Requirements for Social Interest housing: Steps to follow

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There are many families that do not have the necessary resources to have a home of their own, so the government created a plan where they can help these disadvantaged people. In case of having a family in these conditions it is better to read these requirements for Social Interest Housing.

What is a Social Interest home?

The Social Interest Housing They are the houses built for families that have their own house, at the same time their income is below 4 minimum wages.

The fact that they are of social interest does not mean that it is free, only that they have a more flexible financing plan than that of other homes, therefore it is the best option when buying a home.

Requirements for Social Interest Housing

This having a plan to buy a house and not die trying, is of great help for families since they are subjected to pay rents that sometimes cannot be paid or live close to the house of something familiar, something that is quite annoying in both times.

Good to make more attractive this of obtaining a cheaper house, they will mention requirements for Social Interest Housing to see if you can choose this type of housing or not:

  • Have no property in your name.
  • In the savings account have at least 5% of the value of the home.
  • Have a loan to finish buying the home if you add the 5% you have in the account.
  • Not be part of any program to obtain a home.
  • Have income that is below 4 times the minimum wage.
  • That the family is formed by 2 or more other members.
  • Be affiliated with the family compensation fund.

Steps to follow

Sure after reading the requirements for Social Interest Housing The alarms have already been lit to carry out the corresponding procedures to carry out this procedure. Well, since it is something of interest, here are the steps that have to be taken to be able to acquire a house that is so much needed:

  1. Gather the documents that will be mentioned later, which are mostly documents that validate the requirements for Social Interest Housing just mentioned.
  2. Go to one of the office of the Housing Compensation Fund or of the National Housing Fund that is close to your home. In rural areas you have to run the offices Banco Agrario de Colombia SA
  3. Indicate that you want to purchase a social interest housing.
  4. All the documents must be delivered to the personnel who are going to place you on the list to be selected..
  5. Wait for the publication of the selected ones to see the housing will be granted.
  6. In the case of being selected, you have to go to the indicated place to do the ownership procedures.
It is recommended that you ask at the ministry’s office where you can see the list of those selected for Social Interest Housing and if you are selected where you have to go to obtain the title to the property.

Types of Social Interest housing

The type of house will depend on how it is built, so it is defined by dependencies, so to get an idea of ​​what these types of houses are like:

  • An unfinished outbuilding of 15 square meters.
  • Two 22-square-meter unfinished outbuildings.
  • Three 37-square-meter unfinished outbuildings.
  • Four 45-square-meter unfinished units.
  • Four units with finishes of 45 square meters.

For more information on this part of the article see here on page 33.

What should interested families do to opt for this type of housing?

Another thing that a family interested in this type of housing must do is obtain these documents that are important to acquire the house:

  • Photocopy of the identity card of the persons of legal age that make up the family group.
  • In the case of minors, you must have copy of birth certificate.
  • Marriage certificate in the event that the family is made up of a married couple.
  • Document that validates the 5% that should be in your account of the property’s value.
  • At least the pre-credit you need to buy the house.
  • If there is a family member who has a disability, you have to have a document to validate it.

Validation of family union

Something you cannot stop doing is the validation of the family union which is carried out by following these steps:

  • You have to go to a conciliation center or one of the House of Justice with the documents that validate the family union, you only have to take a copy of the following:
    • Marriage certificate.
    • Birth certificate.
    • Identity card.
    • Other documents showing the family bond.
    • 2 witnesses with their identification document and a photocopy of it.
    • Indicate in it to make a validation certificate of family union.
  • Deliver a copy of the documents showing the family union.
  • Read and sign the documents delivered, the same must be done by the witnesses.
  • Wait for the certificate to be delivered and that would be it.

The family members that can appear on the certificate as a family member are:

  • Mom and Dad who are usually the heads of the family.
  • Child.
  • Father-in-law.
  • Nephews.
  • Uncles.
  • Brothers in law.
  • Brothers.
  • Grandparents.

How many families benefit?

What you have to mention is that this idea of Social interest housing He has been working for the Colombian people for 30 years, so that everyone acquires a decent home at an affordable price. With this, it can be concluded that millions of families have benefited from this housing program.

In recent years, what has been offered has been recorded in the following:

  • Bogotá 86,816 homes.
  • Cundinamarca 69,043 homes.
  • Antioquia 48,946 homes.
  • Valle del Cauca 48,053 homes.
  • Atlántico 25,337 homes.
  • Santander 16,332 homes.

These are records of the year 2018

Benefits of having a Social Interest Housing

After reading everything that goes into the article, you could see that it is beneficial to have houses like these, but it is necessary to mention other advantages of having this type of housing so read the following carefully:

  • Due to the location of the houses, people have access to public services with moderate costs.
  • The houses are so distributed throughout the national territory, so anyone who is in Colombia can obtain one.
  • They are inexpensive, priced below the value of common houses and apartments.
  • The house over the years acquires more value.
  • The government provides economic benefits to homeowners, apart from compensation funds.
  • The interest rate on the loans for this house are lower than the other mortgage loans.


At this moment a video will be shown where you can better appreciate all that has to do with what it is Social interest housing, although the video will see the results that this housing project has had.

Now having a home in Colombia is not an impossible mission, you just have to inform yourself well about this type of projects and do the corresponding procedures to acquire a home and you can enter here for more information.

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