Requirements to buy a weapon: Steps to follow

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You need to know what the requirements to buy a gun in Colombia, Keep reading and find out how to do it!

The arms trade control department, ammunition and explosives is known as the largest entity in charge of controlling and authorizing the sale of weapons in Colombia.

Also the sale of ammunition and explosives. This only in compliance with the necessary requirements.

Requirements to buy a weapon

The requirements to buy a weapon in Colombia are as follows:

  1. You must have the form duly filled out, with their respective photos, signature, fingerprint and original judicial certificate
    2. Photocopy of the identity card, this must be wide and legible in everything.
  2. Copy of judicial certificate with updated date
  3. Copy of the military notebook. First or second whatever you have on hand.
    5. You must have the Gun Handling Course for Buyers (present it)
    6. A letter addressed to the Chief of Staff of the Eleventh Brigade
    In which it must say so that the said weapon needs the novation.
  4. Medical certificate with its respective seal, also signed and your post signature.
    8. Psychological certificate.
  5. Two commercial Recommendations must arrive or it can also be personal in which it must include current address, home and personal telephone number, photocopy of identity card of the person who recommends it.

Steps to follow

In order to have a weapon in Colombia, the following steps must be followed:

1- First of all, being over 25 years of age

2- Request the study in the department that corresponds to you.

3- At the same time you must make the request to the state department.

This can also be requested from the chief of staff of the brigade or whoever is currently second battalion commander.

Said request must have your current address, telephone (each or personal), identity card and email in frequent use.

4-You must attach affidavits of income.

In this you must mention occupations, the medical certificate, and a psychological examination that must be up-to-date.

Like the certificate of handling of weapons and video of this.

5-It is also your duty to justify the acquisition of being with documents that must certify that it is required for personal defense

6-If you comply with all these steps mentioned above, the department of control of Arms, ammunition and explosives.

You will decide whether or not to grant the carrying of said weapon.

Thanks to this carrying of weapons, the person in question can have said weapon in any part of their home, as long as it is away from minors.

As long as it has the bearing of a weapon to be able to move with it.

This permit must be renewed every six months, this must also depend on the type of weapon you carry.

How easy is it to buy a gun in Colombia

You must be wondering how easy it is to buy a gun in Colombia, RCN radio I speak with several people who buy weapons, and I assure you that buying a weapon is very easy.

According to these interviews, people assured that they can get it in a matter of hours, between 6 or 7 hours.

They assure that in these hours they can get guns and revolve.

How many weapons can I carry in Colombia

The weapons that you can carry in Colombia are the following:

  • Pistols
  • Stir
  • Shotguns
  • Rifles

These can be acquired legally.

However, let us remember that the requirements, in addition to the authorizations for carrying weapons and possession, must be in writing.

In the city of Colombia exclusively 3 types of weapons are manufactured, which are:

  • Long
  • Short
  • Self defense

Cordova pistols, Santander shotgun (single shot), Gabilondo flame revolver, Galin Ace 21, 22 and 23 rifles and 40 MM grenade launchers and 60 MM mortar.

The last two are used by the Military Forces of Colombia.

Weapons that you can legally acquire in Colombia

As we have mentioned previously, the weapons that can be legally acquired in Colombia are:

First, only three (3) types of weapons are manufactured in Colombia, long and short weapons, and for personal defense purposes.

Which are called:

  • Cordova pistols
  • Santander Shotgun (single shot)
  • Revolver flame Gabilondo
  • Galin Ace 21, 22 and 23 rifles

Also manufactured are 40 MM grenade launchers and 60 MM mortar.

Which are used only by the Military Forces.

Can I buy a Weapon online?

The answer is no. You cannot buy a gun online in Colombia.

It can only be acquired through INFUMIlFurthermore, this procedure is personal and non-transferable to another person.

You can enter the Web clicking here and find out everything about this topic.

I have an illegal weapon, can it be legalized in Colombia?

Of course not. If the weapon does not have a registration in DCCA this cannot, nor do they allow it to be legalized in Colombia.

How many weapons can portal in Colombia?

Natural persons can and have the right to carry 5 weapons, which 2 are for carrying, another 2 for possession and the last one for restricted use as Mini UZI.

Who is in charge of controlling the arms trade

The persons in charge of the only authorization for the sale of Arms, ammunition, explosives and chemical substances are the Department of Arms Trade Control, known by the acronym DDCA.

Which belongs to the general command of the Military Forces of Colombia.

On the other hand, INDUMIl is in charge of the initial and final processes of: manufacture of the weapons, and the delivery of them, as well as after-sales services.

The cost of a weapon in Colombia can be between six and twelve million pesos.

This will depend on the nationality of the manufacturer.

We read soon!

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