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What is the Administrator of a Horizontal Property

The Administrator of a Horizontal Property it is nothing more than an entity in charge of connecting the owners and residents of said horizontal property.

This must be governed by Law 675 of 2001, in addition to all its acts.

He is also in charge of the care and regulation of co-ownership, without abusing his position due to the exercise of his many functions.

Each and every one of the horizontal properties must present an Administrator, be clear about it.

This is in order to represent legal entities and keep track of all the needs that they may create in them.

This is according to the law that is granted to them.

Nowadays, a totally specific profile is not necessary to get to assume the administration.

There is a great magician of owners, especially those who have a little more free time, also those who apply for this great position without really having knowledge of their functions.

And all those responsibilities that they must assume yes or yes.

What are the functions of the Administrator of a Horizontal Property

The functions of the Administrator of a Horizontal Property are as follows:

  • It is in charge of calling the assemblies
  • Submit inventory for approvals
  • Correctly keep the accounting of said building
  • Bring correct information to all owners and each resident of all assembly decisions.
  • Correctly manage all horizontal property assets
  • All common goods have to be cared for and watched over.
  • They are in charge of collecting each one of the ordinary and extraordinary quotas, in addition to collecting their fines.
  • They must present judicially and extrajudicially
  • Have each of the sanctions take effect
  • Create peace, and the safe of all accounts of the Administration

You can read a little about the laws in article 51 of Law 675 of 2001.

What are the requirements to be a Horizontal Property Manager

The necessary requirements to be the Administrator of a Horizontal Property are the following:

The administrators they must have a managerial profile.

In addition to being executives with a broad management capacity when it comes to work and human memories.

They must have very specific knowledge such as accounting and condo management.

Have a natural leadership of the communities, extensive knowledge when it comes to the labor regime and the legislation of these properties.

They must have a great facility to solve problems and conflicts quickly.

What are the responsibilities of the Administrator of a Horizontal Property

There are two duties that horizontal property managers have:

These are clearly established by law 675, in article 49, it expressly speaks of some functions, which can be summarized in 4:

  • Manage
  • Collect
  • Look out
  • Run

These are the general ones.

Now the second are the specific ones, they are the ones that are additionally established by the statutes, that is, the one imposed by the owners’ assembly to the administrator.

What is the importance of the Administrator of a Horizontal Property

The main importance of the Administrators of a Horizontal property is that a good administrator in these properties is the fundamental basis for proper maintenance and healthy coexistence.

Being a manager of this property brings with it many obligations, in addition to many rights that are required for your opportunity.

And all the effective participation of each of the people who make up the building.

The assembly of the co-owners is considered the highest authority of the buildings or residential units.

It is made up of each one of the owners of the buildings, they have the function of appointing and have the power to remove the administrator, that is, to change it if they wish.

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