Requirements for Families in Action: You will be able to inform yourself about the subject

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You have probably heard about the program called families in action. If so, here we will be explaining what you will need in order to obtain the information necessary about this topic.

What is Families in Action

The Social Prosperity program called Families in Action It is offered to any family with children and adolescents under 18 years of age.

That for whatever reason they are requiring financial support for get healthy eating, stay in your school system. Growth controls, for that has an adequate development.

This program that we name is responsible for supporting all families through money transfers. On the condition that it is used for health or education. The program of the Families in Action, is responsible for delivering incentives in education, in different ways.

How are they delivered

These will condition in an independent way by means of the grade, age or conditions of its participants:

Those who are between the grades from 1 to 11, will be able to receive them only a maximum of 3 of the participants per family.

For Bogotá they will be incentivized way suitable for grades 6-11 uniquely.

With all the teenagers, girls or girls with the disability who are studying and have already registered.

Between the Ministry of Health and Social Protection for the protection of the entire School Enrollment System.

For Bogotá this incentive will not be delivered between grades 0 through 5.

In the transitions from zero grades for all girls and boys in grade correspondent having 4 to 6 years of age.

This is one of the incentives that is Independent of the one that will be given independently of the one given to children in grades 1 to 11.

We remind you that this is not delivery in Bogota.

The population that has been demarcated by objective is found is:

Any family with children and teenagers under 18 years of age. The controls of the growth, so that it has an adequate development.

That for whatever reason they are requiring support economic to get healthy eating, stay in your school system.

What are the objectives of Familias en Acción?

The Families in Action Program was designed to meet the following objectives:

  • Maintain linked minors in the education system.
  • Support with the income of the families with children under 7 years of age, thus improving their diet.
  • Improves practices care
  • Increase attention to Health in children under 7 years of age.

What are the requirements to enroll in Familias en Acción?

Between the requirements that will be requested so that you can be enrolled in the program Families in Action they find each other:

To be a family that has children who are minors 18 years old and belonging to level 1 of the SISBEN

That it is a family that is in the condition of the displacements that are included from the Record Unique for Displaced Population, its acronym RUPD

They can also be families natives that are registered in the censuses of the Ministry of the Interior and Justice

The Documents that must be requested:

The copy and its original of the mother’s identity document at home.

If the case is that she passed away then may register the father of the family.

Civil registries or vouchers of birth that can prove parentage with minors.

The evidence that the children are studying and teenagers from 7 years old to 18 years old who are in 2nd to 11th grade.

The name of the entity that is providing the service to which you belong with less than 7 years.

The information with your telephone and the home address.

How can you handle schedule his date?

May schedule your appointment through the national toll-free telephone lines found at the DPS Call Center.

Through the following numbers telephone 01 8000 95 11 00 and in Bogotá on 595 44 10, from Monday to Sunday.

At the 8 o’clock hours morning until 7 at night, in the same way they can send the messages to the code 85954

The inscription can the internet be done?

Yes, it can be done through the page website owned by the DPS, will be available to expedite appointments.

This is where those who are interested they can enter the web clicking here and on the right side of the page you will see the record.

What should i do if i wish to avoid the rows and collapse the lines?

With the motive of having to schedule your appointment and that the telephone lines are not collapsed, the system called pico and plate is used.

What that means is that the applicant has to to call only on the days that correspond to you based on your ID number.

In case the call is made on the day you are not corresponds you will not be able to complete the process.

How to enroll in Familias en Acción

According to the digit in the termination of your ID you must schedule your appointment on the corresponding day as follows:

  1. The Cédulas finished at 1 – Monday and Thursday
  2. The Cédulas ending in 2 – Monday and friday
  3. Completed certificates on 3 – Tuesday and Friday
  4. The Cédulas finished in 4 – Tuesday and Friday
  5. Cédulas ending in 5 – Tuesday and Saturday
  6. The Cédulas ending in 6 – Wednesday and saturday
  7. Cédulas finished at 7 – Wednesday and Saturday
  8. The Cédulas ending in 8 – Wednesday and saturday
  9. Cédulas finished in 9 – Thursday and Sunday
  10. Cédulas ending in 0 – Monday, Thursday and Sunday

What benefits does Familias en Acción offer?

Being a beneficiary of the program Families in action may:

  • Receive a support economic type
  • Access the services Of the health.
  • Register in a program of the subsidies.
  • Benefit from access to the purchase of the necessary supplies for the school.
  • You can get age-appropriate controls for growth and development.
  • You will be able to attend with regularity to classes and study properly.
  • It will feed on a way healthier.


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