Comfenalco Valle EPS Certificate: Everything they haven’t told you

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If you need to know the Comfenalco Valle EPS Certificate: Everything they haven’t told you you will find it in this article

Comfenalco Valle: it is a very important group of services in Colombia, this organization grants certificates to its clients and associated employees

This mutual group makes its services available to provide more ease and effectiveness in its procedures

In order to keep its associates in good condition and guarantee their services in high availability by providing a web tool such as the following website: Click here

The Comfenalco Valle EPS Certificate offers a series of very important information based on the various procedures and services that this program contains

Have you ever wondered how to join Comfenalco Valle ?, or what are the services offered by this program, no problem!

Keep reading for more information!

What is the Comfenalco Valle?

To define very well what Comfenalco Valle is, it is necessary to know its history, this social entity began its work in Colombia specifically in Cauca’s Valley since 1957

In its beginnings, Comfenalco Valle was initially like a financial compensation fund, but currently it provides society with different links and social services such as education, work, social protection, among others.

Starting its work as a compensation fund in the town of Valle del Cauca, due to its great recognition it expanded to other localities of the national territory, among these are (Palmira, Tulua, Cali, Buga, Cartago, Buenaventura, Roldanillo, Caicedonia and Seville)

Comfenalco is not far behind in terms of web procedures, due to the greatness of affiliated users in Colombia and its different services, this organization grants different documents among these is the EPS Certificate

Its duties

The facilities of this program in the localities of Colombia provide social support based on the status of Colombian laws

These Comfenalco facilities seek to end social discrimination and mistreatment of minors

Thanks to the financial backing of businessmen associated with the organization and all users affiliated with this system, this organization provides its services of excellent quality

By attaching a functionality to each of its services, the main function that this company fulfills in the country is to provide social services to the country’s children.

The functions that this organization fulfills are multiple due to its various services, among these functions are:

  • Provide quality of life to Colombian families by sustaining a structure of human and labor development
  • Provide Educational Programs based on the protection of children
  • Protect minors based on rape, family abuse and sexual exploitation
  • Direct the educational service in Colombia and deliver educational programs to the most vulnerable communities
  • Provide social protection to the communities where they work
  • Manage legal requirements corresponding to national statuses and policies
  • Satisfy the needs and expectations of the population
  • Provide sources of employment in the Valle del Cauca municipality and the other localities where this system operates
  • Produce spaces and workshops for the training of work areas
  • Promote cultural education in the population and give development practices in the area
  • Open recreational and educational spaces for the development of education in society
  • Implement public health days from infants to the elderly
  • Promote sports activities in the country’s youth to provide social welfare and end crime

What services does it offer?

Comfenalco Valle offers society a series of services which are very important for the development of the country.

In order to establish links of educational, social, sports and healthy contributions to Colombian society, Comfenalco created a series of social programs whose main purpose is to serve the needs of the Colombian

Take tips on the different programs and their services provided by Comfenalco, these are:

  • Education program and educational courses

Provide educational services for free development and production on educational bases which will serve as economic and social support

Train citizens affiliated to the educational program to expand the high knowledge of work activities and induce them in the sector in which it was developed

The educational programs and courses offered by Comfenalco are very good, among these are (English program, Commercial Logistics – Buga and Buenaventura, Portfolio and Collections Assistant, Administrative Assistant and Administrative Assistant)

  • Culture Services

In order to enhance the cultural training of the population, Comfenalco’s culture services manage to strengthen the links of knowledge in the society of the localities where Comfenalco is located.

  • Educational courses for youth and adults

Train youth and adults emphasizing the sense of learning and the high development of knowledge in activities and work skills

  • Formal Educational System

This system helps adults to complete their primary or secondary studies (as the case may be), and after finishing their training cycle, they will be introduced to the labor system

  • Links and services for small and large companies

Ootrgar him strengtheningto, competitiveness and productivity of large and small companies in the national territory, to help and improve the qualities of the company and its employees

  • Comfenalco Library

As one of the spaces for educational development, the Comfenalco Library is used as children’s school rooms

Certificate and extracts from the Compensation Fund

As we have been producing throughout the article, when a citizen joins Comfenalco, he begins to enjoy one of its services among these are the certificates

It should be noted that this document can be obtained very easily online, thanks to the website

How can I download my Certificate?

Downloading a certificate from Comfenalco Valle is very easy and simple, since you can do it from anywhere with an internet connection

To download a certificate via the web, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the main web portal of the compensation fund: Click here
  2. When we are in the web portal, the first thing to do is go to the top of the page and click on the option «Certificates«
  3. When selecting the Certificates option, you must select the type of certificate and continue with the steps indicated by the portal

It is worth mentioning that to carry out this procedure it is necessary to have a personal email which will be used for registration in the database


Clearly, in order to manage a document, it is necessary to meet a series of requirements

Among the essential documents that must be on hand to manage a document in Comfenalco Valle, are:

  • Identity card valid and in good condition
  • Proof of affiliation to the program
  • Email to register the user in the web portal (it is recommended to use gmail)
  • Application forms in the corresponding process

Contact with Comfenalco Valle

Comfenalco Valle is found in different parts of Colombia, and even in some international places due to its hard and recognized work

A very effective way to communicate to Comfenalco Valle quickly and easily is through its customer service telephone line.

Telephone service number:(2) 886 27 27 extensions 2428 – 2395. Cel. 318 3403298

Contact E-Mail: comfenalco2 @ or comfenalco3 @

Comprehensive service centers in Colombia

We hope that this information will be useful to you to generate your Comfenalco Valle process quickly and successfully.

Thanks for reading!

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