How to recover my Bancolombia user

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You probably have an account in Bancolombia, which is one of the main banks in Colombia. If that is your case, it is most likely that at some point you want to access, you do not remember your username and you need to know How to recover my Bancolombia user.

For this reason we are here today, to tell you in an easy and simple way, clarifying all your possible doubts about How to recover my Bancolombia user, What is Bancolombia, its services and requirements to open an account.

How to recover my Bancolombia user

Having an account in a bank is extremely necessary nowadays, this allows you to save, to be able to make payments or transfershave the possibility of obtaining credit, discounts or offers when using your cards and endless other benefits.

As it happens many times we forget our user for not entering the platforms frequently and perhaps we had not written down said record in a safe place, do not worry, you only have to follow these steps:

  • Come into Bancolombia main portal following this link.
  • When accessing the home page, click on the upper right where it says Virtual People Branch.
  • You will be taken to another screen where you will select Forgot your username?
  • Subsequently, fill in all the information requested, such as your data. password with which you use the ATM and identity document, click Continue.
  • To finish, you will be asked to enter the email with which you registered.
  • Finally, you will receive your username information in your email.

What is Bancolombia?

It is a multinational financial institution that carries out its operations at the national level throughout North, Central and South America, with its headquarters in Colombia.

It has been providing services to thousands of people throughout the national territory for several years and every day more people choose it as their trusted bank. It has a wide variety of services, a long history in the country and rates that can compete in a market as competitive as that of banking entities.

What services does Bancolombia offer?

Bancolombia offers a wide variety of benefits, among which we have:

  • Between the products and services that it offers we can find that they have all types of account such as: savings, current, pension, payroll among others.
  • You can request your debit or credit cardwhich allow you to make payments or purchases without having to carry cash.
  • Another benefit is being able to have credits for vehicles, for housing or others, complying with all the collections or requirements to opt for them.
  • Count on your money being safe and on hand earning interest so you can use it when you have it.

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Requirements to open an account in Bancolombia

The collections or requirements that are needed to open an account in Bancolombia depend on the type of account you want, below we detail each one.

How to recover my Bancolombia user: Savings Account Requirements

To get a savings account you will need to have:

  • Original of the document or identity card.
  • 150% enlarged copy of the identity card.
  • place your signature and imprint on the form that you must submit, fill in all the information you need to request the opening of an account.
  • Depending on the requirements of the agency or branch, you may also be asked to submit the RUT.

How to recover my Bancolombia user: Requirements Payroll Accounts

All the requirements that we detailed in the previous section opening a savings account, and in addition to that with a maximum of 30 days issuance of a written letter from the company.

How to recover my Bancolombia user: Requirements Pension Account

  • Original of the document or identity card.
  • Copy enlarged to 150% of the identity card.
  • Show proof of pension payment for the previous month.
  • Any other identification document such as: driver’s license, social security card, military registration card, to name a few.
  • A copy with wet seal or authenticated, indicating that it is true copy of the original document of the Resolution of recognition of the pension.

How to recover my Bancolombia user: Requirements Current account

  • original of the document or identity card.
  • A labor letter with an expedition of at most three months in case of being employed.
  • Likewise, with a maximum 3-month issue of withholdings in case of being an employee and income certification.
  • In case of being a declarant, present the last taxable period
  • In case of not being a declarant If you are a person who works without a dependency relationship, deliver the income certification issued by a public accountant, respectively.

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How to open an account in Bancolombia

To open an account in Bancolombia you must do the following:

  • Go to Agency of your choice to carry out the corresponding procedures.
  • Bring all the necessary documentation such as the original Identity document and an enlarged copy of it.
  • Ask to be attended by an account agent.
  • To have filled or to fill there the Single Form for Linking a Natural Person.

Types of accounts offered by Bancolombia

In Bancolombia there are the following types of account, so you can proceed to open the one that best suits your needs.

  • payroll account: It is the one where your employer will make the deposit or transfer of the payment for your salary and other benefits. It is very advantageous since it avoids you walking around with cash and also having to go to the bank to be able to collect your paycheck and thus mobilize money from the comfort of your home.
  • Savings Account Type: One of the main benefits of this type of account is that when you receive your debit card you can make your payments at no extra cost and thus be able to purchase products at any store or establishment.
  • Current account: In this type of account you can use a checkbook to make payments that may arise at any time, while also saving.
  • Foreign Account Type: It is necessary when receiving money from abroad or making any transfer or payment. Keeping your currencies safe until the moment you need to dispose of them.
  • Bill Only for Bancolombia Political Campaigns: In this account time, following all the procedures that are framed within the legal framework of campaign financing, you will be able to manage or make use of the money available for Political Campaigns.

How to create my user in Bancolombia

If you have an account in Bancolombia, the most recommended thing is that you create your user in order to be able to carry out transactions online, make payments, see your movements and keep your account up to date with income and expenses, for this there are two ways or ways, you I present below.

Through the Bancolombia App

To make your registration if it is the first time, the first thing you need is to download the Bancolombia App.

  • you enter the Bancolombia App.
  • you press where it says Get into.
  • When you are there you must place your ID or identity document, then click where it says Continue.
  • you must type the key you have to enter the bank.
  • Enter or create a user following the specifications that indicate you, press next, at the bottom.
  • It will ask you to enter your email electronic.
  • Tick ​​where it says I accept the terms and conditionstap Got it.
  • Finally where does it say to register and ready with this you will successfully complete the process.

Through the People Virtual Branch

If, on the other hand, you have a computer and want to create your user for the first time through the people virtual branch, what you must do is the following:

  1. Make the deposit using your official website.
  2. Press Get in at the top right after selecting Virtual Branch People.
  3. Put your identity document number in the section of Enter your usernamethen click Continue.
  4. It will ask you for the key assigned to your card or the one you use at ATMs.
  5. Then select Enroll Now.
  6. You press where it says accept the Terms of service and conditions.
  7. It will ask you to choose a security phrase as well as an image.
  8. The system will guide you to complete the registration and your user will be created.

Benefits of being a Bancolombia client

Being a client of this prestigious bank gives us the possibility of obtaining:

Colombian Points: They are accumulated through the use of their cards, which can be redeemed at affiliated businesses or travel agencies.

Recognition: It has other special benefits for receiving your pension or payroll through the bank, additionally also for making good use of your cards.

Offers: In affiliated establishments or shops you can count on or enjoy exclusive offers.

Living place: Accounts with projects financed for this purpose with a series of benefits that are adjusted to each client.

I hope that this Article has been very useful to you clarifying everything you needed to know and in turn learned what concerns this topic for future occasions on How to recover my Bancolombia user.

Thanks for reading us!

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