Fomag Certificate: All the information you need

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If you want to know the Fomag Certificate: All the information you need in this article

Many citizens who carry out various legal procedures in Colombian territory have to present a series of documents and in some of them there is the Fomag Certificate

Accredit and give proof of something are the main functions that a certificate fulfills and the Fomag is a document that fulfills these functions

Based on the labor accreditations, this certificate contains highly relevant information for the applicant.

Have you ever wondered how to process the Fomag certificate, or what are the requirements of this document, do not worry anymore

Continue reading for more information!

What is the Fomag Certificate?

While it is true, the Fomag implements a series of legal documents which are aimed at a primary sector, whether public or private.

The certification granted by Fomag contains a series of very important information based on legal procedures, which request a Fomag Certificate

When processing a Fomag Certificate, we must include a series of personal documents to be requested by said organization depending on the type of certificate to be managed.

Each certificate issued by the Fomag contains a function within the different systems of nominal and statistic activity of the territorial system

Users affiliated with Fomag enjoy a series of unbeatable benefits, among them are the certificates issued by Fomag

To learn a little more about these certificates, below we will indicate the certificates that Fomag provides to its affiliated users, these are:

  • Certificate or proof of severance pay
  • Wage withholdings
  • Certificate of economic or salary income of the individual who is going to request said document
  • Reimbursement of withholdings by the teaching sector in Colombia

It is important to know the information that Fomag certificates provide to labor institutions, since this document contains relevant information about the applicant.

How do I download my certificate?

Carrying out procedures to obtain a certificate sounds very complicated, but at Fomag it is not like that, since thanks to its web portal we can obtain it

It is worth mentioning that this web platform provides an instrument to citizens who wish to affiliate to facilitate the form of income

Managing a certificate was always a tedious and cumbersome procedure in terms of its procedure, since most of the time you had to make long lines to request a shift at the corresponding office

Thanks to web portals the tedious procedure is left behind, most organizations have implemented a web portal offering feasibility in the procedures.

Fomag is not far behind in terms of web procedures, due to the greatness of affiliated users in Colombia, this organization grants different nominal documents, including their certificates

To download a certificate from Fomag you must do it online by entering its main web portal

What is Fomag?

The Teachers’ Social Benefits Fund (FOMAG) It is a source of special account of the Colombian government cabinet which carries out statistical, administrative and patrimonial

The history of Teaching Social Benefits Fund (FOMAG) It has been emphasized since 1989, when it made its structural cabinet independent

All the resources and links granted by the Fomag lead to a fully mixed state fiduciary entity, this state administrator performs a series of social benefits as indicated by its name

Emphasizing that the Fomag is an entity which is in charge of carrying out an importunate follow-up to the benefit entities, analyzing their legal status and corresponding legal status.

The education sector is also linked to the Fomag, this motivated by the loading of statistical data that this entity maintains based on the education sector

Fomag functions

Apart from the services that we mentioned above that the Teaching Social Benefits Fund (FOMAG), The main objective of this fund is to verify and improve the quality of social benefits in Colombia

The main characteristic of the Fomag is based on basing security on the contributions that are often made in the nation’s public entities

As a teaching entity, Fomag supervises that public entities comply with the corresponding contributions based on social benefits.

The functions that the Teaching Social Benefits Fund (FOMAG) are as follows:

  • Provide each of its social benefits requested by each teacher who is affiliated with this entity
  • Safeguard the medical insurance of all its registered users
  • Manage payroll as affiliated entities, granting nominal contributions when requested by the entity
  • Verify that each state entity keeps the contributions in order and does not have overdue debts with the social security

How to register?

To register in the Fomag you must reiterate a username and a personal password, to perform this online registration you must click here

Example of online registration

When entering the Fomag we find a series of links which allow us to access each document that we want to obtain (in this case the certificate that we are going to process)

Once the user has entered the portal, the first thing to do is register in the system with a user (it is necessary to have a gmail email to register)

The links offered by Fomag are many of an important nature, but among the most sought after by affiliated citizens are:

  • Educator’s work history
  • Pension certificate
  • Contributions that the educator contributed to the benefit fund
  • Certifications of the weeks listed (this document is issued by the Education secretary Nominee
  • Certification of income
  • Contributions that the citizen made to the benefit fund within an estimated period

IMPORTANT: In case the registered user has forgotten or misplaced his login password, he should make a call to 5940194 this phone number is for Fomag technical support

Fomag unemployment

When we refer to the Severance of the Teaching Social Benefits Fund (FOMAG), We are referring to teachers who stop working in an educational institution for various reasons

When a teacher has joined the Fomag and wishes to stop working (to lay off), the Fomag will grant teachers a series of benefit resources which this individual has contributed in their time of affiliation

It is important to mention that the payment of the Fomag Severance is made once the citizen has made the request and the payment is approved, he must have a bank account in The Agrarian Bank, BBVA Bank,given that These financial entities are those that are affiliated with the Fomag

We hope that this information has been useful for your process and that you carry it out successfully.

Thanks for reading!

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