Requirements for a fast food business in Colombia: Everything you need to know

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You are about to fulfill your dream of having a fast food business in Colombia, but you do not know what the necessary requirements are. QUIET! You have just entered the portal that will clarify all your doubts.

It is very important to comply with all the regulations that Colombia requires in order to open a fast food place.

Above all Those interested in fulfilling their dream of having this place.

Requirements for a fast food business, according to Decree 1879 of 2008

To start a new fast food outlet in Colombia, you need some important documents, below you will mention some of them:

1-Current mercantile registration.

2-Sayco & Acinpro certificate.

3-National Tourism Registry.

4-Healthcare concept.

For more information on these requirements you can enter the following web page

Additional rules

It is necessary to comply with all the regulations issued in the place where the trade regarding land uses will be established. Among other things:

  • Land use
  • Registration of visual outdoor advertising or a Certification of hearing intensity.

Some other mandatory requirements of Decree 1879 of 2008 are the following:

  • Human safety technical concept
  • Protection against some fire.
  • Price list
  • RUT (registration).
  • RIT (registration)
  • Food handling certificate
  • Deposit of the commercial sign (this procedure is totally voluntary).

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Mandatory requirements not stipulated in Decree 1879 of 2008

In the following article, the mandatory requirements not stipulated in Decree 1879 of 2008 will be mentioned.

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How much does it cost to start a fast food business

The first thing you should do to know for sure how much you can get out of riding a fast food business.

You should work on a simple list of expenses, as well as a difference between the fixed ones, what are we talking about? , rent, the supplies you must have, the staff you are going to hire.

Remember that they will be the image of your business.

Also the variable that are the suppliers of all the food you will have, and the drinks do not forget that.

Important: taxes must be implicit in all of this.

Having a manager will help you in all this, it will give you advice to be able to run your business in the best way.

In addition to catching up with the obligations you have.

One piece of advice we can give you is to “divert” the necessary expenses to variables.

For example, a part of your staff’s salary can be variable such as the bonuses or commissions that you will offer them for their good work.

We remember that these are only councils that we are administering to you, since we cannot give you the exact budget.

It will depend on you and each of the business models, which is a world.

For more help and information on the expense you must make to open a food business you can enter the following web page

Take into account what the market need is

Each of the entrepreneurs, The new entrepreneurs! They should be clear about what their focus is on their business. In addition to concept of this.

They should also carry out a market study, this will help them to identify the target audience.

In other words, the target audience. They will also see what the competition is offering, the added value to this or the differential of your restaurant.

You must bear in mind that right now the fast food market it’s a bit saturated.

Therefore, the products they offer must be of very good quality, and a fairly competitive price.

The site must be in a prudent location.

Remember that you must consider that customers eat a lot by sight and you must consider an appropriate decoration for everyone’s taste.

The recipe of the dishes must also be constant and carry out advertising campaigns to attract the largest clientele possible.

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Key elements to start a fast food business

Here are 5 key elements for you to start a fast food business, read what they are:

1- Type of food

First of all, you must take into account what is the type of tapida food that you are going to sell in your business.

Basically when you think of fast food the first thing that goes through your head is hamburger.

And really this business has quite a few options.

2- Franchise or not

If you are thinking of buying a franchise, or your own fast food establishment.

One of the first things that you should consider is capital that you are going to have for them, remember that it is right after making the decision of what you want.

3- Select a good location

The location of your business is very important, since the number of people you can serve and have will depend on it.

If the restaurant is located in a place with little traffic, and poor visibility.

We assure you that the business will most likely not be very successful.

The owners of fast food establishments always try to locate their restaurant on main avenues.

Shopping center, very close to other food centers. Keep this in mind.

There are also universities, colleges or schools, they are good places to start a business.

4- Increase capital

Think carefully about the capital you need to be able to open your store, and in a way you can raise this capital.

Consider that you can ask for loans or a grant.

Creating a business plan is the best tool you can use to obtain the necessary capital.

This plan should include if you want to open your own store or buy a franchise.

In the event that it is a franchise, you must have a business plan.

5- Codes of health

Get going to gather all the information on federal regulations.

In addition to state regulations, which you must adhere to to the letter before opening a fast food outlet.

Remember that each of the states has its own regulations and its own codes.

Also the corresponding licenses and permits that you must have.

Go to your state’s department of licensing and regulation.

Thank you for always trusting us

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