Occupational Health License Requirements: All the information you need to know

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If you are looking for good information and concrete answers about Occupational Health Licensing, you are on the right page. Keep reading and find out about the Occupational Health License requirements and much more …

What is Occupational Safety

It is a matter known as the measures to illustrate the average lifespan of a specific region; including security and food. It is intertwined with human rights, as expressed in the General Labor Law, regulations have been created on said security to take care of everybody.

Occupational safety must assure all human beings, because despite the fact that we do not all run the same risk in our day to day, we strive in each of the activities we carry out, whether it is a school, research centers, sports or artistic activities, among others.

The decision was made to form the occupational security for the eternal effort and dedication of society and workers. Therefore, it covers:

  • Strengthen health in the works.
  • Maintain business hygiene.
  • Strengthen safety business.
  • Insure company medicine
  • And finally, hold the food safety.

Keep reading and find out about the Requirements for Occupational Health License.

What is an Occupational Safety Labor Technician

It represents a leader, which shows a constant interest in preserving the integrity and health of each employee of the institution, ensuring that a good use of the institution’s assets.

He is usually really insistent on keep and fulfill with the conditions according to the basic legal project; is trained to detect faults or dangers in the company, either hygiene or safety with their due interventions according to the situation that arises.

What are the functions of an Occupational Safety Labor Technician

  • It symbolizes a leader, who shows continuous care for the maintenance of the integrity and physical condition of each employee of the institution, supervising that the proper use of the institution’s assets is being carried out.
  • It expresses its insistence on preserving and complying with the corresponding conditions to the basic legal project; he is prepared to locate faults or dangers in the company, whether of hygiene or safety with his due participation according to the situation that arises.

  • Supervise the sanitary conditions of establishments, hotels, schools, hospitals and other facilities or public entities and take precautions against possible illness and poisoning caused from eating spoiled food.
  • Keeps public employees informed on general on the aspects of public health, environmental protection and occupational safety.
  • Comply with control over slaughterhouses and herds, providing advice to them, supermarket squares, garbage disposal and collection programs.
  • Monitor workplaces to support materials, equipment, and manufacturing procedures that are safe or faulty that may affect employees or the general public, and find out the possibilities of work accidents.

What are Occupational Health Licenses

Also known as occupational health and safety license, It is a procedure that must be carried out by all the people who completed their studies in the field of occupational health. It is processed by the Ministry of Health and it is in charge of renewing the license.

This license has a wide coverage. It is in force throughout the national territory for people who are going to exercise occupational health work.

Regardless of the sector to which the people in charge of this area correspond. They must carry a license that guarantees that they have the power to perform this function. For this reason, these licenses are personal and non-transferable.

In the field of intervention, in which technicians and technologists apply, specifically it is in the company of daily errands of minimum responsibility; as well as they can facilitate with the search of employment circumstances.

The obligation to hold a license is that the practice of its powers, must comply with legal, technical and ethical standards for the performance of its services in safety and health at work, causing the strengthening and improvement of the system on a continuous basis.

Occupational health assets can be acquired by individuals or public or private legal entities that offer nationally occupational health and safety services.

Except if said circumstances leaving fatal victims in whose situation only experts and specialists will be able to run the search.

People who may have the occupational health license are:

Technician Graduated with a postgraduate degree in the occupational health segment, with documents collected in a higher education establishment, is duly allowed by the Ministry of National Education.

Graduate Specialist in the field of occupational health, must possess the papers that are delivered in the higher education facilities, duly requested by the Ministry of Education.

Occupational Health Technology Specialist, with a degree requested in an establishment of outstanding didactics, where it must be properly approved by the Ministry of National Education.

Who can apply for this license?

  • Graduated expert with postgraduate in the space of Occupational health.
  • University technician in the Occupational Health fragment.
  • Experts in Occupational Health technology; make sure you are registered the Creation Center, before the Ministry of National Education.
  • Occupational Health Specialist; verify and confirm your registration with the Creation Center, before the Ministry of National Education; with papers obtained in a pedagogy facility.

What are the requirements to process the Occupational Health License

Obtain a Request Letter, where it is addressed to the Departmental Health Secretariat, both the original and the copy.

Fill in the following request form technical annex number 2, found completed in legible handwriting, enter in the following hyperlink sent by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.

Acquire a legible photocopy of the following roles:

  • Nationality card extended to 150%.
  • All the aforementioned Technicians: Certificate of degree and diploma.
  • In the case of Specialists: Degree certificate, both undergraduate and graduate, and diploma.
  • In the case of the Professionals of the health and engineering fragments: Professional registration or card.
  • Whatever the case, the document that confirms the pedagogical level carried out is that of formal didactics of a superior nature; as established in the Ministry of National Education, specifically in the Laws 30 of 1992 and 115 of 1994.
  • Assignments made that argue the fields of action of the training carried out or didactic pensum.

In case you want to renew, you must attach the same requirements, including an extra copy of the previous license.

Individuals who are graduates of SENA, they must make sure that the Training Center is registered with the Ministry of National Education.

How to process Occupational Health License

  • Make sure to display the occupational license application form before the corresponding Secretariat.
  • Next, said Ministry of Health, review and verify your request and confirm compliance with the requested requirements to make the delivery or if it is the case, the renewal of the Occupational Health License.
  • The administrative service that makes the decision to grant the occupational health license, will be in charge of saying in which field of action it is trained and is appropriate for the applicant; all this will depend on the training title and your level.
  • The licenses that are usually granted by the district and sectional health secretariats to legal and natural individuals.

Licenses are valid for 10 years; They can only be renewed for a similar termination. The holders of said license must complete and comply with the provisions of their activities. With their respective techniques, legal standards, and conduct for the performance of protection and health services in jobs.

What is the cost and how long is the Occupational Health License valid?

Said licenses, do not include any expense, as established in fragment number 7 of Decree 4502, they are completely free for the entire national territory and they are valid for ten years.

If you meet the requested requirements you can renew it and it will be valid at the same moment.

As you can see, it is not an easy process, but if you want to obtain your license, just follow the steps and obtain all the Requirements for Occupational Health License.

We read later!

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