How to retrieve the ICFES registration number

How to retrieve the ICFES registration number? It is a very common question that you hear among students of the last year in Colombia or those who want to enroll in university. If you are one of them, look no further, you have found the perfect article for you.

Through this article help is sought for those who have doubts and want to know more about the ICFES registration number. How do we do it? It is done trying to explain in an easy and concise way the most important information such as; what is the ICFES, what is the SPN Code or registration number, the dates of the ICFES tests, how to retrieve the ICFES registration number, etc. So if this is the information you’re looking for, keep reading below.

How to retrieve the ICFES registration number

You want to know how to retrieve the ICFES registration number? It is a super fast and easy process to do; just follow the series of steps below Are you ready? Good! Let’s start.

  • First you have to go to the website of ICFES InteractiveIf you don’t know it, you can search for it in your favorite search engine.

  • Now click on the menu Results.
  • The system will show you a list on the screen, look there where it says to know your registration number. Did you get it? If you got it click there
  • Once you clicked on that option, the system opens another window where you can check the registration number of Saber 11° since 2005.
  • Now, in order to check your registration number, enter the type and number of the document that you presented at the time of the Saber 11 test and the date of birth, do not forget to confirm that you are not a robot and then click enter.

  • Clever! the system shows you on the screen your registration number and your ICFES test information,

Now in case you want to recover the registration number before the year 2005, you must call from Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm to the numbers (57+1) 484-1460 if you are in Bogotá, but at 018000-5193535 which is the free national line and request the information you need there.

What is ICFES?

Let’s learn a little about the Colombian Institute for the Evaluation of Education, previously known as the Colombian Institute for the Promotion of Higher Education or by its acronym ICFES; It is an autonomous entity linked to the Ministry of National Education of Colombia.

The ICFES was created with the aim of evaluating all students who are in their last year of high school; However, at present, it is the one in charge of evaluating education at the different educational levels in Colombia.

However, the ICFES evaluates education through different tests where the development of students is supervised in order to assess the quality of education in Colombia.

  • The tests called Let’s advance 4th, 6th, 8th It is addressed to students of Primary and secondary education. It is done twice during the school year evaluating learning in the area of ​​language and mathematics.
  • For students of middle education corresponds two tests the test pre know 11th and the test know 11th. The first one has as an objective that the students know the structure and conditions of the Saber 11° test; It consists of 5 tests: critical reading, mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, citizenship and English. And the second test is for those who are already completing the 11th grade of secondary education.
  • Talking about Higher educationthe applied tests are Try to know T and T that evaluates students of the technical and technologist programs and the Try Saber Pro which is for students who are in the last semester of the undergraduate academic programs

Functions and duties of ICFES

Do you know what the functions and duties of ICFES are? Well, among the functions and duties of ICFES are the following:

  • Develop methodologies and procedures that guide the external evaluation of the quality of education.
  • Stimulate and strengthen the culture of evaluation of the quality of education through the dissemination of results and analysis of influencing factors.
  • Promote the participation of Colombia in international programs and projects in the field of evaluation and forge cooperative relationships with other entities.
  • Determine and collect the rates corresponding to the costs of the services provided.
  • Coordinate and manage the bank of tests and questions according to educational levels and programs.

What is the ICFES registration number

One of the most important data that the Saber Tests have is the ICFES registration number or SPN Code, this being the code that identifies students as users of the Educational System in Colombia.

Now, this code is obtained when you register for the Saber 11° test, and it is very important that you know it since you will need it when you want to enter a university both in Colombia and abroad.

Many times, due to nerves, we do not detail the information registered when you carry out the registration process for the Saber 11 test, but you can rest assured that if you did not realize what your ICFES registration number was, we will tell you what you have to do.

How to know the ICFES registration number

Once you know what the ICFES registration number or SNP code is, now do you want to know what it is? Very well! To know your registration number you can do in two ways.

The first and the easiest is if you already have the result of the Saber Test in hand, check in the upper right if there is a code. Remember that the code has letters and numbers and is divided into two parts. In the first you will find 2 capital letters and three numbers and the second part seven numbers. You found it? Excellent! now save it and don’t lose it.

And the second option and a little more complicated, Hey! but don’t be scared, I tell you that it is complicated because you have to follow a series of steps but they are super easy and fast, do you want to know what they are?

  • The first step is to enter the web,
  • Then in the main menu select results.
  • Now enter the type and number of identity document next to your date of birth
  • Y Clever! The ICFES registration number or SPN code will appear on the screen.

What is the ICFES SNP code about?

Did you know that the ICFES SPN (National Testing Service) code is nothing more than the ICFES registration number, and as we have said before, it is the code that is assigned to each student after taking their test as proof of it .

How do we recognize the SPN code? Very easy! This code has two parts:

  • The first part consists of three to five numbers and two uppercase letters, this part of the code is the program code and
  • The second part consists of seven numbers, which correspond to the personal code.

An example of the ICFES SNP code: AC2007 1234567.

When is the ICFES

Do you want to know when the ICFES is? Well, to know the dates of the ICFES tests, we recommend you go to the ICFES website, there you will find the schedule of dates for each of the tests. If you want to know more information click here

The date of ordinary registration for the Saber 11 Calendar A, Pre Saber and Validating tests it is until June 9, 2021. And according to the planned schedule, these will be applied on September 4 and 5, 2021. However, both extraordinary registration as the collection will be from the June 14 to June 18, 2021.

Hey! Do you want data? Well, it is important that you keep in mind that these dates are published approximately one year before the application of the tests. That is why if you have to present next year, the best recommendation we will give you is to be attentive between the months of November and December of the publications on the ICFES page.

What is ICFES? Interactive

We have previously named the interactive ICFES but we have not yet explained what it is. Do you want to know what it is? Well the interactive ICFES is the online platform of ICFES. There you will find all the updated information about the Saber, Pre Saber, Avancemos tests, among others.

In addition to the information from these tests, you can also make various queries of your interest; such as:

  • Registration and entry into the Prima System
  • The schedule for the registration and presentation of the different ICFES tests
  • Consult the individual citation
  • The results of the tests, in this option you can also access the historical results and check the number of your ICFES record

It is important that you know that this platform is totally efficient, fast and secure and every year the demand to register for the different ICFES tests is greater.

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