Requirements for Icetex Credit: Documents, What it is and MORE

The Colombian Institute of Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad (ICETEX) is a Colombian entity that promotes education at a higher level, through the issuance of credits so that citizens can train professionally. To apply for these credits, the applicant must present a series of requirements for credit Icetex.

This article presents the requirements that must be supplied, in addition to indicating the steps for the renewal of credit and other information about the entity. If you want to request a credit with Icetex and thus be a professional from Colombia, read the following content and follow the indicated steps.

What are the Requirements for Icetex Credit?

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The Colombian Institute of Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad (ICETEX), is responsible for contributing to the development of university education in Colombia, through the issuance of student credits so that students can train professionally.

Aspiring students can apply to any of the credits, if the requirements for Icetex credit, which are presented below:

  • The applicant must be Colombian.
  • Certification corresponding to the WAI tests, whose qualification score must be equal to 130 points or higher than this.
  • Have admission to a professional, technical or university program, which must have a high accreditation in the SNIES.
  • In the event that the applicant owns or has had a credit with the Colombian Institute of Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad, You must have paid at least 50% of the credit.
  • Must prove that the student has the economic capacity to pay the credit.
  • Have a joint debtor, which is accepted by the institute, which will be in charge of endorsing and signing the documents provided by the students.
  • You must submit the credit application form.
  • Provide two copies of the student’s identity document.
  • Present a receipt for public services.
  • Prove the cost and academic period that the applicant wishes to attend, by means of a copy of the proof of enrollment.


It is important that the applicant takes into account the following considerations, so that the application process is a success:

  • It is important to present all the documentation requested by ICETEX.
  • ICETEX will not approve any credit, in case the information registered in the documents and on the platform do not match.
  • It is possible that ICETEX will make visits to verify the financial situation of the student.

Types of Icetex credits

Colombian Institute of Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad, it issues efficient credits so that the country’s population can train as professionals and pay for their studies. It is important, to apply some of these credits, to know the variety of these, which are perfectly adapted to the needs of the applicants.

Below are the types of icetex credits:

Icetex undergraduate credit

This credit offered by Icetex It can be granted in a short, medium or long term plan. Below are some characteristics based on the credit line granted:

Short term

In the case of short-term credits, it belongs to all strata, the applicant must present an evaluation called Know 11, where he must obtain a score of at least 240 points, and also have a minimum average of 3.4.

Medium term

This modality also belongs to all strata, where the student must have a score between 240 and 260 points.

Long term

The Icetex credits long-term line, they apply for strata 1,2 and 3. The applicant must have a Sisben score, when it is the case of an initial payment of 0%.

You must also take the test to know 11 and have at least 310 points, in addition to having a 3.4 average.

Icetex graduate credits

Loa postgraduate credits of Icetex, They are divided into two categories, which are:

National Icetex graduate credit

This credit is made within the country and the applicant must pay 20% of the credit throughout the degree to be taken, and after completing the studies, they will have twice this time to cancel the remainder of the financing.

Postgraduate credit Icetex exterior

In this case, the applicant will pay 0% during the study time, and upon completion of the degree must pay the total amount of the credit, having 5 years to do so.

You have the possibility of applying for postgraduate studies in a country with a joint debtor, and for this you must meet the following requirements:

  • Belong to a program that is recognized by the Ministry of Education.
  • The debtor It must be approved by Icetex.
  • Have a positive credit history.
  • In case the person already has a loan with Icetex, they must have at least paid 51% of the financing.
  • You must also present an authorization for the institution to carry out a study on the credit history.

Requirements to Renew the Icetex Credit

The student who has a credit with Icetex or one ended with said entity, you can opt for the renewal of a loan. To request the renewal of the credit, the student must request the renewal before the Colombian Institute of Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad, and must meet a number of requirements.

Below are the necessary requirements for renewal:

  • It is necessary for the student to keep up to date with the monthly payments or the insurance premium, according to the corresponding credit modality.
  • You must update the personal data and those of the joint debtor, through the Icetex web system.
  • You must also report the news that is presented with the credit to the institution

Steps to follow

Below are the steps that must be followed in order to renew the credit with Icetex:

  1. To begin, you must enter the Icetex Online system. You can do it by clicking here.
  2. Then you must go to the student portal, where you must log in with your data (username and password).
  3. Once this is done, you must perform the self-registration. In the event that the student applies to a double program, he / she must first register the subjects of the program with the lowest value and then the one with the highest value.
  4. At the end of the registration of the corresponding subjects, You must access «Payment terms».
  5. Then you must validate the schedule and enrollment, and the enrollment order will be generated.
  6. Then, you must select the Finances link in the student portal.
  7. The next step is to read and accept the terms and conditions that appear in the system to make the credit request.
  8. After completing the form, the system proceeds to issue a number that corresponds to the request and a PDF file, which you must download.
  9. Then you must gather all the required documentation to apply for the Icetex credit.
  10. Said documentation it must be provided at the Financial Support office.

If he complies with the steps explained, the student will be enrolled in the corresponding academic period. It is important that the applicant complies with the requirements for Icetex credit.

What is a Credit?

A credit or credit agreement It is a financial option, which offers a person to be able to acquire a certain amount of money to be able to pay something, and then they must pay off the borrowed amount through established installments.

It consists of an operation where a named creditor issues a loan, for a certain amount of money to another individual, called debtor, who legally undertakes to cancel the loan amount with their interests in the established bond, with the determined payment method and based on the rules agreed between the parts.

The creditor can be a natural or legal person, and the debtor can also be a natural or legal person.

Applicants for loans must always supply a series of requirements that allow the creditor to legalize and verify the debtor’s data. That is why it is important that the applicant supply the requirements for credit.

What is an Icetex credit?

Icetex credits are a financing option for those who want to study technical, technological or professional careers. It offers an opportunity to those who wish to fulfill their dreams and professional goals and due to financial reasons they have not been able to achieve it.

There are several types of credit, with different payment methods to be able to carry out the studies, having the option of renewing the credit. These credits bring many benefits, both to the person and to the nation, because it favors the professional development of citizens and guarantees the integral development of the country.

What is Icetex?

The Colombian Institute of Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad, Also known by its initials as Icetex, it is a Colombian entity, which aims to promote higher education and the training of professionals, through the issuance of educational credits.

Said credits are granted with their own resources or those of third parties, destined to the population that has less economic possibilities, but that have with a good academic performance.

The entity intends to facilitate educational opportunities at the international level, with the purpose of improving the quality of life of Colombians and also being able to contribute to the economic and social development of the country.

Icetex was founded in 1950 by the Minister of Education Manuel Mosquera Garcés, through decree number 2586. Currently its president is Alejandro Venegas and its main headquarters It is established in Bogotá.

Follow the steps indicated and meet the requirements for Icetex credit.

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