Conditions and Requirements to Join SISBEN

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The System for the Selection of Beneficiaries for Social Programs (SISBEN) represents a guarantee for society’s spending through a technical, objective, equitable and uniform mechanism where not everyone can belong to this system, since they must comply with certain Requirements to join the sisben.

In the following article you know the conditions and requirements to enjoy the benefits through registration and affiliation to the Subsidized Health Regime.

What is the Sisben?

The SISBEN It is a tool that is made up of a series of regulations, rules and procedures that seek to acquire highly reliable and updated socioeconomic information from certain groups in all organs, departments, districts and municipalities of Colombia.

The purpose of this system is to focus public spending as the way to guarantee adequate social spending, assigned to the poorest population groups in the country.

The main objective of this Institute is to constitute a mechanism as objective and fair as possible to select the beneficiaries of social spending and be used by territorial entities.

Field research for the selection of the people who will receive the benefits of the social program is carried out mainly through surveys applied to society, favoring those most in need in the areas of health, education, social welfare, etc.

Steps to join the Sisben

The SISBEN is the main door to enter the subsidized regime and to enter it is necessary to follow 3 steps to formalize the affiliation, which we highlight below.

  1. SISBEN survey: This survey is conducted by the District Planning Secretary to keep track of the people who are going to enter the social programs offered by the State. If you wish to apply for this program, you must go to the Specialized District Attention Centers in your city and request the survey with the delivery of a proof of public service to verify your residence and identity card.
  2. Check Score: After conducting the survey, you should, in the next few days, verify the score that was awarded to you through the Web page by SISBEN. The score obtained will determine the level to which it belongs in the Subsidized Regime, where Level 1 goes from 0 to 47.99 points and Level 2 from 48 to 54.86 points.
  3. Choose the Health Promotion Entity (EPS): The next step is to select the EPS, for this the applicant must not have a current employment relationship, income or income records sufficient to enroll in the Contributory Regime or be a pensioner or beneficiary of another person who is affiliated with SISBEN. If your profile meets the established conditions, the person must choose the corresponding EPS-S and submit the documents to process the Unique Membership Form.

For more information on the steps to follow, you can contact the toll-free number 195 where they will advise you to process and join SISBEN as soon as possible.

Who can be part of the Sisben?

This program or subsidy regime is aimed at Colombians who mainly belong to strata 1 and 2 with low economic capacity, however, there are records of people from stratum 3 enjoying the benefits of SISBEN.

If you meet the profile, conditions and requirements, you can apply for the program and enjoy the subsidy provided by the State with respect to health and social security.

People’s living conditions are constantly evaluated to enter the program. Currently there are more than 4 million people registered in the Sisbén database, of the total number of people 2.83% correspond to level 1 of Sisbén, 48% to level 2, and 20% to level 3.

The focus of this program is for the neediest people (socioeconomic strata 1 and 2) because they represent the class with the greatest deprivations in their lives.

What benefits does the Sisben provide?

Once you formalize the affiliation to the program, you will be able to enjoy the different benefits that it offers and, in addition to being able to participate in the subsidized health regime with the benefits of care contained in the Obligatory Subsidized Health Plan (POS-S), whoever is affiliated At Sisbén you can also access the following aspects:

  • Social Protection for the Elderly: This benefit is aimed at the protection of the elderly who are in a state of indigence or extreme poverty, in order to improve their living conditions through social assistance.
  • Families in Action: Those families that have children under the age of 7 and are studying primary or secondary school will have the benefit of receiving a financial subsidy every two (2) months for each of the children they have.
  • Children’s breakfasts: For children between the ages of 6 months to 5 years of age are granted the benefit of a comprehensive program of food and nutritional assistance.
  • Rural and Urban Social Interest Housing Subsidy: Through this program, the beneficiary will have access to the Family Housing Subsidy granted by the State, in which the money is delivered only once (without a return charge). The housing subsidy is intended to facilitate the acquisition, construction and / or improvement of the home of those people who do not have enough resources to do it on their own.
  • Quality Access to Higher Education Project: The purpose of this SISBEN program is to facilitate access to higher education for young people from vulnerable populations with flexible financing.
  • Discount Expedition Military Book: As the name expresses it, it seeks to make a discount on the issuance of the military booklet for those people with low resources in order that they can acquire it, despite their economic capacity.

The aforementioned social programs are executed by a series of Institutions and Organizations that ensure the Social Security of the Colombian citizen, among these entities the following stand out:

  1. Ministry of social protection.
  2. Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF).
  3. Presidency of the Republic (Acción Social).
  4. Ministry of the Environment, Housing and Territorial Development.
  5. Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development through the Agrarian Bank.

Cost of Sisben procedures

The procedures to join the SISBEN are completely free, even if someone intends to charge for the survey, either for speeding up the delivery of results, classifying people in levels 1 and 2 of Sisbén or ensuring the delivery of subsidies, they can be reported by phone 368 07 03, or on line 195 of the Mayor’s Office.

People’s living conditions are related to the performance or behavior of different sectors or social strata, which affects income distribution, since it is through employment that people generate a large part of their income.

The main purpose of Colombia’s Social Policy is to achieve the reality that all Colombians have access to quality education, equitable social security and a supportive labor market, promoting the formalization and support of entrepreneurship, as well as effective social promotion mechanisms.

In this way, it is intended to generate the necessary conditions so that any inhabitant, regardless of their condition, can generate and protect the assets that enable their personal and social development.
In conclusion the Requirements to join the sisben contributes to providing guidelines on the issues of its competence to guide actions regarding the articulation and coordination of public policies, with a long-term vision of the State, aimed at reducing poverty and promoting employment, equality and equity.

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