Requirements to be Governor in Colombia: Get the information you need

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The charges public in government they can be one of the dreams that have come true for many people. If among your ambition you find the desire to be governor on Colombia then we will explain how you can achieve it.

What is a Governor

It is known as a governor to one of the administrative officers, who are fully responsible for directing. Whether they are the states, the provinces or in certain cases the dependencies, they are an authority figure. Federal countries as they are Argentina, Brazil, the United States, Mexico and Venezuela also have a governor at the head of each federative entity.

But also the countries that have been constituted as a type of unitary state such as China, Uruguay, Peru, Chile, Turkey and Colombia they have governors in their provinces. In a more general way it can be said that the governor he is one of the heads for the government of the region and like this.

It is responsible for placing in exercise power at the regional level is assisted by a cabinet or an executive train.

What are the functions of a Governor

The person who exercises the position of governor it usually has a fairly large number of functions that will depend on the legal order of the country.

In countries that are centralized in their respective functions, they may be really scarce and subordinate to the government. For that case, the clearest example would be in chiliHowever, in decentralized countries their functions are very important.

As are the cases of Mexico and Argentina.

In those countries that have a system of the type radical and deep federal, in these the governor sometimes has great powers and attributes.

Which normally are reserved in the other countries to the rulers of the nation.

An example could be the United States in which the governor You can also present bills of law with the subject of law.

Whether criminal or civil, this usually corresponds to the Assembly Regional Legislative, carry out legislation.

It can also be in charge of promulgating all laws or vetoing them, because as happens in some aspects you may have in.

The right of the guy banking, tax, insurance and labor and even other types.

It can also grant various types of pardons for those deprived of Liberty Due to crimes in the state, he in turn is the commander of the nation’s guard.

He is the person responsible for all tax policy that is related to many of his attributes.

You can also make the proposal of increase the minimum wage and more, all the attributions, powers and taxes.

That in other countries can be own and exclusive to the president of the republic.

We can generalize with following points its functions:

  • He has to present in front of the congress where the budget of the expenses or the income of the state.
  • Celebrate agreements about limits of each territory in the state and the neighbors as well.
  • Run, enacts or make certain observations that all other laws are promoted.
  • Celebrate the agreements with the federation, individuals or the municipalities with respect to the provision of public services

This to make the best development of what economic and also the social whenever necessary.

  • Provides all the power judicial to be able to carry out a greater exercise of their respective functions.
  • Conduct all planning with him developing of the entire state that establishes its means to engage with citizens.
  • He is in charge of representing his state with any of the powers that are in charge of determining the law

Or the congress found in the terms who established the constitution to be able to assign his attorneys in this way.

What are the requirements to be Governor

For you can be chosen as the governor he is required to be a practicing citizen who must have been born.

Or in such a case that it is a resident in its respective municipality with the area that corresponds to the metropolitan area.

Under the period of at least one year, before the date that corresponds to your registration in a period that is less than 3 years that are in a row.

Regardless of the time at any time.

In other places it is said that what is necessary to be chosen as governor it is required to be part of the population density control.

In addition to having its address in the Department or your constituency for at least more than 10 years prior to the time of your election

While in others it will only be necessary to have lived there one by one. three years before your election

This has to be fulfilled by anyone who wishes to practice as governor this is due to the sense of belonging

It is said that only in this way is it possible for the governor can do better for your area

How Governors Are Elected

Governors are normally elected by vote This staff have varied over the years, initially they were elected every two years.

But as we already told you this has varied over time.

The leaders regional Currently they are elected every four years, therefore in 2020 those who will take the reins will be elected.

Of the 32 departments and its 1,122 municipalities will govern until 2024.

Fundamentally, he will be in charge of trying to get more colombians poverty using regional and local policies.

These will be responsibilities of the individual type, thus avoiding the dependencies of the central government.

The cycle needs to be broken vicious that has been hovering around the central state giving it a rank of mediocrity.

For them the governments and mayors will have more responsibilities to improve the above

It must be remembered that it will be the elections of tomorrow who can decide how the next years will be faced

What is the importance of Governors

The governors They are important since they are in charge of fulfilling certain functions such as the ones we named them above.

And also because they are the ones in charge of directing a state for four years.

They should be the ones who improve the administration of the state for them it is important to carry out correctly this choice


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