How to recover my Savings key at hand

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You need to use your savings account at Bancolombia and you don’t know how to recover my saving key at hand. Don’t worry, this article is what you were looking for.

It is very common to forget passwords, which is why with this article we want to help all those who still do not know how to recover their password. Here we will explain a little about what the Bancolombia savings account is, how to open this account, how to check the balance, how to recover my saving key at hand, what is Bancolombia, what are the services it offers, etc. So look no further and continue reading this article.

How to recover my Savings key at hand

You forgot your password and you don’t know how to recover the savings key at the hand of Bancolombia, Calm! here we will explain the step by step to be able to recover it.

To retrieve your savings key at hand you can do it through the Bancolombia application at hand. Which are the steps to follow?

  • The first thing you have to do is enter the menu of your phone and search for the application Bancolombia at handclick on it
  • The application will request your data to log in, select the type of document and then write the number of your document, then click continue
  • Now the options will appear on the screen Enter the code with which you make your transactions at the ATM Y Forgot your password? as you forgot your password select click there.
  • In the event that you have other Bancolombia products, you must go to a branch to be able to change your password, now if you only have Bancolombia a la Mano, contact the number 018000931987

So, to finish the process of recovering your savings key at Bancolombia’s hand, do not forget to go to the nearest Bancolombia branch or call the number that we indicated above.

What is Savings at hand of Bancolombia

Do you know what Bancolombia’s savings account is? Bancolombia’s savings account at hand is a savings account that you can open free of charge from your mobile phone without the need for documents or paperwork.

It is important that you know that if you decide to open this account you only need:

  • Be over 12 years old
  • An active email
  • Your mobile phone number and
  • Your identity document

In addition, this account is characterized by:

  • The number of your Bancolombia savings account on hand is your phone number plus an additional digit in front
  • It has no minimum balance, you can have 0 pesos in your account.
  • No debit card or handling fees.
  • They only charge you 1,000 pesos when you withdraw money
  • With your savings account at hand you can receive transfers from Bancolombia accounts or from other Colombian banking entities
  • It is covered by Fogagín insurance

For more information about the savings account at hand, click here

How to open Savings on hand

Are you interested in opening your savings account by hand Bancolombia?. It’s super easy, you can do it by downloading the Bancolombia mobile application to your mobile phone or in the SIM menu of your phone.

Through App Bancolombia at hand

To open your savings account in your hand through the Bancolombia mobile application, you must follow a series of steps. But don’t worry, it’s quick and easy to do.

  • The first thing you have to do is enter the application store of your mobile phone; Google Play for Android and App Stores if it is IOS, look for the Bancolombia application and click on the option to download.
  • Once you have the application on your phone, enter it and enter your personal data. What information do they ask me for? The data you need is the type of identity document and its number, date of issue of your document, your date of birth, cell phone number and your email

  • After you enter all the requested data, you accept the terms and conditions to use the application.
  • If it is the first product you have with Bancolombia, create a password that contains 4 digits. If you have other products, you must enter the password you use at ATMs
  • On the mobile phone you registered you will receive a text message with a security code. What do I do with that code? Well you have to enter it in the app to verify your identity
  • And ready! You already have your savings account at Bancolombia

To create your savings account in the hand of Bancolombia and you do not have a smartphone, you also have the option of opening it through the menu of your SIM card.

It is important before continuing to explain the steps to follow to open the account with your SIM, that you can only do it if your SIM is from Claro, Tigo and Movistar.

  • Once this point is clarified, let’s start then.
  • First enter the menu of your SIM card and look for the option My banks or Mobile Banking, did you find it? If you found it go there
  • Now you must enter your data, for this select Ref. bank → By hand enter your personal data
  • Have you entered them? Now accept the terms and conditions that appears there. Then create a 4-digit password, confirm it and now click continue
  • And ready! you already have your process completed successfully

How to check Savings balance on hand

When you need to check the balance of your savings account at hand, Bancolombia makes different query channels available to its customers. Do you want to know what those channels are?

To check the balance of your savings account at Bancolombia, you must enter the menu of your SIM, and search in the menu my banks → Mobile banking→ At handa menu of options will be displayed on the screen there you must select Check balance enter your 4-digit password and the available balance you have will appear on the screen

  • Through the Bancolombia App at La Mano

Now in case you want to check your balance through your Bancolombia mobile application, you just have to enter with your identity document and password and once inside your user on the main screen you will be able to see the available balance of your account .

  • At the Telephone Branch

Another option offered by Bancolombia to check the balance of your savings account at hand is through Telephone Branch of your city or the National Hotline.

Benefits offered by Savings at hand

Having a Bancolombia savings account at hand has endless benefits, among which we can mention:

  • With your savings account at hand you can receive your payroll or third-party payments quickly and safely.
  • You can also receive international money orders as long as the account is registered in a Bancolombia branch.
  • Another benefit of your savings account at hand is that you can check your balance through your cell phone at no cost.
  • Through your savings account at hand you can recharge any cell phone from your same operator, pay your utility bills and other agreements.

Other benefits to consider that you receive with your savings account at hand are:

  • With your Bancolombia savings account at hand you receive higher interest than in traditional accounts
  • This account is exempt from paying the tax on financial movements
  • One of the most outstanding benefits of this account is that you can opt for free hospitalization insurance if you maintain a monthly average of 350,000 pesos in your account. This insurance pays 25,000 pesos per day for 90 days and in case of childbirth 50,000
  • In case you need to know the movements of your account, you can request it at any Bancolombia branch.

What is Bancolombia?

If you live in Colombia, you have surely heard about Bancolombia. Do you know what Bancolombia is? Bancolombia or as it was previously known Banco Colombia or Grupo Bancolombia is one of the most important financial entities in Colombia.

It was founded in the year 1845 as Banco Colombia; although we can say that Bancolombia as such was born in 1998 with the merger of Banco Colombia and Banco Industrial Colombiano, which already had with a great track record in the Colombian banking market.

By 2018, it was consolidated as the largest bank in Colombia, Bancolombia currently has more than 14 million customers. Its operations center is in Medellin but it is present throughout the Colombian territory.

Finally, as Bancolombia is the main Bank of Colombia, it has subsidiaries in some countries of America; such as El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Panama, Peru, Guatemala and the United States.

Other services offered by Bancolombia

Bancolombia currently has a portfolio of financial instruments and services that are tailored to the needs of each of its clients.

  • Bancolombia offers a wide range of accounts for both individuals and companies; such as: savings and current account, payroll account, account for pensioners, AFC account, account for children among others.
  • Credit and debit cards with the best rates and benefits.
  • Another of the services that you have in Bancolombia is that you can send and receive national and international money orders
  • A wide credit portfolio where you can opt for loans for housing, vehicle, studies, businesses and others.
  • Buying and selling dollars
  • Being a Bancolombia client you can pay your taxes, social security, pay your bills, etc.
  • In addition to having a variety of channels for your service, such as ATMs, the Bancolombia mobile application, a virtual branch, etc.

If you liked this article how to recover your password your savings account at the hand of Bancolombiado not stop reading us.

See you soon!

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