Requirements to be a Congressman in Colombia: Everything they haven’t told you

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You want to know what they are the requirements to be a Congressman in Colombia, Keep reading and find out all the necessary information on this portal!

The legislative power It is that entity of the public administration in charge of legislating. To create or modify.

Their responsibility is the representation of the people and commitment to them. This under the criteria of justice and the defense of the common good each of the citizens of the Republic of Colombia.

Without passing through the floor the rights of citizens, much less their principles.

What does it take to be a Congressman?

Unfortunately in the Republic of Colombia, not everyone who wants to can be a congressman, if not someone who meets the necessary requirements and is an act for said position.

First of all, this person must have a budget.

Rights and duties of congressmen

Some of these rights are the following:

  • They must be part of the sessions of the chamber and the commission in which it belongs.

Counting on your voice and vote.

  • You must enter one of the commissions permanently.
  • Together with their bench, they must call public officials, to account for all the management they are doing.

And the duties are as follows:

  • They must attend the congress sessions.
  • You should not take the wrong advantage of being a congressman.
  • The rules of disabilities and incompatibilities must be observed at all times.
  • You cannot talk about the information you speak behind closed doors.
  • The guidelines of your bench must always be observed.

Requirements to be a Congressman

In order to be congressmen you must have the following requirements:

  • First of all, he must be born in Colombia.
  • You must be over 30 years old, or 25 years old when you appear in the House of Representatives.

The members of the Congress of the Republic of Colombia are elected by direct votes of each of the citizens authorized to vote.

What is a Congressman in Colombia

You must be wondering what a Congressman is, Well, this is a collegiate body, what do we mean by it? It is made up of several members.

Each of these members has equal power, and also responsibility.

Currently, the Senate of the Republic of Colombia has 102 senators.

Of which 100 are elected by popular vote in the national territory.

And the other two representing the indigenous community.

What does a Congressman do?

The functions of a Congressman are several, below we will mention some of them:

As article 150 of the Political Constitution indicates, the Congress of the Republic of Colombia.

Here laws and codes are made, in addition the development plan is approved, as well as each one of the public investments that are made.

They are in charge of determining the structure of the national administration, new ministries are created or abolished.

Administrative department, superintendencies, public establishments, autonomous corporations, both industrial and commercial companies.

Congressmen authorize the national government to enter into contracts, just like you negotiate this.

How do I register for the candidacy?

Many of the candidates do not go to the polls representing a party, but will do so as an independent.

To achieve this they must register through signatures.

What does this consist of, and Why in Colombia are more candidates who sign up by signatures?

Signatures are the new way to get to the elections.

The candid by signature or as the law says significant groups by citizens, were created in the constitution of 91 with a very beautiful spirit.

That it is about late the opportunity for all politicians, who do not identify with a party or any political movement, to choose supported by a significant group of citizens.

Which you feel represented by that person.

To achieve this, you must adhere to a series of requirements, which we will tell you below:

-The first thing to do is present a committee, which must be composed of 3 representatives, which must have a name.

-After the candidate or candidates are presented, for the presidencies one candidate per committee is presented.

AND for congress the list can be from 1 to 100 candidates.

-Now comes the process of collecting signatures, the number of signing which will be mesarías, will depend on the following:

Law 996 of 2005 says that a significant group of citizens can enter a list for congress or a candidate for president. If they collect $ 3 of the valid votes from the previous election.

So for the presidency the following were required:

361,148 valid signatures, which were delivered before December 13, 2017

For Congress, for the Senate:

350,167 signatures were required

And for the House of Representatives:

A minimum of 44,076 signatures should be achieved.

After this comes the signature certification, here only the signatures that go through the technical verification made by the registry will be valid.

And lastly comes the inscription:

  • Presidential candidates and their vice-presidential formula may register candidacies from January 27 to March 9, 2018.
  • From November 11 to December 11, candidates for the congress were registered.

The inscription to be signed reflects the political situation in the country. Of the identity that each one of the Colombians has in front of the parties.

And those that imply that a candidate prefers to register by signing rather than through a party.

Who wants to be a Congressman

In the following link we will show you a page that will inform you about the Congressman

Click here

On the Republic of Colombia not everyone who wants can be CongressmanIf not, who can and has the resources for it.


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