Requirements to be a Firefighter in Colombia: Read us and get the information you need

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Are you a risky person, who likes challenges and is passionate about unforeseen situations? Do you dare to be a firefighter? Do you want to save lives and be a hero?

Then we invite you to read this wonderful content, where you will be able to know the most important aspects about firefighters, the requirements you need, the profile you must have, in addition to knowing the benefits that this work offers.

Firefighters are the ideal help for the safety of society, all its work is based on guaranteeing the protection and safety of a person, animal or place. Procedures and requirements encourages you to continue reading this article.

What is a Firefighter?

A firefighter It is that subject or person whose task is to fight fire and offer assistance to the victims of a sinister case.

This person is in charge of extinguishing fires and promoting their prevention. Generally this trade is carried out by means of special equipment, such as hydraulic pumps.

The term “Firefighter” comes from “Bomb”, taking into account the pumps used for fires.

The largest number of firefighters are found within the publicly owned bodies, they can be salaried and voluntary firefighters. There are also private firefighters, forestry, factory and company firefighters, among others.

Profile of a firefighter

  • Must be able to work in raised spaces, dark and closed places.
  • Have agility with the hands to work.
  • Being able to stay calm in risky situations.
  • Good ability to concentrate.
  • Knowing how to work under pressure.
  • Work as a team maintaining good communication between colleagues.
  • Know how to communicate with victims in any situation.
  • Be subject to the orders of authorities of a higher level or scale.
  • Respect and know what I try to offer people, regardless of their origin or condition.
  • Have initiative to solve and be able to make decisions in the required time.
  • Be available 24 hours a day.
  • Be organized, regarding the registration of entries and exits of the fire brigade.
  • You must have agility, speed, coordination and good balance.
  • Convey confidence to the victims at all times, so that they can feel safe.
  • Be attentive to surrounding situations.
  • Be open to last minute changes.
  • You must commit to constant training and education.

Types of Firefighters

The types of firefighters can be generalized into three groups or categories, which are:

Professional firefighters

These are those firefighters who are considered civil servants and make up the Generalitat Fire Department.

These obey a hierarchical structure, which goes from the upper scale to the basic scale.

Volunteer firemen

Firefighters who are dedicated to providing services, altruistically within a public body. They do not have a payment for their attendance, but they work voluntarily. They are also governed by a hierarchy.

Company firefighters

These firefighters work and offer their services in private companies, receiving a payment for it.

What are the functions of a Firefighter?

The functions of firefighters there are many, they are based mainly on fighting with fire. Here are some of them:

  • A firefighter is in charge of extinguishing forest, urban, rural and industrial fires. Protecting houses and towns from a major fire.
  • Liberation in traffic, railway, air accidents, by saving the victims and removing them from the vehicle or ship where they are.
  • Rescues, vertical, aquatic, evacuations.
  • Attend all kinds of rescue-type emergencies and sinister cases, as well as dangerous goods.
  • A firefighter is also in charge of removing all kinds of items that could be dangerous to people.
  • Search for disaster victims.
  • Minor emergencies.
  • Animal rescue.

These are some of the functions that a firefighter performs. According to this, we can see that being a firefighter needs good preparation and courage to face these great challenges.

What are the requirements to enter the Official Fire Department?

  • Possess the age of majority without exceeding 35 years.
  • Be Colombian or possess the immigration card
  • At least have completed high school.
  • Pass the test time, through medical evaluations, physical and psychological tests.
  • Possess a firefighter training course.
  • Have no criminal record.
  • Possess a good attitude, showing empathy, knowing how to work in a team, among other qualities that a firefighter must have.

What are the Voluntary Fire Brigades?

The Volunteer Fire Corps They are non-profit institutions, which are in charge of offering a public service, in addition to handling official money.

Each of the members of these bodies must have an availability to work 24 hours a day. Some of the firefighters receive a salary. They all belong to and are affiliated with the Sisbén ARL and have life insurance, a pension, housing programs and have access to different and varied benefits.

What is the importance of being a firefighter?

A firefighter is important to people and society in generalDue to the service they offer, a firefighter can prevent fires and fight with fires when they exist, is capable of facing challenges such as saving the lives of people and animals, rescue in sinister situations, help in accidents, among others.

We can say then that firefighters are an ideal help, they are courageous individuals who risk their lives to save others and protect society. A firefighter provides great support in cases of natural phenomena, because they know how to cope in these types of situations.

What are the benefits of being a Firefighter?

Firefighters in Colombia have a lot of benefits in various areas. Here we will present some of them:

  • Firefighters receive pensions.
  • They have study opportunities.
  • Housing programs.
  • Benefits in public services and taxes and social security.
  • Subsidies in health issues.
  • A firefighter has the benefit of being publicly recognized for great performance.
  • Create bonds of friendship within the work team.
  • Learning that is useful for life and that serves for survival cases.
  • Just as firefighters provide a great service, they are also offered a quality service, in any of the facilities in which they are located.
  • Among other benefits./su_list]

If you are interested in being a firefighter, take into account the content of this article and enjoy all the benefits that this job can offer.

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