Requirements to baptize in Colombia

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There is a tradition or belief in the Catholic Church that says that every child at birth must perform an act of faith in which the relationship between God and the believer is manifested. This act is called: Baptism. To do so, it is necessary to meet the essential requirements. Know the Requirements to baptize.

Both in Colombia and in any country, baptism is very important.

The ideal is to carry out the act at the time the baby is born. However, if you don’t do it at the moment, you can also do it at any stage of life. The important thing is that you do it to manifest your faith.

Now, do you know what this sacrament is?

What is baptism?

The word Baptism means «to immerse.»

It is a sacrament or act that manifests a direct relationship, as we said, between God and the believer. It basically serves to initiate membership in a church, according to the decisions of the parents.

That is, just as a civil registry is made with the name of the person born to become a citizen. In this case, the baby is registered through baptism to become a Christian.


The act is extremely simple. It is carried out in Catholicism by sprinkling holy water on the head of the little one. Usually it is done before the first birthday.

Why is it done?

In this sacrament, God forgives original and personal sin. That is, it is considered that it is reborn by water and the Spirit


It is essential to know that in order to baptize a child it is necessary to have the consent of the parents or at least one of the two.

What documents do you need?

Some parishes request certain documents to fulfill the notarial procedures in the same parish.

It is common that the birth certificate of the child and the marriage certificate of the godparents are required.

Although the presentation of any document to receive baptism is not specified in the Code of Canon Law, the pastor has the obligation to register the baptized in the notarial registry.

That is, you can request the documents that are considered necessary to keep a clear record in the archives.

Christening requirements

  • Maximum age: 7 years
  • Baptisms are celebrated only on Sundays at the 10:00 am Eucharist.
  • The pre-baptismal course takes place the Sunday before the baptism, at 7:15 am

REMEMBER: Both parents and godparents must attend. Godparents must be Catholic. The course is compulsory.

  • Civil registration of the child or birth certificate.
  • Photocopy of the godparents’ identity cards.
  • Baptism request.
  • Exact names and surnames of the maternal and paternal grandparents.
  • In case the parents do not live together, a form must be filled out where the sacrament of baptism is requested and the person is responsible for the request for the sacrament.
  • If the child is older than 5 years, a letter from the parish where the child has lived must be attached, explaining that he is not baptized.
  • Offering or donation.

HE MUST KNOW: Those children older than 8 years who are not baptized, must receive baptism and first communion at the same time.

Requirements to be baptized

Keep in mind the following main requirements to baptize a baby. In this way, the christening will be in the best way.

  1. Parents must belong to the Catholic faith. In some cases, at least the consent of one of the parents or legal guardian will be accepted.
  2. Seven years or less.
  3. They must be committed to raising the child in the Catholic faith. It will be evaluated in an interview with the priest in charge of the parish.

It is important to remember that the talks can vary in each location. However, it is recommended to be constant and deliver the documentation with enough time in advance, to select the schedule.

For baptism of a baby

The requirements for the christening of a baby are those mentioned above. Despite this, it is also important to know other requirements:

  1. If you plan to perform the sacrament of baptism, you should choose a name that is not foreign to Catholic thought.
  2. Baptism can be extended up to 7 years. In cases where you are over 8 years old, as we have said, you should attend catechism classes and prepare for your first communion.
  3. You must meet the requirements to be a baptism godparent.

For baptism of an adult

The baptism of an adult does not vary much from that of a child.

It is the same act of dipping your head in holy water to forgive sins and demonstrate your faith.

The adult requirements are also the same:

  • Proof of birth of the person requiring the act and of the godparents.
  • Identification of the applicant and the godparents.
  • Certificate of residence of the applicant, to register in the parish as appropriate.
  • Payment of the fee imposed according to the parish.
  • Godparent baptism certificate.

How to choose the godparents?

To choose the sponsor you should not only think about the affection that you have for the person. You should also think about whether or not it will be a good example for the child.

Remember that it must be a trustworthy person, and that you know that it will not disappear with time. May he be present both for your life and for that of his future godson.

The title of «godfather» lasts for life. It is important that it is fulfilled as well.

What are the requirements to be a sponsor?

  • Mandatory be over 16 years old.
  • Possess the baptism certificate, eucharist and have done the confirmation.
  • They must not be either of the parents of the one to be baptized.
  • It is forbidden to have a sanction inside the church.
  • They must lead an active lifestyle within the standards imposed by the Catholic religion.
  • In case of being married, present the proper certificate proving your marriage to the church.
  • Only one man and one woman are accepted.
  • May serve as a priest of the church.
  • In case the parents are not baptized, they can make the respective arrangements to start in this phase of Christianity.


Choosing the godparents for the child’s christening should be a well thought-out decision. As we referred to in the previous point, there are people who you think are close today, but you don’t know tomorrow.

Does it require any preparation prior to baptism?

Yes, there must be a preparation for parents and godparents. A few small talks or courses.

Prior to infant baptism:

  • This preparation can take place in one, two or three meetings.
  • The fundamentals of the preparation: it is that the parents and godparents understand what baptism is.

They must be willing to renew their faith commitment and to help the baptized child truly be formed in the faith.

For the preparation of youth and adults:

  • They can also bring parents and godparents, in case it is advisable to give a longer training.
  • A preparatory formation must be given for the first communion and confirmation.

The idea of ​​these previous courses is that parents and godparents can assume an attitude of conversion and commitment.

It is important to give knowledge that helps to develop an awareness of what Christian initiation implies.


  1. Go to practice on time, without wearing items that distract from the talk.
  2. Remember that this event is personal.
  3. Bring the bible, notebook and pencil.
  4. Show a positive and committed attitude.
  5. In addition, you can offer a donation to the church for the expenses in the materials.
  6. It is recommended to baptize the child in the community.
  7. It is important that you do this course in the best way possible. Once you finish, you will be given a proof of validation.

Despite the fact that Colombia is an independent country of any religious confession, different traditions and beliefs continue to be celebrated throughout the world.

For this reason, baptism or as it is also called, baptism, is one of the most important rituals of many Colombian families.

Parents try to baptize their children at an early age, seeking to make the religious celebration an event unforgettable.

The preparations range from choosing the parish to the clothes that the minor will use for their religious immersion.

However, we know that the price of all things is excessively expensive. We recommend that you do not look at those details.

The really important thing is to make the commitment of faith. If you plan to do it soon, gather the Requirements to baptize and make the appointment as soon as possible.

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