How to recover my Movistar number

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Have you ever wondered How to recover my number Movistar Colombia? Many users wonder what Movistar is, what services it offers and how to purchase a line. If you are one of them, you have reached the right article for you.

Here we will explain in detail everything you need to know about it. We will guide you as to what are the steps you must follow to recover your Movistar number, you will know what plans it offers and much more information that we are sure will be of great help to you.

How to recover my number Movistar Colombia

To recover your Movistar Colombia number you must follow some stepswhich we detail below:

  • You must first open the application to make calls.
  • You must dial the number *611# and then hit the call key.
  • Then you will see the Movistar Colombia Sim card number on the screen. Clever! You were able to recover your movistar number.

There is also another method by which you can do itand is the following:

  • You must dial the number *#61#
  • Immediately the SIM number of your phone will appear on the screen.

It should be noted that also There are other free methods with which Movistar can provide you with the service and to which we can go to obtain our telephone number. Most of us will need to have access to it and also use some of the applications it contains.

How to recover my Movistar Colombia number: Through WhatsApp

If you are, the solution is quite practical and simple. You just have to open your WhatsApp, go to the settings option, select your profile image and look at the bottom of the screen where your Movistar Colombia number will be indicated.

Through a friend

Another of the simple and fast ways to recover the Movistar Colombia number is if you ask a friend or acquaintance nearby to provide you with their contact, call them and your phone number will appear on their screen. I recommend not answering the call to avoid having part of your balance deducted.

How to recover my Movistar Colombia number: contact book

You can also check your contacts and see if your number is saved there. Usually you may have saved it as: “myself” “my SIM” OR “my phone”.


You can search the invoice for your Movistar Colombia chip, since when you made the purchase you were given an invoice, and it should indicate which number you bought. If you bought your chip together with your cell phone, you must have said invoice with the SIM number printed on it.

phone case

You can also check the box of your phone: if you bought your phone and it already came with your Movistar Colombia Chip number, then you must access your box. It should have some label that describes which phone number was purchased. If it does not have any label, it may be that they have placed a piece of paper inside it with the required information.

How to recover my Movistar Colombia number: What is Movistar?

The Movistar company is located in the international market. It offers, as its main service, telephony in the area of ​​telecommunications. It currently has offices in several countries: Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Colombia, among others.

In recent times, this company has been dedicated to mixed sales. It is doing this by promoting not only mobile phones, but also satellite television and entertainment platforms.

In that order of ideas, Movistar Colombia manages a large network of connections. It offers pre-paid and post-paid telephony and television plans, as well as very attractive promotions for customers.

How to recover my Movistar Colombia number: What services does Movistar offer?

The company Movistar Colombia, offers mobile phone and Internet services for all its customersthrough its Movistar Móviles division. All the companies belonging to the group depend on a national corporate structural organization, that is, Telefónica Colombia, and this reports to Telefónica Latam, which is responsible for conducting business in America and China.

Other services offered by Movistar are:

  • netflix
  • Amazon-Prime
  • Movistar Music
  • Movistar Play
  • Movistar Store
  • Movistar Card
  • Movistar Cloud
  • Special prepaid packages aimed at students.

Each of these offered services and plans can be recharged and paid for online.. Additionally, it includes offers for entrepreneurs and small businesses that include telephone plans plus internet and self-management systems to have control of the business from wherever the client is.


One of the types of contracts that Movistar offers for its mobile lines is the type of prepaid subscription. Is consists of paying a certain amount of money in advance to the operatorthat is, place a balance to have the services available.

In exchange for this, Movistar gives you a programmed card or you can also place the balance directly on your line, for a consumption equivalent to the amount paid.


Plan 15 Gigs

This plan includes: Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Waze. Also unlimited minutes to all operators in Colombia, the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, 100 minutes to Venezuela, unlimited SMS to all destinations and Movistar Cloud in a 5 Gig cloud.

Plan 25 Gigs

The plan includes: WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Waze, Instagram. Also unlimited minutes for any operator in Colombia, the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, 150 minutes to Venezuela, unlimited SMS to all destinations, option to share Gigas and Movistar Cloud in the 5 Gigas cloud.

Plan 40 Gigs

This plan includes: Unlimited minutes for any operator in some countries, 500 minutes to Venezuela, unlimited SMS to all destinations and Movistar Cloud in the 5 Gig cloud.

Unlimited Individual Plan:

The plan includes: Netflix, social networks and free apps, unlimited minutes to all operators, 500 minutes to Venezuela, unlimited SMS to all destinations, Movistar Música Lite, roaming data and Movistar Cloud in the 10 Gig cloud.

How to recover my Movistar Colombia number: How to acquire a Movistar line

If you do it online, you only have to enter the web page, go to the Mobile module and choose the type of plan you want to purchase. Then select whether you want a new line or make a change and follow the prompts.

On the contrary, if you decide to do it in personthen you should do the following:

  • Go to one of the Movistar offices, either the one of your choice or the one closest to your location.
  • Tell a representative of the company that you want to acquire a line and he will indicate the price and the available plans.
  • Then make the payment and fill out the form with the requested data.
  • To finish, you will be given your invoice and your SIM card with the phone number and that’s it!


If you are going to carry out the procedure in persondo not forget to bring your identity document and an estimate of what the line could cost you.

How to check and recharge my Movistar balance

You can check your balance through:

MMI code

  • To get started, dial *611# or #610.
  • Click call and you will see a menu of options.
  • Follow the steps, selecting the numbers according to the corresponding option.


  • By text message you can also know the available balance, and without needing to have a balance, you can send an SMS to the number 611 the word SALDO.
  • You will receive a message, with a series of options. There you must mark the B..
  • Another message will appear on the screen. Select the option you want by sending the corresponding letter.
  • Finally, you will receive your available balance.

In another order of ideas, you should also know the process to recharge Movistar balance. For that you have several options, among which are:

  • Online payments: for that you enter the portal of Movistar, select Mobile, enter your phone number and click Continue. Then you decide if you will pay with a debit or credit card, enter the requested information, cancel and that’s it. It is important to note that you can domicile your payments and the system will deduct your invoice when the payment date arrives.
  • Online recharges: here you enter the Movistar portal, enter the number to be recharged, complete the data and that’s it, an easy and fast process.
  • Recharging points: which you can get distributed throughout the national territory.
  • Movistar Service Centers: which are available to serve customers from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.

Benefits of being a Movistar customer

  • It is a well-established, innovative company with which you can obtain numerous services, not just a line or telephone plans
  • You can also have fast Internet services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and others.
  • You can get promotions, receive offers, change your plan, receive bonuses, use the MiMovistar App and much more.
  • You can also sign up for Movistar Play, Movistar Music, purchase new equipment through the Movistar Store, Cloud and much more.
  • Movistar offers you an immediate customer service with its advisors. Contact them to make claims, requests, information, etc.

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