How to recover the number of Identity Card

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It may happen that for some reason you require information from CHow to recover the Identity Card number In colombia. It could be because you lost it, or because you need to carry out a procedure quickly. If that is your case, you have found the right article.

To help you with your concerns, we will explain everything to you in a very clear and simple way. We will also introduce you in detail to some basic concepts such as knowing what is the identity card and what is it for.

How to recover the Identity Card number

It is important to know that to consult or retrieve the number identity card, you should have applied for one first, that is, you must have an identity card. You get it after going to the Birth certificatewhose document granted will serve as identification until you turn 7 years old.

When you turn 7 years old, the document is changed to a pink identification card, and then when you turn 14 years old, it is changed to a blue card with biometric technology, which contains your data in a way that it cannot be falsified.

Now, when you reach the age of majority, you must complete the process of requesting your citizenship card. From that moment that card will become your identification document for all your life.

Certification and verification of these procedures can be done quickly and easily. This can be done through the service that works in the Registry of the Republic of Colombia.

This process is done by calling 357 82 40 if you live in Bogotá or 01 8000 52 1112 for the rest of the country. By making this call you will be able to verify if your identity card has already been processed and go to collect it. At that time you will know the number of your identification card.

What is the Identity Card

In Colombia, the identity card is defined as the legal document that must be obtained by all minors, from the time they turn 7 years old and until before they reach the age of 18.

To carry out this procedure, all Colombians who are between that age range must go to the Consulate in Colombia to apply for it. Of course, to carry out this management it is required that they meet certain requirements, but in general this is a very useful document.

Currently, there are only two formats available for the identity card in Colombia. One is pink and is used for all children between the ages of 7 and 14..

On the other hand, for adolescents whose ages range between 14 and 17 years, the biometric is blue. However, we must emphasize that this is a project that is not yet fully established since it is hoped that they will all be unified with the blue format soon.

What is the Identity Card for?

In Colombia, the identity card fulfills the function of provide each person with their identification, just as they are at that stage of their life. Motivated to that is that for now, it must be taken out twice. The first as a child at 7 years old and then as a teenager at 14.

When this document is updated, a couple of aspects are placed in it that will later also be included in the certificate, so we can consider that this would be the first step to obtain it.

In another order of ideas, it should be taken into account that the identity card number assigned to the citizen is the one that will serve to always distinguish him among other Colombians.

This document is very relevant in Colombia because it is used to support the census. In this sense, it is considered that it is an irresponsibility of the parents that an infant or adolescent passes the ages without obtaining it, since this does not allow the correct identification of the same and this generates that many other processes are not carried out.

CHow to recover the Identity Card number: What does the Identity Card contain?

The identity card complies with specific characteristics which we will explain below so that you can recognize them at a glance.

It has a barcode containing the person’s biometric information who is the holder of said card. This is placed in order to prevent counterfeiting.

Also includes a color photo, must be signed, applicant’s fingerprint must be stamped, the place and date of birth must be indicated, as well as the date of issue of the card. It is important to note that children over 7 years of age also

Requirements to process the Identity Card

Now we need to know what are the requirements that we must have to obtain the identity card. These are the ones that will help you carry out this management, and for this you must be prepared and have a series of precautions that we will indicate.

Notably all the requirements that will be indicated below are mandatory to be able to obtain this card, so we recommend that you make a list of them and that you make sure to comply with the delivery of all the necessary documents in order to speed up the processing and avoid delays:

  • It is essential that the person who carries out the procedure is present at the time of initiating the request. Being a minor, he must be accompanied by the legal representative, or by his parents.
  • You must bring the original document from the civil file of Colombian birth.
  • You must also have two photographs with a white background, or failing that, with a blue background. They must have been taken frontally.
  • They will need to bring a certificate confirming their blood group and RH factor.

CHow to recover the Identity Card number: How to know the number of my Identity Card

Once we have told you all these details, the time has come to inform you how to know what your identity card number is. It is important that you know that you can consult it online in a simple way. You just have to follow the steps indicated below:

Step 1

The first thing you should do is go to the official page of the Registry of Colombia so that you get access to the website where you can consult.

Step 2

Depending on the type of person, natural or legal, you must click and then fill in the following boxes:

  • Search type.
  • Serial of the civil registry.
  • Type of civil registration.
  • First and middle name.
  • First and second surname.
  • Identification number.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Sex.
  • Verification image.

Step 3

To check the number of your identity card you will not need to enter the identification or serial digitsbecause when you fill in the other data and press search for civil registration, they will be displayed automatically.

It is for this reason that just entering your full name and your date of birth will be more than enough for you to know what your identification number is.

How to recover the Identity Card number: How long does it take for the Identity Card to be delivered?

If no inconvenience arises, under normal conditions, the time in which an identity card will be available for pick-up at the office where it was requested will vary depending on the type of procedure and by which means the request was made.

In relation to the duplicate identity card requested, for which a replica of the last one registered in the system is generated, take from 15 to 30 business days. To this time must be added that of the postal delivery and according to the municipality in which it is made.

The other types of paper requested through different systems with complete data capture, take between 2 and 4 months, counting the time of postal delivery and depending on the municipality where the request is made.

As for the Procedures carried out in Consulatesthe time ranges from 6 to 9 months depending on the place of origin of the request.


It is important to take into account that while the health emergency lasts in Colombia, face-to-face care will remain restricted. Delivery times may vary. However, the documents will be produced and sent to the applicants in the order in which they are entered into the system and in the shortest time that these circumstances allow.

How to check a number card of old identity?

For consult an old identity card number You must take into account a group of conditions:

First, in case the card has been issued before 2003 the assigned number will remain the same, and should not be modified before the NUIP. If you are a minor, and have a distinction number, it will be kept until you receive your ID.

In second place, if the case is from 2004 onwards adjustments were made to deliver the numbers, specifically from 1,000,000,000, regardless of age.

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