How to recover user of the Bank of Excellence

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If you do not know How to recover your username from the Bank of Excellence, you came to the right article. It is quite important to know this information if you are waiting for the results of the pre-selections carried out by the Colombian Ministry of Education.

This Ministry carries out this procedure in order to guarantee higher quality to all educational institutions in the nation. That is why we invite you to continue reading so that you know what the Bank of Teaching Excellence is and some other aspects related to it.

How to recover the user of the Bank of Excellence

If you cannot access the Bank of Excellence and need to recover your usernameyou must enter the online platform of the Ministry of Education, go to the corresponding box and write the email that you affiliated at the time you registered.

After you complete your request, you will receive an email that will allow you to enter your account again and thus be able to verify the status of your process.

If you have any questions about the operation of the system, the program or your access to it, you can write to the email and there consult doubts.

What is the Bank of Teaching Excellence?

We can say that the Bank of Teaching Excellence is a program that was formed in 2016 by the Ministry of Education. The intention when creating this Bank was to select the best teachers and help meet the needs of teachers and teachers who provide their services in public institutions, through a provisional appointment.

The Bank of Teaching Excellence Its main objective is to have a registry of the teaching professionals of the nation whose goal is to build a better education.. To do this, it evaluates their educational curriculum and selects whether they can be assigned as professionals in any of the country’s educational institutions, based on their experience and credentials.

How to recover a user from the Bank of Excellence: How the Bank of Excellence works

The Bank of Excellence brings together educators in Colombia and documents all their important information. In this sense, depending on their work experience, they must register when they apply to the program according to the following positions:

classroom teachers

Corresponds to teachers with academic assignment. They are responsible for addressing the fundamental areas in the study plan through the subjects and their activities. These teachers are primarily responsible for ensuring the curricular activities assigned by the directors or rectors in charge of the educational project.

The different classroom positions will be executed by:

  • Preschool teachers.
  • Primary grade teachers.
  • The teachers of the areas of knowledge defined by the Articles of Law No. 115 of 1994.

Notably the experience of these teachers will be evaluated taking into consideration a maximum of five years. If the applicant does not have the required experience as a classroom teacher, he or she may not be included in the program.

When the teachers register, following the steps that we will indicate later and are pre-selected to fill the available positions, they will be contacted by email from the program. It will detail all the information concerning the place, date and time in which you must appear for an appointment to comply with the selection stage.

The moment you show up it is important that you have with you your documentary supports, that is, all the papers that the Ministry of Education has requested. One of them can be your CV, identity card, or any other that he considers necessary. If you take them all you will have fewer complications at the time of your assignment to the position.

How to recover user of the Bank of Excellence: How to register in the Bank of Excellence?

So that you can register in the Bank of Excellence, applicants must meet the minimum requirements that are requested in order to be a classroom teacher or support teacher leader.

In this sense, you must have one of the titles corresponding to the respective exercise of teaching in Colombia. The grades they must have to be able to register in the Bank of Excellence are:

  • Technologist in Education.
  • Senior normalist.
  • Bachelor of Education.
  • Professional without a degree in Education, according to the last call agreement to participate in the teaching contest.

Steps to follow to register:

  • Enter the online platform of the Ministry of Education.
  • Create your account to log in and start your process as a pre-candidate to apply for the jobs by provisional appointment that they offer.
  • You must place your personal information, in which you must include the following:
  • Personal information. The most important are date of birth, department of residence, city of residence, marital status, address, telephone number, among others.
  • Also enter the data of your completed formal education. In this you must include the start date of your studies, graduation date, the title obtained, degree certificate number, academic level, institution of higher education, among others.
  • Your natural experience as a teacher. You must enter the start date, if you are currently working, position, teaching area, establishment, etc.
  • Enter the profile as an educator. This refers to academic level, performance, teaching area, among others.
  • You must also enter if you are available to travel, indicating which Secretary of Education is convenient for you to go to according to your proximity and comfort.
  • Select the Save All checkbox.
  • Then you will receive a confirmation email to reaffirm that your information is correct and enter you as an applicant.

Clever, You finished! It is very easy to get registered in the Bank of Excellence.


Note: If you have any questions about the specifications of these points, you can consult this guide to verify each data of your registration in the Bank of Excellence.

How to verify credentials at the Bank of Excellence

Another aspect that you should be clear about is how Verify your credentials, once you have been pre-selected within the Bank of Excellence program. If so Congratulations in the first place! Here we will show you how to start preparing for your next position.

The first thing that they are going to ask you is that you gather certain documents that serve to demonstrate the experience you have, the years of work, your current address, current marital status, and some other information that may be important for the process. They will then tell you if you must take the documents in person to an office and which one it would be, or on the contrary, if you must send them.

Once this step is complete,All that remains is to wait for them to continue communicating with you after verifying credentials in the Bank of Excellence.

How to update the data in the Bank of Excellence

There is another aspect of great importance that you should know and that in this article we are going to provide you with the information regarding it.

It is about what you should do in case you need update your data in the Bank of Excellence. If that is your case, you will have to enter the online platform of the program and then enter your account using your username and password. The system will allow you to modify the following data:

  • Personal Information.
  • The data referring to your formal education.
  • The work experience you have.
  • Your educational profile.
  • The availability you may have to mobilize.

It should be noted that with this project of higher quality education, the Bank of Excellence was created. This was carried out in order that teachers who have more experience and are more committed put your knowledge at the service of Colombians. It is also important that you stay tuned and follow each step in the process of this program.

How to recover user of the Bank of Excellence: Benefits offered by the Bank of Excellence

Now it is up to us to talk about the benefits offered by the Bank of Excellence.

  • In the first place, we can say that it simply allows a more accurate record of the teaching professionals to be kept. Said registry will help to evaluate their educational profiles and thus be able to determine whether or not they can be pre-selected to opt for a vacant position.
  • Another benefit offered by the bank is being able to provide teachers with faster and more transparent hiring. According to the diagnosis of the Ministry, the process of linking a teacher to enter the educational system could take many times up to more than 9 months.

This was due to the lack of knowledge on the part of the applicants of the area and headquarters where the vacant positions existed, or also due to the lack of compliance with the requirements.

We hope that with the information provided here you can obtain greater benefits if you manage to access the system offered by the Bank of Excellence of Colombia.

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