Realization of the Cadastral Certificate in Colombia

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A cadastre is the administrative registry detailing the rural, urban and special characteristics, independent or dependent on the State real estate. There are 3 types:

  • Tax register: It includes the price or value of the property, and is updated annually. This helps to calculate the proportional contribution of the Property Tax collected in the municipalities.
  • Legal register: It includes the relationship between the property, the owner or proprietor, and the community.
  • geometric cadastre: It includes the location, subdivision, representation and measurements of the property.

Each person in Colombia has the right to acquire their Cadastral Certificate to determine the limits of their property, its value and corresponding taxes, its quality, etc., data that will be used when carrying out any legal process that requires it, or even selling the property.

What is the cadastral certificate?

The cadastral certificate is one that lists the real estate owned by one. Through it, you can consult the economic, physical and legal aspect of a property according to the database of the IGAC (Agustín Codazzi Geographical Institute) and the information it provides.

It is requested so that real rights are generated, modified or transmitted.

What is it for?

  • Prove before public officials (urban curators, notaries and registrars) all the information on the property, either its value, registration, area, etc.
  • Show the official nomenclature of the property in possession, as well as its owner, entities and public services.
  • Confirm property information to establish the property tax and its payment (before the DDI), and the income declaration before the Directorate of National Taxes and Customs (DIAN)
  • Determine property value before the National Army, public Universities and Colleges, Compensation Funds, among others, to generate settlements of the military or registration book, housing subsidies, etc.

To which body should I apply?

The Agustín Codazzi Geographic Institute, IGAC, is responsible for the production of the map and the official cartography of Colombia. Through real estate, he prepares the national cadastre, the inventory of soils and their characteristics, geographical research, etc. May Request the certificate on the Official IGAC Website.

On the other hand, there is the Commercial and User Service Management of the Bogotá Cadastre. This office focuses on meeting the needs of citizens with total efficiency, as well as offering goods or services, and mainly, the commercialization of the products developed by Cadastre and their innovation.

Information and tips to process the certificate

There are different service points where you can request a cadastral certificate, an example of this is the network SuperCADE. On the other hand, many users register online through the Special Administrative Unit of Digital Cadastre, taking into account the instructions specified there and filling in the necessary data.

In accordance with the provisions of articles 1 to 4 of the Resolution 405 of 2015, The certificate may only be sent to those who justify their interest as established.

  • ARTICLE 3. General Petition Requirements: The request may be generated in writing or verbally, through any means established by the UAECD. It must include: Name and identification number of the applicant, a telephone number, the reason, facts and purpose of your request. Optional: Fax number, email address, document that validates the quality and honesty of the applicant.

  • ARTICLE 4. Representatives: If it is a proxy that will carry out the procedure, the power of attorney is given by means of a letter, or by a request addressed directly to the UAECD, where the objective of the procedure is clarified in detail. If so, the legal representative or owner of the property appear personally before the notary, the entity or any authority that is duly authorized for this purpose.

Service channels to request the certificate

  • Telephone channel: From Monday to Friday (between 7:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.) it is possible to make the request and obtain information about the Cadastre, through the switchboard 2347600 extension 7600.
  • Face-to-face channels: Through the points of the SuperCADE network.

SuperCADE Americas .
SuperCADE July 20.
SuperCADE Bag.
SuperCADE Get on.

  • Registration in the Cadastral Property Census of Bogotá.
  • Cadastral Certifications, and their validation. apply here.
  • Consult the CHIP of a property or the status of a procedure filed in the Cadastre.
  • Consult the publication of notifications and communications when it has not been possible to notify them by other means.

  • Mail:

  • Written Channel:

Thanks to the correspondence windows, users or national and district entities can send their requests, complaints or questions efficiently. Even residents who are not in Bogotá, or different requests that are under the jurisdiction of the Cadastre, have this right.


What is the legal support?

  • Resolution 405 of 2015. Items 1, 2, 11 #1: Clarifies the goods and services offered by the UAECD, requirements for procedures, and other provisions.
  • Law 1561 of 2012. Article 11: Process to grant property titles to the owner of the property, reconcile the false tradition, plus other provisions.
  • Law 019 of 2012. Article 9: Norms of the Public Administration, its regulations, procedures and unnecessary paperwork.
  • Law 14 of 1983. Article 27: It clarifies the tax authorities of the territorial entities plus other provisions.
  • Resolution 1055 of 2012. Article 21: Partial modification of Resolution No. 70 of February 4, 2011.
  • Resolution 70 of 2011. Articles 35 and 154: Cadastral formation, its regulations, formation and conservation.
  • Decree 1377 of 2012. Measures for the protection of personal data.


This type of certificate is the only one that guarantees the description of the property, from the price it represents, to the quality of the land and the property itself.

When a person is registered in the Cadastre, their property is immediately visible on the official maps of the country, with their respective detailed description; This facilitates the buying and selling of properties, both for the buyer and the seller, making the process easier, safer and legal.

Frequent questions.

  • What happens if I forget the password or the email registered in Cadastre en Línea?
  • To recover the password, on the official Online Cadastre page you can request the forwarding of a new one to the email you registered. You must write the email in the field and click on the bottom «request a new password»
  • To retrieve the email, You can consult with User Service through the telephone lines 2347600 extension 7600 from Monday to Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or send your question to the mail:
  • What role does CONFIS have regarding cadastral appraisals?

The CONFIS (Council for Economic and Fiscal Policy) was created by the Decree Law 1421 of 1993 and the Decree 714 of 1996 as the body responsible for Fiscal Policy and the Budget System of the District Administration of Bogotá.

It generates the percentages that are applied to the commercial values ​​for the land and its construction, and subsequently, obtain a cadastral appraisal of the corresponding property, according to its qualification (commercial, industrial, residential, etc.) and its socioeconomic stratum.

  • What decree establishes the percentage of the increase in property appraisals?

The Presidency of the Republic, through the National Planning Department, established decree 204 of December 26, 2017, to determine the increases in cadastral appraisals (valid for 2018) for independent properties under the IGAC.

The Mayor’s Office established by Decree Number 811 of December 28, 2017 for the Capital District the following increases (effective 2018):

  • Article 2º.- The percentage of readjustment to the urban cadastral conservation appraisals will be 12.5%.
  • Article 3º.- The readjustment percentage to rural cadastral conservation appraisals will be two point three percent 2.3%.
  • How do appraisals work in terms of International Financial Reporting Standards? (IFRS)?

Said regulation is related to the preparation and practices of information on operations and financial statements, therefore, it is not within the scope of a cadastral update and they are not taken into account in the determination of the appraisals given that

  • Is it possible to generate a single filing in case appraisal reviews of several properties are requested, such as PHs?

The Integrated Cadastral Information System (SIIC) is parameterized, so there must be a filing number if you want to make a registration or mutation. Based on this, it is not recommended to present a plurality of properties, only generate a file number on the first one.

When there is a single applicant that requires the review of appraisal on several properties, the Sub-management generally issues a single administrative act, complying with the principle of procedural economy.

  • What points are taken into account for the validity update?

The normative parameters are based on Resolution 070 of 2011 and Resolution 620 of 2008. The value of the property is defined by its legal status (property in condominium, PH, or in non-property, NPH) and according to the behavior of the real estate market in each sector.[/su_list]

  • Not subject to PH (for example, houses, buildings, warehouses, among others): To determine the value, the partial values ​​of land (settled in the manner described above) and construction (obtained by applying the depreciated replacement cost method) are added. Depreciation (loss of value) is also applied, determined by its physical condition, age and conservation.
  • Subject to PH (for example, apartments, premises, offices, among others): To determine the total value, the behavior of the real estate market is analyzed according to the integral value of each property.

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