Procedures and Requirements to open a bar in Bogotá

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To open a bar today and undertake this business, it is necessary to comply with a series of Requirements to open a bar in Bogotá, in this adventure you need to have enough capital, diverse contacts and especially dedication, perseverance, energy and self-confidence.

In this article we will highlight numerous keys when creating or opening a bar; Since, to start and operate this business, certain documents are essential to follow a bureaucratic process through financing and relationships with suppliers, cooks, waiters, among others.

Below you can read the details regarding the procedures to formalize the company, necessary documents and other aspects of interest that will help you start your business.

Procedures to formalize the company

The procedures to formalize this industry are numerous and requires a lot of work.

Bars in Bogotá must comply with the requirements of Agreement 581 of 2015, in which the District will have the responsibility of conducting a review of each of the establishments that operate in the city and put the label of ‘Secure Seal’ for those who comply with the rules. This process will take place once the company has been formalized.

To formalize the bar company you must complete the following procedures:

  1. Determine the form of incorporation of the company (Limited Company, Sole proprietorship, Public Limited Company, Collective Company, Simple Limited Partnership, Limited Partnership by Shares, De facto Partnership, Associative Work Company or Associated Work Cooperatives).
  2. Check the Name of the entity before the Chamber of Commerce of its jurisdiction in order to ensure that it does not exist.
  3. Carry out the Unique Business Registry (RUE).
  4. If you want to register a trademark, it must be verified that the set of signs and characteristics of the logo or slogan that identify it have not been registered by another product before the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce.
  5. Identify economic activity of the industry, in accordance with the International Uniform Industrial Code (ISIC) and adopted by our country for the Business Classification through the National Classification of Occupations.
  6. Get the Certificate of Existence and Legal Representation.

Necessary documents

In order to comply with Colombian regulations and laws so that the bar business does not receive sanctions, it is essential that people interested in opening this establishment for the sale of alcoholic products comply with the following documents:

  • Commercial Registration
  • Soil Use Certificate
  • Sanitary Concept
  • Security certificate
  • Price list
  • Registration in the Single Tax Registry (RUT)
  • Registration in the Tax Information Registry (RIT)

Commercial Registration

It must be current and carry out the corresponding procedures to obtain said registration no later than the month following the date on which the bar business started.

The application for this registration must be made at the Chamber of Commerce corresponding to the location of the establishment and carrying out the corresponding procedure Single Business Registry (RUES) acquired, in the same way, in the Chamber of Commerce.

In this way, the entity will be formally registered in the Mercantile Registry.

Soil Use Certificate

These documents must be obtained from the Municipal Planning office so that the body receives the certification that the bar can develop its business in the stipulated place.

It is of great importance to emphasize that this activity cannot be carried out in certain sectors or areas due to its nature.

Sanitary Concept

All establishments must comply with the sanitary conditions established in the law with respect to the protection of the environment, drinking water supply and occupational health.

The Sanitary Concept is a document issued by the pertinent sanitary authority, which is granted after the establishment has undergone a quality review through an inspection audit in order to monitor and control the sanitary conditions of the establishment.

The health authority in charge of inspecting the business is the District Health Secretariat. The sanitary inspection must be requested from that authority.

Security certificate

This certificate is issued by the fire department of the area and has the purpose of guaranteeing that the establishments comply with the respective safety regulations such as emergency exits, fire extinguishers, first aid kit and other mechanisms / tools that allow to attend an emergency within the business.

Price list

The price list of the establishment must be public, either on the bottles or a general list visible within the business.

Registration in the Single Tax Registry (RUT)

All merchants must register with the Single Tax Registry (RUT) In order to obtain this document, if the merchant belongs to a simplified regime, he must display it in a visible place in the establishment.

Registration in the Tax Information Registry (RIT)

Business establishments must be registered in the Tax Information Registry (RIT), which is done by processing the «RIT Business Establishment Form».

In the case of the bars located in Bogotá, more information can be obtained at the Web page of the District Secretary of Finance.

All the documents and requirements exposed are the most general and common that an entity dedicated to the sale of liquors must comply with in order to open and provide services to the public.

It is important to note that the National Police has the power to close those establishments that fail to comply with the aforementioned requirements and documents, for which it is recommended that all the documents and collections be obtained before starting the provision of the service and present them to the authorities in case they visit the establishment unexpectedly.

Where to consign financing?

There are various financial institutions in which people can finance their money to achieve their goal (in this case the bar business).

If you are looking for a place to go to request financing that helps you establish your business, go to the bank of your choice and submit the necessary requirements to formalize it.

What conditions must the bar have to be approved?

In order for your bar business to have the approval to provide its services to the public, in addition to the aforementioned requirements and documents, it must meet a series of conditions, which we highlight below:

  • The opening of the doors of the establishment must be out.
  • The business shall have an evacuation plan, emergency exits, corridor and access lighting.
  • Count on favorable concepts about land use for the place where they work.
  • Has to establish Civil Liability Policies tort arising from damage or injury caused to a third party.
  • Lend or have an agreement for him driver service chosen or safe taxi.
  • The establishment must lend or have an agreement to lend the parking service with the option of leaving the vehicle overnight with a single rate.
  • Count on a system of ventilation artificial or natural.
  • Comply with identified security personnel that it only fulfills the specific function of ensuring the safety of the people who are in the establishment.
  • Do compliance with schedules of operation.
  • It must have a system or adaptation that isolates the noise towards the outside of the establishment (soundproofing).
  • Perform a evacuation drill once a year and spread it on social networks.
  • Have a website from customer service where user complaints and claims are addressed.
  • The business must have a fire system, which must have a multipurpose extinguisher and a fire disperser for every 150 square meters.
  • Respect capacity maximum income of people.
  • Have a video camera system surveillance inside and outside the business establishment.
  • Encourage permanently to the clients to adopt behaviors of respect for neighbors and passers-by in the vicinity of the establishment.

These conditions are intended to strengthen the security of citizens when visiting the bars of Bogotá.

How much money does it take to open a bar?

To open a bar in the city of Bogotá, approximately a total of 44 million Colombian pesos is needed, taking into account the various costs that its opening entails, such as:

  1. Construction and Opening Project
  2. Conditioning Works
  3. License to operate
  4. Machinery and Furniture
  5. Rental of the premises

You already know everything related to Requirements to open a bar in Bogotá, documents, conditions and investment capital you need to start the business. Ahead!

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