Emssanar Certificate: All the information you need

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You need to know the Emssanar Certificate: All the information you need you will find it in this article

Health is a fundamental factor in the life of being a brother, since thanks to it we can be healthy and live a totally stable life, and this is done by the health sector organizations in Colombia, one of these Emssanar

Keep in mind that Emssanar grants very important documents based on thealth limits and legality of these documents

Logically, to obtain this certificate, it is necessary to carry out a series of procedures and meet some requested requirements.

So if you find yourself searching for your certificate Emssanar and you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry anymore

Stay and read this article to find more information!

What is Emssanar?

It is one of the most important health companies in Colombia due to its great recognition based on the improvement and contribution to health services

Promoting health campaigns and offering the best medical services to its affiliated users is the main focus of Emssanar.

Understanding that the main bases of this entity comprise a series of steps within the Subsidized Regime in the southwestern part of Colombian territory.

It is important to emphasize that Emssamar has had a resounding success since its inception in the health sector, thus achieving the figure of 1,880,000 users affiliated with its system, and this figure is increasing every year due to the affiliations of new users

Emssanar is not only located in the city of Bogota due to its growth and great services provided by the company, it is currently located in several departments of Colombia, including Putumayo, Nariño, Valle and Cauca

The social responsibility imparted by this company links the reality experienced by many young people in the localities of Colombia, early pregnancy, giving informative talks and granting free condoms

Note: The aforementioned occurs in their social work days to be attentive to the next days you can visit their web portal

What is the Emssanar Certificate

The subsidized scheme comprises a series of legal documents in the public health system supporting the information of the certificates issued by Emssanar

Each regime provides a different certificate which are verified by the administrative sector of the company, once the certificate is verified this document will be valid

As we have been producing throughout the article, when a citizen joins Emssanar, he begins to enjoy one of its medical services, among these are the certificates

Tax Regime Certificates

Each information corresponding to the Ebssanar certificates by the Tax Regime is provided by the contact agents who provide telephone assistance

To communicate with a contact agent you must make a call to the telephone service number 018000129393 (valid nationally)

Subsidized Regime Certificates

Once a citizen has fully affiliated with Emsasanar, they will have the opportunity to obtain a series of benefits from the health sector which are endorsed by this company.

Affiliate Certificate

When we refer to a certificate of affiliation, we are talking about a document which provides personal information and consists of the subscriber of an individual to said organization

Verifying the affiliation of the user to Enssamar in its different types of regimes, this document will be valid for procedures in the health sector

Many people imagine that processing a certificate is a long and tedious process, but in this case not the Enssanar Membership Certificate can be obtained online

From the comfort of your home in a place where there is an internet connection, you will be able to have this document in a few minutes

To start with the online process, you must first enter the main Enssamar web portal and carry out the necessary procedures

Click here

Steps to follow

The steps to follow to carry out this procedure are very simple, since they can be done through a computer or a digital device.

Processing the membership certificate through the Enssanar web portal is completely free and you can download it in PDF format

In just four simple steps you can obtain your membership certificate, these steps are:

  1. First you must select the identity document (passport, identity card, among others)
  2. When the identity document has been selected, it is time to indicate the identification number or code that said document has
  3. Indicate the full date of birth in the following order (day, month and year)
  4. Verify all the information! And voila!

When all the data has been loaded, the system will verify each one of them and will show the membership certificate ready

Once the certificate is ready, it will have to be saved in PDF format and printed or used when necessary.


Emphasizing that Emssnar links a series of financial parameters which are directly linked to the Subsidized Regime

Copayments is a way of spending those fractions of value for the services and benefits of the Mandatory Health Plan (POS), This program is assumed by the user at the time of affiliation

It is important to mention that the Copayment is charged in some localities or populations which depend on the level granted by SISBEN

Now that we have defined the concept of Copayments, it is time to ask a very important question Who should quote copayments?

The answer to the previous question is very easy to answer since the citizens affiliated to this system who belong to the population of level 2 and 3 of the SISIBEN must pay co-payments.

Note: Co-pay contributors will receive an orthopedic, surgery and trauma service, and hospitalization service in children older than 1 year of age

Who does not pay Copayment?

Clearly not all people should quote Copayment, there are cases in which this service should not be canceled

The cases in which the copayment should not be canceled are:

  • Emergencies in high-grade diseases
  • Links from promotion and prevention
  • Early delivery
  • Care services in the population of the mother-child process
  • Care programs during puerperium pregnancy, growth development, and socio-family planning
  • Emergencies in situations of pregnancy complications

We hope that all this information that you found in this article has been useful for you to be successful in your process.

Thanks for reading!

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