and commercial branches in several countries of South and Central America.

Colombia has 72% of the total investment portfolio, followed by Panama (with 13%), El Salvador and Guatemala (5% each), which shows the importance of each state for operations as a financial group.

Bancolombia it has more than 14 million users. In 2018, Bancolombia reached 11 million users in Colombia, which represents 20% of the Colombian financial market, making it the largest bank in Colombia for all its clients.


Bancolombia Contactless Payment Master Debit Card

  • Management Fee: $ 12,670.
  • It has two technologies: chip and radio frequency antenna.
  • The contactless payment system can be used in commercial organizations associated with RBM Redeban Multicolor and Credibanco.
  • You can earn money at the network of ATMs, branches and electronic PACs 24 hours a day.
  • If the purchase amount is equal to or less than two SMDLV, you can use contactless technology to pay.
  • If you use contactless technology in an institution that has the MasterCard contactless payment logo, you can buy up to 600,000 pesos per day.

Bancolombia Preferential Master Debit Card

  • Handling Fee: $ 13,950.
  • In Colombia, payments are free in institutions associated with Redeban Multicolor or Credibanco Visa. In institutions associated with MasterCard International, payments abroad are free.
  • It has Cirrus / Mastecard ATM networks in Colombia and abroad.
  • Use the card in affiliates to buy for free.
  • The contactless payment system can be used in commercial organizations related to RBM Redeban Multicolor and Credibanco.
  • The unified key of the card.

Banconautas Debit Card

  • Handling Fee: $ 0.
  • Specially designed card, with no management fees.
  • There is no minimum amount required to open an account.
  • You need to maintain a minimum balance of $ 0.
  • There is 1 free withdrawal at the Bancolombia ATM every month.
  • It has no handling fee.

Bancolombia Debit Card with Transportation functionality

  • Handling Fee: $ 12,500.
  • It allows the payment of travel expenses for mass transport systems (Transmilenio, MIO, Transmetro, Megalús, Metrolnea, Metro and Metrocable).
  • It can be purchased at affiliated institutions in Colombia and abroad.
  • Transactions can be made at data phones, ATMs, electronic PACs, and branches.
  • You can use contactless payment technology to make purchases.
  • It can be used for payments with or without a recharge.

Covered Debit Card

  • The protected person has funds to finance the account through ATMs, data telephones in the organization and physical branches.
  • It is a card for third parties authorized to use resources as the holder of a savings account.
  • The card has the names of the protected person and the holder.
  • It has a separate key.
  • You can only apply for one account (checking or savings), not both.

Bancolombia Black MasterCard Debit Card

  • Management Fee: $ 12,670.
  • Provide protection in purchases, ATM theft and fraud.
  • It can be used for personal expenses, payment of services and purchase of goods that enter the country as a travel fee.
  • Free purchase from affiliates.
  • You can only make foreign purchases in a checking account.
  • The validity period is four years and is automatically renewed.

Bancolombia MasterCard Debit Card

  • Management Fee: $ 12,670.
  • It can be used in a wide network of ATMs, offices and electronic PACs throughout the country.
  • It can be used to deposit money into a checking or savings account with an overdraft limit.
  • Free purchase at Redeban Multicolor in Colombia and abroad, Credibanco Visa agency or affiliate of MasterCard International.
  • There must be merchandise available for purchase abroad in the checking account.
  • The validity period is four years and will be updated automatically.

Bancolombia Preferential Mastercard Debit Card

  • Management Fee: $ 13,950.
  • It allows you to buy for free in organizations associated with Redeban Multicolor, Credibanco Visa in Colombia and abroad, or in affiliates of MasterCard International.
  • If you want to buy abroad, you need to deposit it into a checking account.
  • The card is valid for four years and will be renewed automatically.
  • There is no additional cost to use the card for purchases at affiliated institutions.
  • It has a contactless payment system in business organizations related to RBM Redeban Multicolor and Credibanco.

E-Prepaid Card

  • Handling Fee: $ 0.
  • The card is virtual, therefore you do not receive a physical card.
  • To activate or deactivate it, it is only necessary to enter the Virtual Branch.
  • It can be loaded from the Bancolombia checking or savings account with a minimum of $ 10,000 and a maximum of $ 2,000,000 without exceeding $ 4,000,000 per day.
  • Purchases in Colombia are billed in pesos and purchases abroad are billed at the TRM on the day of purchase.
  • It is valid for one year and is automatically renewed for one year.

Requirements to Apply for the Debit Card

We all start in the world of finance sooner or later, and hiring a credit card tends to be one of the first steps taken. If you are a young person you may be interested in Bancolombia Mastercard credit card for young people.

For apply for a Bancolombia debit card You will have to meet certain requirements, they are few so you can get this card very easily. The necessary requirements to request this type of card are:

  1. Be between 14 and 24 years old.
  2. Have a monthly income of at least $ 200,000.

How to make the request?

For Apply for Bancolombia Debit Card Go to a Physical Branch presenting your original identity document or contact the Telephone Branch of your city or the National Service Line. You can acquire the debit card for students via the internet, without having to go to an agency, and you will have the same security as if you you will perform in person.

This alternative is special for those people who do not have a branch nearby or who do not have the time available to go to an office. If you like to do things in the traditional way, you can continue requesting the card at any office.

Benefits offered by the Bancolombia Debit Card

  • Make your purchases in person and online in Colombia and anywhere in the world thanks to the international coverage and acceptance of MasterCard. The purchases you make will be debited from your savings or checking account.
  • You can register your card in applications to make purchases of goods and payment of services.
  • Pay with contactless technology. You only have to enter the password for face-to-face purchases that exceed the established value, which you can check by clicking here.
  • Free withdrawals at Bancolombia ATMs, depending on the savings account plan you have. Check your plan at the Bancolombia Telephone Branch or know the costs in our Tariff.
  • With your MasterCard debit card, you can buy and use the money in your account 24 hours a day.


All debit cards from Bancolombia They grant a series of characteristics for all their users. Among them we can count that everyone can receive and save money from abroad in Colombia. For Apply for Bancolombia Debit Card It is not necessary to have a minimum amount to be able to obtain it.

Get your Bancolombia Card and enjoy!

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