Requirements for military service: Everything you need to know

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Military service in Colombia, It is provided both in the National Army and in the INPEC, if certain requirements are met. You want to know more? Keep reading!

What is the INPEC?

The National Penitentiary and Prison Institute, is the entity in charge of ensuring that those deprived of liberty serve the penalty that has been imposed on them for the crime committed.

the staff in charge of reorganizing and guiding the treatment of resocialization of the inmates, is the Body of Custody and National Surveillance. Composed of Auxiliary High School Graduates and Students, Non-commissioned Officers, Dragoers, Officers, who perform their military service in the institution.

This INPEC is an institution attached to the Ministry of Justice and of the Right.

Requirements to render compulsory military service at INPEC

The requirements to enter the INPEC, They are objective, simple and seek that the majority of applicants find a place in the ranks of the Custody and Security Corps of this institution.

Beyond this, it must be taken into account that regardless of whether the requirements and required documents are met, if the physical exam fails, enlistment will be denied.

The requirements that are requested are:

  • Be from Colombian nationality.
  • Civil registration of certified Birth.
  • To have accomplished 18 years old and under 24 years old.
  • To be single.
  • To be accredited as a Bachelor, with the diploma and degree act.
  • Have registered in the National Army, through the Fenix ​​system.
  • Approve the selection process, carried out by the Sub-Directorate of the Custody Body.
  • Failure to comply with any of the exemptions to perform compulsory military service.


The documents that must be consigned are the following:

  • Two photos, 3 × 4 size, blue background.
  • A 7 × 8 blue background photo.
  • Enlarged at 150%, bring 4 photocopies of the ID.
  • Similarly, 1 copy of the parents’ identification card enlarged by 150%.
  • It is mandatory, have a copy of the SISBEN card.
  • Be accredited as a Bachelor, with the diploma and degree act.
  • 10th and 11th grade copy from the observer.
  • Print the annexed formats PR1, PR2 and FV1, which can be located on the page.
  • Everything must go perfectly filed in a celuguia folder, legal size.

The formats must be filled with black pen, which must be attached in the same folder.

INPEC requests all the above requirements, and in addition to this, applicants must attend in sportswear, bring their hydration, pencil, black pen and food while the pre-selection process takes place.

Incorporations to the National Army

Start a change in your life, By joining the National Army of your country, be the difference and sign up. The army offers four (04) training programs:

  • Officers.
  • NCOs.
  • Professional Soldiers.
  • Compulsory military service.

If you wish expand or clarify doubts, you can enter the portal

Cadet Military School

The Military School of Cadets General José María CórdovaIts purpose is to train future Army officers in different areas; as platoon leader commanders, professionals in military sciences.

It has two (02) Officer courses: Administrative Officer Course and Arms Officers Course, in which they may participate if they wish.

Administrative Officers

Through the Cadet School in accordance with the incorporation office, calls are made to experienced professionals, to become Officers in the Administrative field of the Army.

Putting into practice the experience and knowledge already acquired, in the process and creation of the Multi-Mission Armyn, forming part of the largest and most successful institution in the country.

a.- Time of duration: 6 months

b.- Promotion to the rank of Second Lieutenant of the Colombian Army.

1.1.- General requirements.

  • To have Colombian nationality.
  • At the time of promotion as second lieutenant, be under 30 years of age.
  • When it happens promotion as lieutenant, should not be older than 35 years.
  • Do not have a record of any kind, which cross out good behavior.
  • Teach the certification of the professional University Degree by the Ministry of Education.
  • From the ICFES State exam, the certificate will be required.
  • In addition, show the certificate and degree diploma high school.

Arms Officers

For the incorporation of both men and women, the following requirements must be met:

  • To have Colombian nationality.
  • Be aged between between 16 and 21 years old.
  • Possess the State exam certificate ICFES for those who have already graduated.
  • Do not have a record, Cross out good behavior.
  • Have graduated from high school, or be in the last grade, having graduation date between July and December, taking into account the filing date.

NCO School

The Sergeant Inocencio Chincá NCO School, has the purpose of imparting the notions based on the institutional principles and values, preparing them as technologists in Military Management and Training.

All this inspired by the vocation of service, within the terrestrial military system, forming leaders with the ability to lead, guide, command, and manage a squad.

Currently offers five (05) short-term careers.

Weapons Course

The Military School for Non-Commissioned Officers ‘Sergeant Inocencio Chincá’ has a training period of no more than two years, time in which students receive academic notions through the Technological Directorate of Management and Military Training.

In addition to this, and in addition they will have the study of programs that strengthen the day to day of the future National Army NCO.

For clarify doubts in this regard, or expand the information, we recommend visit the following link

Current call

The General José María Córdova Cadet School opens the call, for both men and women, who have already graduated from high school and who wish to participate and train as Officers of the Colombian National Army.

High School Course

For it, you must present the following:

  • State exam from ICFES, in the areas of: Language, social and mathematics by 45% or more.
  • In a range between 16 and 21 years.
  • Colombians by birth.
  • Have no record that they cross out good behavior.
  • Have graduated from high school.

On four (04) years of career, They will learn military sciences, as well as they will have the possibility of doing a specialization as a complement, such as:

  • Right.
  • Logistics Administration.
  • International relations.
  • Military physical education.
  • Civil Engineering.


Among the benefits that those who decide to enroll in the ranks of the Colombian National Army will enjoy are the economic and job stability, both for the family and for the person who and registered, as well as being inserted in the pension scheme, will have a housing solution.

Besides you will receive training and training internally and externally, with the possibility of traveling abroad to expand the training and turn it into a complementary education in accordance with the Military University of Nueva Granada.

In addition to this they will have the opportunity to enjoy a well deserved rest in resorts for himself and family.

Provide military service in Colombia, is mandatory since 1886. Whose intention is that all Colombian men are capable of defending national entities in arms.

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