How to recover Sena Sofia Plus password

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You want to enroll in a SENA program, you were registered but you forgot your password and now you don’t know how to recover the password SENA SOFIA PLUS. Look no further, you are in the right article.

Through this article we seek to guide those who need to recover the SENA SOFIA PLUS password, explaining a little some important points; such as: what is SENA SOFIA PLUS, the requirements needed to enter SENA, how to enroll, teaching modalities, how to recover the password SENA SOFIA PLUS, etc. So if you want to know more about this topic, Keep reading!

How to recover Sena Sofia Plus password

You do not know how to recover the password of SENA SOFIA PLUS, to recover your password is a very simple and easy procedure to do

  • Go to the website of SOFIA PLUSon the main screen you will find the option Forgot your password? You found it? If you found it click there.
  • Then you must select the type of document and enter its number, once you have entered the information click on Restore password
  • The system will send a message to your email with the instructions and a link to reset your password, do not forget to click on that link to continue with the process
  • To finish the process of how to recover the password SENA SOFIA PLUS, enter the new password, do not forget to confirm it; then click on change Password
  • Clever! You can now enter your SOFIA PLUS user again

What is the Sena Sofia Plus

Before knowing what SENA SOFIA PLUS is, do you want to know what the National Learning Service best known by Colombians as SENA is? Very well! SENA is a public institution that offers free training to Colombians through technical, technological and complementary programs focused on the technological, economic and social development of Colombia.

However, although this institution has administrative autonomy, it is important to emphasize that it is attached to the Colombian Ministry of Labor. Founded in the year 1957; It currently has several regional offices throughout the Colombian territory.

Now, have you heard about the Sena Sofia Plus? the SENA SOFIA PLUSis a virtual educational platform through which Colombian citizens can find out about the programs, calls and other admission processes of the National Learning Service (SENA).

Being a complete portal, through this both applicants, apprentices and officials once registered can:

  • Investigate the different educational offers
  • You can also enroll in some of the programs offered there
  • Carry out selection tests
  • Access and download certificates, etc.

But why Sophie? The answer is simple, SOFIA is the abbreviation for Optimized System for Integral Training of Active Learning.

Requirements to enter the Sena

Do you want to enter SENA but do not know the requirements? Calm! Here we will explain it to you.

One of the most important requirements that you have to take into account is that; Any Colombian citizen or resident foreigner who is interested in participating in any of the SENA training programs can enroll in SENA..

In the case of foreign citizens, they must be duly legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Hey! Keep in mind that the SENA does not allow the temporary foreigner’s card or the student’s card as a document.

Another requirement that you have to consider is the valid identity documents to be able to enroll in the qualified training programs. These documents are:

  • the identity card
  • Citizenship Card or
  • The Foreigner’s Certificate.

And depending on the training program you want to enter, you must check the income requirements; for example:

  • Certify your academic situation and
  • Have passed your last year of school

However, in case you are a applicant presented by a company or organization You must have some document that proves sponsorship or commitment letter, signed by the same.

How to enroll in the Seine

Once you know the requirements to enter SENA, in order to register you must follow a series of steps.

Before enrolling in any of the programs offered by SENA, you must be registered in the SOFIA SIENA PLUS system. Do you know how to register? If you don’t know, don’t worry, the process is online and very simple to do.

How to register in SENA SOFIA PLUS?

To register in the SENA SOFIA PLUS you must follow the following steps, it is very simple so don’t worry.

  • The first step you have to do is enter the page Web of SENA SOFIA PLUS.
  • On the main screen, locate the option Check in, you found it? well, now she clicks there.

  • After you click on Register, you must validate that you are not already registered, for this you must select the type of identity document and the document number, have you already entered the data? If you have already entered them, click on Validate.
  • Next, in order to start your registration in the system, you must read and accept the terms and conditions of use, you must check the box where you accept and click continue.
  • And now what to do? Well, to continue you must complete the forms. In one of them you must enter the information concerning your identity document and in the other your identification data, then click on continue.
  • In addition to the identification data and your identity document, you must enter information concerning your place of residence and the data of a family member or guardian of legal age and click on continue.
  • To finish your registration you must create and confirm your security password and complete the verification image, then click Finalize. And ready! your user has been created, you can now enter and enroll in the SENA program of your choice.

How to enroll in SENA SOFIA PLUS?

Do you know the requirements? Are you already registered in SENA SOFIA PLUS? If you have already done these two steps, you can enroll in the SENA courses in less than 5 minutes.

  • First go to the SENA SOFIA PLUS website and look for the program you want to enroll in, you can select between technical careers, short courses, virtual training or company training.
  • Select the training program that interests you, you must click on see moreto know all the information about the program and register
  • Now click the button Inscription
  • Does the following window appear on the screen to confirm your registration request? If this screen appears, there you must certify that you meet the minimum requirements to enter the chosen program. In case you are not registered to continue with the information, register in SENA SOFIA PLUS. Now, if you are already registered, select the type of document you registered and the number next to your password and click confirm registration.

  • Once you confirm the registration, the next step is to click on end up; the system will inform you that your registration was registered successfully.

If you have any questions about your registration, you can call SENA Call Center through the free line 592 5555 if you are in Bogotáfor the other departments through 01 8000 910270there you will receive technical support to be able to register correctly.

Teaching modalities in the Seine

Do you know what the teaching modalities are at SENA? According to Resolution 2198 dated December 13, 2019; SENA’s training modalities are in accordance with its conditions of time and place to receive Comprehensive Vocational Training.

That is why three modalities are identified:

  • Face-to-face
  • Virtual
  • Remote or Combined


The virtual SENA Course modality is one that is oriented through the use of technologies and the Internet, where the apprentice interacts with his instructor and partner.

In this modality, the courses have a duration of 40 to 80 hours and are carried out through the SOFIA PLUS platform. Through this modality, it is sought that those who take these courses expand their knowledge without having to go to a training center.


We can say that this modality of teaching in SENA is that determined by a specific place; such as: a center, company, rural and urban community, among others. The apprentice attends to receive their training process in addition to interacting directly with their peers and instructors.

That is why we can affirm that in this modality the courses are short and are carried out in the different training centers. For registration, the information is available to the public, with limited places and with specific start and registration dates.


Finally, another of the modalities that SENA has for its courses is the combined modality; This modality is the combination of the two previous modalities, in which the apprentice participates and interacts 40% face-to-face and 60% virtually with their peers and instructors.

What is the Sena Certificate

Do you know what the SENA certificate is? the sena certificate is a legal and totally valid document where it is accredited that a person has completed a program; be it a course, career or training, on a specific topic or area in SENA

These certificates are obtained once the program is completed and it is confirmed that the student managed to learn and understand all the topics that were taught during the course.

What is the Sena Certificate for?

Once you obtain your SENA Certificate, you may ask yourself, what is the SENA certificate for? Good!having a SENA certificate has its advantages

  • It can be considered that the main advantage of having a SENA certificate is that having official character and validity influences the improvement of your resume and allows you to achieve improvements in your working conditions
  • One of the advantages of this certificate is that is an internationally recognized certificate; that is, you can use it outside of Colombia at the time you are looking for a job.
  • you can receive Interesting job proposals in the short term because the training at SENA is adapted to job demands

What careers does the Seine offer?

Do you want to know the careers offered by SENA? For the year 2021 SENA offers 1,008 training programs between face-to-face careers, virtual careers, short courses, virtual short courses and English courses.

Now, in case you are interested in the technical careers offered by SENA, you should know that these have a duration of up to two years and they have different training levelsAmong which are: assistant, technological specialization, operator, technical deepening technologist and technician. Currently for this period only 159 training programs are active.

For more information about the careers offered by SENA, click here and there you will get all the relevant information on all the programs offered by SENA for this period.


Currently the programs offered by SENA in face-to-face mode are 159 programs in different areas. Do you want to know what they are? Very well! we will tell you:

Some of the programs are:

  • Physical activity
  • Aquaculture
  • 3d animation
  • Administrative assistance
  • handmade jewelry
  • Kitchen
  • Industrial Outerwear Clothing, among others

If you want to know the list of all the courses of face-to-face SENAdon’t stop clicking here


If your case is that you want to know the offer of programs in the virtual modality, you have 242 training programs, these are grouped into several categories; such as:

  • Agricultural
  • Sport
  • Web design
  • Food handling
  • Accounting and Finance
  • designs
  • Communication
  • Office automation, among others

Do you want to know all the virtual training programs offered by SENA? Easy! You just have to click here and once there you can find out about all these programs.

So if you found interesting this article about how to recover the password SENA SOFIA PLUSwe invite you to come back.

See you soon!

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