How to recover the DaviPlata key

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You need to know how to recover the DaviPlata key, Calm! Don’t keep looking for more, you came to the right article.

This article seeks to guide all Colombian citizens who have DaviPlata and have very little information about it, how will we do it? Very simple, we will explain a little what DaviPlata is, how to register, what services it offers, what benefits it has how can you recover your password in case you forget, etc. So if you want to know more about DaviPlata Keep reading!

How to recover the DaviPlata key

If you forgot your DaviPlata password, you have two alternatives how to recover the DaviPlata keythese are:

  • Through the DaviPlata mobile application or
  • From the Sim Card of your phone

How to recover the DaviPlata key through the APP?

To recover the DaviPlata key through the application you must follow a series of steps that are super fast and easy to do, so let’s start explaining them:

  • First you must enter the DaviPlata mobile application that you have downloaded on your mobile phone
  • On the main screen you will see the option Forgot your password? click there
  • Now select the type of document with which you created your DaviPlata account and the number, once you have entered the data, click continue
  • do you follow me Great! let’s continue then. Now you must enter your email and select the continue button; eye! It’s not just any email, it’s the email you registered the first time.
  • After you click the continue button, you will automatically receive a text message on your phone from the number 85888 with the temporary password, enter the password in the application and click the continue button
  • Now enter your new 4-digit passcode; then verify the new password again and select the accept button
  • Y Clever! Your password has been changed successfully.

How to recover the DaviPlata key through the Sim Card?

In case you do not have the Daviplata application because you do not have a smartphone, this is another alternative of how to recover the DaviPlata key. Now, how can you recover the DaviPlata key with your Sim Card?

To recover the DaviPlata key with your Sim Card you can do it by calling or sending a text message.

Now, in case you want to retrieve it by calling; you must mark #688, select option 2, then option 3. Now, the operator will ask if you forgot your password by sim or by the app; In this case, you must select the option by Sim, which is option 1. Then the system will communicate you with an advisor, who will help you recover your password.

To finish, if you want to recover the key through a text message, you must send a message to 85888 with the word Key code and you will receive a message with your DaviPlata password.

What is DaviPlata

Do you know what DaviPlata is? It can be said that DaviPlata is a product through which you can manage your money easily and for free from your cell phone; This without the need for you to have a bank account or a debit card.

In order to use DaviPlata you must activate your cell phone, and once activated you will be able to:

  • Receive and send money from other cell phones with DaviPlata and Davivienda accounts,
  • You can also receive international wire transfers,
  • Pay utilities,
  • Recharge mobile minutes from the same operator, etc.

It is important that everyone who wants to have DaviPlata knows some conditions of its use. These conditions to consider are:

  • First, you can only activate one DaviPlata per natural person, but you must not forget that it is only available for people over 18 years of age.
  • Second, if you decide to activate DaviPlata you can do it with any Colombian mobile operator through the DaviPlata mobile application. Now, if you activate DaviPlata through your SIMCard, you can only do so with Claro, Tigo or Movistar operators. Don’t forget! only with those 3 operators that I mentioned
  • Third, your DaviPlata number is your mobile number
  • Fourth, DaviPlata has a maximum monthly balance

If you need more information about DaviPlata click here

What services does DaviPlata offer?

Do you know all the services you can access with DaviPlata active? If you don’t know them yet, I won’t make you wait any longer.

Very good! Let’s see then what are the services you can access with DaviPlata:

  • If you ran out of minutes or data on your phone, with DaviPlata you can recharge your cell phone through the mobile application or your SIMCard
  • Other services that you can access is make your purchases in allied stores or using your virtual card in both Colombian and international electronic stores
  • You can make the payments of your bills or agreements of your public or private services.
  • If you need receive money from abroad with DaviPlata you can easily receive it on your cell phone
  • One of the most significant services that you can access with your DaviPlata is that you can withdraw your money at any Davivienda ATM nationwide
  • Another service you have with DaviPlata is that you can access to nanocredit What Davivienda offers

How to create a DaviPlata account

Creating a DaviPlata account is simple, one of the advantages of DaviPlata is that you do not need endless paperwork or documents.

Now, to create your DaviPlata account you have two alternatives:

  • The first is from a smartphone downloading the Daviplata application
  • The second option isFrom your cell phone with the Sim Card.

How to activate DaviPlata

As we told you before, to create your DaviPlata key, you have two options, through the application or through your Sim Card, but do you know what steps you have to follow?

So that you can understand more how to activate your DaviPlata we will leave you here these very easy to understand tutorials that will help you to carry out this process much faster, so do not stop watching them Okay?

  • In case you want to activate DaviPlata through the Mobile application, this is the perfect tutorial for you.

  • If you do it through your Sim Card, be sure to watch this tutorial

What is the DaviPlata App

The DaviPlata application is an application through which you can use your Smartphone as a virtual wallet to pay in stores, recharge phones, pay for services and receive or send money to other users. This service only works Colombia.

To download this application to your android phone you must do it from your google play in case you use iOSthen to download the application you must do it from your app store. Following the steps below:

  • First look for the app in the virtual store either Google Play or App Store
  • Then to download it to your phone select install
  • Y Clever! in less than you think you have your DaviPlata application on your mobile phone

How to check my balance in DaviPlata

Do you want to check your DaviPlata balance? Don’t worry, doing it won’t take you more than 2 minutes in any of the alternatives you have.

One of the alternatives you have to check your balance it is through the mobile appyou just have to enter your user and on the main screen you will see the amount of money you currently have.

Another option is through your SimCard, how do I do it? Easy, enter the Sim Card, select my bankslater Mobile banking and there select DaviSilver

Once select DaviPlata, a menu of options will be displayed on your screen, select how much i have enter your DaviPlata access code and then click accept and the available amount appears on the screen.

How to put money in DaviPlata

Do you need to put money in DaviPlata? Don’t worry, to put money in DaviPlata you have different options. Do you want to know what they are?

The options you have to put money in DaviPlata are:

  • Do you have a Davivienda account? As well; If you have your Davivienda savings or checking account, you can recharge DaviPlata from there. Recharging from your Davivienda accounts is super simple; You can do it by entering the web portal of Dahousingby calling the red telephone numbers or through mobile banking.
  • In case you have a commercial office nearby, this is another option you have to put money in DaviPlata; You just have to bring your identity card and the DaviPlata number that you are going to recharge. In the commercial offices you can top up a minimum of 20,000 pesos and a maximum of 2,068,365 pesos.
  • Another option to put money in DaviPlata is in the case that you have relatives outside of Colombia you can receive international money orders.
  • Can I also put money into DaviPlata with national money orders? Yes, you can receive national money orders.
  • You can also receive money from another DaviPlata without charging commissions.
  • And finally, you can also recharge through the PSE secure online payment service from any Colombian bank totally free.

Super easy to put money in DaviPlata? Now you know the 6 options you have to put money in DaviPlata.

Benefits offered by DaviPlata

Do you know the benefits offered by DaviPlata? Calm! The benefits of DaviPlata are multiple, among them you have:

  • If you have DaviPlata active you should know that it does not have a 4×1000 charge and much less you must pay a handling fee
  • When you create your DaviPlata account, its activation takes place in two minutes and you already have DaviPlata active. And the best of all is that you do not need to do any paperwork or have a list of documents
  • Another benefit of DaviPlata is that you can manage up to 3 current legal monthly minimum wages.
  • Did you know that with DaviPlata you can carry out different transactions; such as: transfer money to another DaviPlata or to an account at any Bank at no cost, receive money directly on your cell phone from abroad, recharge minutes to your mobile phone, pay for public and private services, buy online with the DaviPlata virtual card?
  • And the best benefit of all is that if you use DaviPlata you do not have to pay anything, it is totally free at no cost.

So if you still don’t have DaviPlata, don’t wait any longer Activate it now!

If you liked this article about How to recover the DaviPlata keyso don’t stop visiting us.

Until next time!

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