How to recover the key of the Electronic Signature

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Electronic signatures are widely used today. This is why it is extremely common for one to ask the question of How to recover the key of the Electronic Signature.

That is why today we come to talk to you about How to recover the key of the Electronic SignatureWhat is it, the procedure and much more.

How to recover the key of the Electronic Signature

For many years now the firms are the way major to accept legal documents. The idea of ​​writing your name or having a written identification dates back to the beginning of societies.

In this aspect little has changed over the years, the signatures of centuries ago and the current ones are practically the same. But what has changed is the legal aspects that support them.

Nowadays, signatures are subject to endless laws, policies Y regulations to ensure its accuracy and authenticity.

But even with all this, a change in the appearance of signatures has recently emerged. Thanks to current technology and rapid growth in the international market.

People have been forced to have to upgrade to the electronic world. This is not an exception for signature methods, we now have the option to have a digital or electronic signature.

With them we can make agreements through any side of the world. And get all the legal safeguards that come with it.

Steps How to recover the key of the Electronic Signature

if you want get to recover the key of the Electronic Signature, you will have to follow the following steps

  1. First of all, you have to enter the official website of the Diane
  2. Next, log in using the option «User registered in his own name».
  3. After this, you must press the button «Manage my electronic signature” located in the main menu.
  4. Once there you have to select the option “Forgot the password of your electronic identity?.
  5. After selecting the option, the page will ask you to correctly answer your security questions.
  6. Next, you will receive an email address that you have linked to your RUTwith the link to restore the password of the Electronic signature.
  7. Finally, you must click on this link and follow the steps indicated.

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What is the Digital or Electronic Signature

the signature digital or electronic As its name suggests, it is a type of signature. In other words, it is a mechanism that is used to identify a person before an information system.

The electronic signature fulfills the same functions as the handwritten signature. Only in this case, it is done digitally.

What is the Electronic Signature for?

Electronic signatures comply with the same function what a Physical Signature. These are used in a wide variety of legal procedures.

From the sale of products of any kind, through the processing of legal documents to the hiring of individuals or change of owners of the company.

In all these cases there must be a constance that the parties agree. It is in these cases that all parties are required to sign the agreement.

In this way, it is recorded that everyone was willing to accept what the contract agreed.

Something that electronic signatures have is that business patterns. They have the ability to trust data to their subordinates. This way they also have a way to accept official documents on behalf of the company.

Although it is important to remember, that this is not a practice that is highly recommended. This is because the responsibility of the company will always lie with the owners of the firm and not with its employees.

If you don’t want to miss any information about How to recover the key of the Electronic Signaturewe invite you to keep reading!

What types of Electronic Signatures exist

There are different ways to classify the types of electronic signatures, but we can name the most important ones.

Digital signature

The digital signatures are defined according to Law 527 as “a numerical value that is attached to a data message and that, using a known mathematical procedure, linked to the initiator key and the text of the message”.

This is the legal way of saying that the digital signature must be secure, reliable and serve as identification.

Additionally, digital signatures must have a series of requirements, among which are:

  • Can To identify uniquely to the signing person.
  • has to be able check the digital signature.
  • The person must be the only one with access to its use.
  • That no change occurs in the information it contains.
  • Comply with all the laws and regulations that endorse and bind it.

Electronic signature

The signatures Electronic devices are technical mechanisms. Which have as a goal, to be able to identify someone

Electronic signatures should have nothing to envy to digital ones. But these are the least optimal option since it will have to be able to demonstrate its veracity and authenticity

While digital signatures already have these aspects demonstrated thanks to the laws that regulate them.

Among the different ways in which electronic signatures can be used, we have:

  • biometric signatures
  • Electronic pen signatures
  • Touch the touch screen
  • Select a box with the mouse.
  • digitized signature
  • Users and passwords
  • coordinate cards

Differences between a digital signature and an electronic signature

A digital signature is one that is made by means of an automatic system through the verification or recognition of cryptographies or algorithms.

On the other hand, the electronic signature is simply a definition which encompasses any form of

  1. Electronic signature of a document
  2. Identification method of a person

Because of this, when it comes to legal aspects, digital signatures are clearly superior and more trusted.

What are the attributes of the Electronic Signature

The objective of an electronic signature is that the data within it cannot be altered. That is why electronic signatures have a series of attributes linked to it.

  • Electronic identity: That can be verified based on the information consigned in the RUT.
  • Electronic identity password: Which must be composed of a combination of alphabetic and numeric characters.
  • Electronic code: refers to the series of numeric characters that the IFE will have.
  • Validity: The IFE will be valid for three years from the date of issuance or renewal.
  • Gratuity: It does not generate any cost for the taxpayer.

What guarantees the Electronic Signature

The electronic signature helps us to guarantee a fairly extensive series of data.

  • First of all it serves to identify all the parties that will take part in a process, agreement or legal document.
  • Second, it also helps to verify the legal capacity of any of the parties.
  • It serves as evidence to verify that the information within the transaction has not been changed or manipulated.
  • It also ensures that only people who are authorized can access the message data.

What is the cost of the Electronic Signature

Currently, in the Colombian territory, electronic signatures do not have any cost partner for taxpayers.

This is because it is the physical signature substitute, so it is in the interest of the government. That legal treaties can be made smoothly and without many problems.

Additionally, as far as is known, the Colombian government has no plans to change this regulation. There has been no type of push to start charging electronic signatures

It is important to remember that once you obtain your electronic signature, it will be valid for 3 years. After the maximum time has elapsed, you must renew it to continue having an electronic identifier.

What are the benefits of the Electronic Signature

Among the benefits we can mention the following:

  • First of all it serves to identify to all the parties that will take part in a process, agreement or legal document.
  • Second, it also helps to verify the legal capacity of any of the parties.
  • It serves as evidence to verify that the information within the transaction has not been changed or manipulated.
  • It also ensures that only authorized persons will be able to access the message data.

What rules regulate the electronic signature in Colombia?

There are few regulations that regulate electronic signatures in Colombia. But among the most important we have:

  • the resolution 000070 of 2016.
  • the resolution 000022 of 2019.

And ready, with this we can end this article in which we have explained everything related to How to recover the key of the Electronic Signature¸ what is the procedure, what are its attributes and much more

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