How to recover my Tigo number

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Currently there are many factors that force you to suspend your Tigo account, it may be the case that you lost your cell phone, it has been damaged or in the worst case it has been stolen, do not be alarmed in this article we will indicate How to recover my Tigo number.

We will explain in detail everything you need to know about this topic How to recover my Tigo number, What is Tigo, what services does Tigo offer, how to acquire a line and much more.

How to recover my Tigo number

The mobile or cell phones They are something necessary in this modern era, because through them we can be in communication at all times, wherever you are.

In addition to that, you can do all kinds of transactions without having to go personally to the banks.

Making use of the device applications it’s even easier, faster and safer to make purchases, make payments or simply find out how to get to a certain address.

For this reason we will indicate the steps to recover my Tigo number:

  • The first thing you should do is go to a Tigo authorized store or agent.
  • file tor identification document as an identity card or foreigner’s card, to verify that you are the owner of that line.
  • You must tell the person that you want to be unblocked or reactivate your line, which had previously blocked you.
  • You must fill out a reactivation request form.
  • Ready at no cost and you will have your line active again with the same number you had initially.

What is Tigo?

Is a cell phone operator with offices located in several Latin American countries, among which we can name: Honduras, Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Bolivia, Paraguay. The main and most important is located in the city in Medellin Colombia.

In addition to serving its customers as a telephone operator, it also provides internet services to a large group of the population, offering them speedy uploads with the greatest possible stability.

The company in Colombia provides a variety of services TICboth mobile and fixed, thus becoming the main choice in the digital world, improving homes as well as companies with innovative services of excellent quality throughout the national territory.

If you don’t want to miss any information about How to recover my Tigo numberwe invite you to keep reading the topic!

What services does Tigo offer?

One of the things to take into account when choosing a telephone line operator is, in addition to its history and responsibility as a company, the services it offers and Tigo offers a wide variety of services, including:

  • Mobile phone.
  • Data and internet.
  • TV.
  • Various plans and telephone rates.
  • National data.
  • Personalized plan for your internet.
  • Exclusive offers for your customers.
  • Special draws for customers

How to acquire a Tigo line

if you go hereBuy a line for your mobile and you choose to be part of the extensive client portfolio that the Tigo operator has, we recommend that you carefully read the following instructions that you must follow to speed up and make the process simple:

  1. Get into a shopping.tigo.
  2. Make the selection of SIM that fits your needs.
  3. press To buy.
  4. Choose whether you want a new line or if you will pass your number to Tigo instead, then choose Continue
  5. Check the information that is correct and press Complete Purchase.
  6. give it in Continue after writing your email.
  7. Indicate how the shipment will be.
  8. Follow the instructions of the bank after choosing the payment method for the cancellation of the line.
  9. With this we finish, just press on Buy now.

How to know my Tigo number

As it happens many times that you meet an acquaintance that you had not seen for a long time and they want to keep in touch from that moment on, when they ask for your number your mind goes blankdon’t worry It is more common than it seems for this to happen.

Especially if you have a new line or if you have time without telling or dictating your number to anyone. There are 3 ways to know your Tigo cell phone number:

How to recover my Tigo number: Call from my cell phone

To find out your Tigo number, you can also check by calling:

  • press *255*4#
  • Then you hit the key Send or call.
  • Later you will receive a message informing you of your Tigo line number.

How to recover my Tigo number: Text from my cell phone

Via text message to number 647 writing «you» and send the message. This option has a small cost and they will immediately send you your number also through a text message.

How to recover my Tigo number: Via online from the Mi Tigo account

It is also an easy and fast way since when you enter it will show your number at the top of the screen.

If you don’t want to miss any information about How to recover my Tigo numberwe invite you to keep reading the topic!

How to check and recharge my Tigo balance

Top-ups and balance inquiries can be made through the official portal using a computer or with our personal cell phone.

How to retrieve my Tigo number: Check my Tigo balance

There are several ways to check your Tigo balance, among which we can find:

Through the App

Being able to carry out this balance inquiry using the application in a short and simple process, which we detail below:

  • Enter the application «My Tigo” from your mobile device, entering your data and being able to access your account.
  • When you manage to enter click on the section of “Inquiries”, that appears at the top.
  • The services you have with you, look for the option that says «Consult».
  • We locate where it says «My profile», We select there and immediately all your information will be displayed, including the balance.
  • Ready you will know the balance you have on your line.

by cell phone

This method is the fastest to obtain your balance, if you have not used it I invite you to use it, you just have to proceed to:

  • mark the *10# to check your balance text message.
  • Call to *600 to check your balance and tell you the information by Audio.
  • You can also mark the *111# from a mobile device. Subsequently, a menu will be displayed on the screen, in which you will locate, among the options, the balance inquiry and ready, the amount you have in your phone bill will appear immediately on the screen.

Via Online

If none of the above options seems to you or you prefer to do it on a computer since you have your cell phone at the time to make the query or you do not have the application downloaded yet, these are the steps if you have the equipment and an internet connection :

  • The first thing is log in in its Web page official.
  • Enter the address of email with which we made the record, where the blank space appears.
  • Later we enter the respective password for him entry.
  • To finish, locate the option to consult balance.
  • And ready with this you will know what is the balance you have on the Tigo telephone line.

Top up my Tigo balance

If you have a computer at your disposal or if you want to carry out the procedure through the application of your cell phone, these are the steps that will guide you to carry out an effective balance recharge to your telephone line by either of the two options:

  • To start, enter the web portal or the Application and select where the word appears Packages and refills.
  • Locate where it says Recharges, then select the values ​​in the fields, indicate your cell phone number, the corresponding amount that you will pay to your account, personal email with which you affiliated and confirm
  • Indicate the way to cancel, you can do it by: credit card, Nequi, debit card or you can advance balance, then press Pay.
  • When choosing to pay with the credit card, they will have to enter all the information regarding it that they request, you can cancel with: American Express, Visa, Diners Club or Master Card, check the terms and conditions box, then go to the option Pay.
  • In case you want to do it by advancing balance, the availability will be shown depending on the value of your quota that you have for this purpose. (You only have this type of recharge if your line has 3 months after activating it.
  • Here we finish the process of recharge, You will receive the information with your updated balance.

Benefits of being a Tigo customer

The operator Tigo has an extensive variety of benefits among which we will mention those that we consider most important when choosing which company to buy or acquire a new line for our mobile:

  • Service Internet business or personal with a stable signal and excellent upload speed.
  • Service TV with various channels.
  • wide coverage throughout the territory.

So far we finish the explanation of this topic How to recover my Tigo number, We hope you have enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading us!

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