Requirements for name change: Steps to follow

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There are many people who were not lucky enough to have a name that was their total pleasure, but there is always something to do; calm down, you must not bear all your life to be called by a name that you do not like. Find out here which are the Requirements for name change and much more.

Requirements for name change

The name change is based on a legal procedure that can be requested by each of the Colombians, although it is not a common process.

You must take into account that

You can carry out this process only twice, while you are a minor and if you wish, when you are of legal age; in case of using your second name change, you must get a court order.

This process requires a update to all documents that have your old name, such as the identity card, birth registration, among others.

In this case, the fact that an update is performed does not imply that you will be released from all obligations that you have, either judicial or administrative; which means that if you want to change your name to get rid of any liability, it will not succeed.

The requirements for name change are:

You must have a copy of your civil registration; Next, you can approach the notary where your civil registry is located and request help to carry out the process of name change.

Make sure you have a copy of the public manuscript, and must be addressed to the community registrar or certifier to proceed with the alteration of the registry that is in the notary’s office.

After the alteration of the first civil registry, the current must be set with a different serial; After this check, you must manage a copy of the current civil registry of origin.

Next, the individual who wishes to continue with the process must attend a nearby registry office in the country to modify all your personal papers.

For progress change in personal papers and documents, it is necessary to deliver a copy of the current civil birth registration, and a remittance executed by the Banco Agrario or Popular.

If the name change is for a younger, he must have his parents as legal delegates, making delivery of the corresponding public deed; this being the case, the laws grant them a second chance to complete the name change process when they turn 18 years old.

You must present the following documents:

  • The nationality card, must be current.
  • A photocopy of the nationality card, on both sides.
  • A current copy of the Citizen’s Birth Registry, that does not exceed three months of issuance.

When you finish writing, you should …

  • Send a transcript of the document to Colombia; where they will correct their Citizen Birth Registry.
  • Manage a photocopy of the Citizen Birth Registry with the observations.
  • Develop a modification of the identification card.
  • And finally innovate the Colombian passport.

Steps to follow

  1. Go to a nearby notary’s office, requesting a public writing, where the name change process begins.
  2. With said writing ready, go to an office where the original civil registry is located, and request a correction of the civil registry of birth, previously mentioned.
  3. After having made the change, you must manage a modification for their identity papers, with the photocopy of the citizen birth record that supports the name change
  4. In case of being a younger, their legal representatives will need to be their parents, as we previously told you, since they will be the ones who will grant the corresponding public deed to proceed with the process.

For change of ID

  1. Enter the website to speed up the process or go to a nearby Registry Office, depending on the core you are in.
  2. You must present an original photocopy of your citizen birth registration, where you can see the space of notes.
  3. transfer a consignment that has a cost of $ 36,700. This payment can beget ahead via the Agrarian Bank to account 4-0230-300745-9 or 220-012-11008-6 of Banco Popular, in the name of the Circulatory Nucleus of the Regional Registrar’s Office.
  4. Next, if you want to change your image, recommended as 4 × 5 and on a white background, and you can wear black clothes for better appreciation in the photos.

To write properties

  1. Inspect your writing and speak to an expert to rectify your shares and rights in possession.
  2. Complete one new writing.
  3. It is advisable to go to a deed of resignation so that the process be faster.

Cost of the procedure

  • The change of identity card and citizen registration it is roughly $ 100,000.
  • The photocopies of the current civil registry they usually cost about $ 7,050 each.
  • The wording of name change it can be worth between $ 49,150 and $ 100,000.
  • Modification of extra documentss costs about $ 39,150
  • Pass rectification It has a cost of approximately $ 139,100

Can I change my name if I have changed my sex?

Of course; but you must make sure you get all the documents that we mentioned earlier and follow the steps already explained to make the name change correctly.

In addition, you must submit a request through a wording with the respective indication of the notary, in which it will indicate the updated name and the nationality card.

The applicant must add a mention under promise where it is indicated your consent to modify the booth of the sex element in the citizen registry, as established in Decree 1227 of 2015.

Can a person convicted of a crime change his or her name?

The people in charge of this process, they cannot limit a Colombian individual to carry out the procedure; however, this process will not be able to free to the person concerned of their convictions or legal or criminal obligations.

This usually happens, since when we proceed with the name change, in your citizen registry they will always appear the data of your biological parents.

Does correcting a spelling mistake count as a name change?

Of course, normally the names their own do not usually present problems with regard to spelling, but some individuals change their mind regarding the way his name is spelled. It may just be a letter change in the name


Remember that even though is a minimal change in the name, you must update all documents and papers that are under your power.

Next, we will talk about 2 normally requested corrections

Correction of the mother at the time of admitting her child, being a minor, and has an identity card; However, when you turn 18, you can request your ID, and it changes automatically your identity number.

If this is your case, you should know that a name change does not apply for the chic @, but a readjustment to his citizen registry.

Parental correction, no usually damages the descendant’s name, but if a slight change is shown in the citizen registry.

The proper name of the adopted children, can it be changed?

In the event that you decide to adopt, and want to change the name of your new child, you can carry out the process, but you should know that you will not be able to make changes to the surname of your biological mother, due to the personal data that may exist between mother and son; since, if the biological parents at any time, decide to recover their child and request the paternity of the child, as established by law, the name will have to be changed again.

Correction for paternity

Many cases are known in which an established marriage, the woman wishes to experience a new adventure, loving, and get pregnant; When the registration of the child is carried out, the woman can decide to register him with the surname of her current husband and not the biological father, and vice versa.

If this is the case, the biological father of the child, you may want your child to carry your last name, to make this process legal, a DNA test must be performed, then you can impose your paternity and as established by law you can manifest changes on behalf of your child, either minor or of legal age.

You may notice that making a name change in Colombia, no it’s such an easy and simple process as it may appear from the beginning of the procedures. But if you really want to make some changes, make sure you collect all the Requirements for name change, and follow the steps correctly.

We read later!

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