Requirements for teaching exchange: Everything you need to know

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Are you wondering what are the requirements for a teaching exchange? Well, here you can know everything about the teaching exchange process, and much more.

If you want to know more about the Requirements for a teacher exchange, keep reading!

What is the teaching exchange

For those people who are not clear What is a trade-in?, Well, they should know that it is a contract and / or document by which property rights are granted.

This means that people use this contract to in some way force one of the parties involved to give a right of ownership to their property.

Some people relate it to the domain right that one person has over another to give a property.

It can also be noted that this was one of the contracts that generally people are obliged to assign something, property or a sum of money, depending on the step.

Therefore, it should be clarified that in some laws, if one of the parties in number is greater than or equal to the value of another of the things, this type of contract is considered sale.

The swap is a contract that can be used in different types of regimes as one of the most important legal mechanisms for currency exchange.

This activity can be found in provincial waters of Colombia as prohibited or Limited, by some of the exchange control regimes.


It can be said in a historical way that barter, or exchange, is one of the most primitive tools that can be used as barters.

It is characterized by assuming the existence of some of the coins, resulting in a high degree of social organization.

In the same way, it is one of the first natural manifestations that trade brought to Colombia.

Where it can appear in history from earlier times, related to the first populations, which begin to specialize their professions.

Barter in turn can be defined as a double coincidence of the needs presented by the human being, as well as the absence of a unit of account or in some cases trust problems.

For the same reason, the swap has been an important factor for the invention of the currency to decline constantly.

From this moment it can be said that the commercial relations, gave a change in terms of the main regulation that is through the sale.

At present, it can be said that an economic role played by the swap is very subtle, although in some parts it has disappeared.

However, it can be said that it is common for the role of the teaching swap to regain importance in some times of economic crisis.

Mainly, in cases where inflation is reflected, when currency and money lose their great value.

In cases like Spain, the art. 1538 of the Civil Code, defines the teaching exchange as one of the documents by which each person gives, to receive something in return.

Requirements for the procedure

Those people who, on their part, want to carry out the exchange process, as they must comply with the Requirements for teaching exchange.

These are the following:

  1. Each of the people must have in their possession an identification that allows them to enter into said contract, with their respective name and ID.
  2. They must also have another personal identification, which in turn allows you to collect the contract.
    1. This same identification can be found in the name of each of the real estate or movable assets that are likely to be sold.
  3. A personal identification for those documents where the property can deliver some type of change for another.
  4. Have a value of what they want to exchange, that is, change.
  5. Each of the applicants must have a date to attend the delivery, which must be real and material to each of the goods.
  6. Present any of the declarations that the people are going to manifest regarding the goods of objects or exclusive exchange.Likewise, they must have an exclusive type of property, especially for those people who are free of any pending problems, embargoes or other activities.
  7. Each of the people has the full obligation to carry out any type of transfer management, as long as these are necessary.
    1. If necessary, they must present a statement by which people can stipulate some of the expenses that are generated in the exchange.
    2. As long as there are expenses in the swap, these will be paid by both parties, that is, 50% each.
  8. Any type of clauses that may be considered relevant, so that they can comply with and guarantee the swap obligation.


These are each of the Requirements for teaching exchange, which people must meet at the time of carrying out this procedure.

In case you have a question or are presented with an error with the contract, you can go to one of the main offices located in any province of Colombia.

Likewise, people should take into account that initially, the exchange is one of consensual documents.

This means that it is a document that is agreed with both parties, and that when it comes to goods such as real estate, it must raise the public deed.

This is one of the main reasons why people should go to the notary, respectively.

On the other hand, it can be said that the delivery of each of the goods can be exchanged or changed when one of the parties can establish the contract.

In this same case, the same assets are subject to the different types of registration that require one of the respective property registrations.

Regardless of whether it is one of the registry offices, such as houses, lots, among other things.

Required documentation

Each of the people must comply with both the permutation documents, as well as the Requirements for teaching exchange.

For this it is important that they carry the following documents in case they are a property, that is, house, apartment, and / or lot; as well as any type of jurisdiction:

  1. People must present a property title, or in some cases the deed, that can show that that property belongs to them.
  2. Have a DNI and any record that is related to the CUIT or the CUIL, as long as they belong to the holders.
  3. Present some of the ballots that are related to taxes, fees and contributions that in turn aggravate the property.
  4. In the event that some of the signatories cannot attend the signature, but can attend the deed, they must bear in mind that it is necessary to have an original power of attorney with their respective powers to do so.
  5. If some sales prices exceed a sum of 1,500,000 million dollars, they must compulsorily present and COTI.
    1. This is one of the codes that are on offer based on each of the property transfers.
    2. This can be obtained on any of the web pages, from the same official AFIP portal.

Each of these documents must be respected as well as the Requirements for barter teacher, for this it is recommended to do the paperwork with time.

What are the obligations that exchangers have?

Each of the people who will carry out the exchange process must bear in mind that there are a series of obligations.

Some of them are:

  1. All people must transfer ownership of each of the things or rights that the barter objects have on their part.
  2. It is important that people can transfer or give the right and / or property.
  3. People must be responsible for each of the vices that are hidden within the exchange, that is, they must be redhibitory vices.
  4. Likewise, users must be able to support each of the possessions that are in a peaceful way, and that is generally well exchanged.
  5. On the other hand, people must bear in mind that domain and possession must be protected by property, that is, each one must respond to eviction.
  6. Each of the parts must pay a sum of money which in turn is what is established by law.
    1. These must represent each of the concepts of writing and registration, unless the interchangeable parties have arranged otherwise.
  7. Each of the parties must To pay the taxes that are corresponding, and that in turn agree with the interchangeable rights, that is, a property or vehicle.

These are the obligations that people must comply with to the letter, after they have the Requirements for teaching exchange, complete.

This is a type of procedure that is available to all people regardless of whether they are natural and / or legal persons.

Thanks for reading!

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