Bank Certificate: Everything they haven’t told you

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You need to know everything related to a Bank Certificate: Everything that you have not been told you will find in this article

At present the financial sector is increasing its data in registration in its different banking systems, the registries not only gift of legal persons, large and small companies

Having a bank certificate supports a series of very important parameters based on financial procedures, for this reason many people resort to processing this document

Bank certifications need to be carried out with a series of documents and procedures which must be fully complied with so as not to have any inconvenience in managing the document.

If you do not know what are the procedures and requirements to obtain this valuable document granted by banks, do not worry anymore

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What is a Bank Certificate?

In Colombia there are many banking companies which provide a function in the Colombian banking system promoting economic development based on national finances

The main function of a financial certificate is based on constituting highly relevant information for financial procedures

The bank certificate is an instrument of ownership prosecuted by an administrative banking company, in total foreign money and native capital which is quoted by natural citizens and legal citizens or national companies.

This document generates an allegation of the bank balance that the person manages internally of the banking delegation, the terms are mainly one term or one year.

It is significant to determine that the information which is provided by the document is directed according to the type of bank account that the user has.

How to get a Bank Certificate

Many people think that obtaining a bank certificate is a very complex procedure but in reality it is not, since the banking entities have provided feasibility in their procedures

To carry out this process with your previous banking company, you must be aware with which Colombian banking company you are going to manage this documentation.

It is also very important to point out that you have to be up to date with your bank.

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What do I need to know?

In case you carry out this procedure for the first time there is no problem since we are here to help you

Take a sheet and paper of the following recommendations that we will point out to you so that you can manage your certificate without any inconvenience

  • You must be aware of which copy of bank documentation you want to obtain if it is a manual document, title document, bank report certificate or a deposit certificate.
  • If your documentation is in native capital or in foreign money, it can be done naturally by foreign people and residents of the nation
  • So if you are abroad and you have a banking care in Colombia, do not worry, you can carry out this procedure without any harmful effect, currently in most banks this procedure is done through their web pages
  • This document can be acquired by both natural and legal citizens complying with the requirements issued by the banking company
  • At the time of requesting this certificate, it will help you a lot when you are going to request a bank loan for yourself or for your company.
  • You must be clear about the reason why you request the document

Certificate in Foreign Currency

The foreign currency certificate is a document which will serve as the basis of information in a legal and financial sense.

Therefore, as its pseudonym indicates, it is in foreign money, currently it has a term expressed by the banking corporation.

Certificate in Foreign Currency Benefits

  • This certificate is recognized both nationally and internationally
  • Issues a guarantee for credit requests
  • If you are outside the country there is no problem since you can mostly buy it through the banks’ web pages
  • Issue an expiration date with a long term

Certificate in National Currency

A bank certificate in national currency is the document which It is issued by the bank.

At the request of an individual legal or natural, which has as main objective to support national banking companies which are authorized to quote this document in national currency

Certificate in National Currency Benefits

  • It will help you when they ask you for a guarantee for the credits you have issued
  • You can use it as a reference when generating another certificate in any banking agency
  • Serves as a party or means of payment in the country
  • It is acquired in offices or through web portals of banking agencies in order to process your certificate

Types of Bank Certificates

The banking sector distributes thousands and thousands of financial documents to newspapers all over the world, whether for various reasons

As expected, there are different types of bank certificates which provide very relevant information based on monetary statistics.

As we have indicated previously, each banking company grants its certificate or bank ownership to its administrative characteristic

Here we will show you the following types

  • Bank certificate in national currency
  • Foreign currency
  • Deposit
  • Warranty
  • Certificate of affiliation to the entity
  • Public
  • Ownership of the Bank certificate

What is the Bank Deposit Certificate?

A documentation bank deposit is a instrument written to savings accounts by the entities of mutuality banking.

East job maintains a expiration deposit bone one benefit which should be entity canceled in prescription limit if not in any case may to have customizations.

When the bank issues the expiration date for this deposit to be paid, this document is necessary and the verification of the deposit remains active.

Here you can find the types of deposit certificates banking

Among the types of bank deposit certificates there are two which are:


A certificate of Fixed bank Deposit frames the information and record of a deposit made in the entity in a fixed way

This type of document grants a fixed date of the bank deposit, since the return payroll was another gain to a profitable legal or natural person.


It offers profitability when formalizing the banking investment, this due to the different variables of quoting payments or being affiliated with the bank

For their part, most of these certificates are issued by the human resources offices of said bank.

We hope that this process has provided you with a lot of information so that you can carry out your process efficiently

We read later!

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