Requirements to enter the Colombian Army: Read us and find out about everything related to the subject

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Belong to Colombian National Army, it can be a dream for many Colombians. Being part of this defense entity can provide a great amount of benefits to the military and his family, in addition to being a source of national pride.

In this opportunity, we bring you content with everything you need to know about how to join the National Army, the requirements that you must have, among other information of interest.

What is the National Army of Colombia?

The National Army of Colombia (EJC) It is the entity of a legitimate ground military force that operates in Colombian territory. The mission of EJC It is based on the defense of the sovereignty, independence and integrity of the Republic of Colombia, establishing functions that guarantee the constitutional order in the nation.

The Colombian National Army conducts and carries out military operations to ensure the protection of the Colombian population, and to protect private and state resources, in order to generate an atmosphere of security, peace and development, which promotes the constitutional order of the nation.

This military force remote its origins from the defensive system established by the Spanish crown, around the 18th century, which consisted of fixed units, which were made up of veteran soldiers. As time went by, this system was modified, until giving way to the Colombian National Army.

What are the requirements to enter the National Army of Colombia?

For the incorporation of new members to the Colombian National Army, the Recruitment Headquarters is in charge of managing various tasks in order to satisfy the needs and expectations of the Colombian population.

In Colombia there are three military schools, which provide the necessary training to be part of the Colombian National Army. Which are: Military School for Cadets, School for NCOs and School for Professional Soldiers.

Cadet Military School

The General José María Córdova Military School for Cadets is an institution established to train aspiring army officers, making them prepare as platoon commander leaders, professionals in military sciences, among other specialties.

To be an officer of the Colombian Army, you can choose to enter this institution to pursue a 4-year career and be an Army officer.

If you want to access, you must meet the requirements presented below:

  • Be Colombian by birth.
  • Possess between 16 to 21 years old.
  • Not have a criminal, disciplinary or administrative record.
  • Have completed and passed the baccalaureate.
  • ICFES certificate.

What is the required documentation?

It is necessary to supply the following documentation:

  • Background certificate.
  • Documents that prove the parents’ income or proof of payment for the last two months.
  • Certificate issued by the Comptroller’s Office.
  • Proof of having practiced and taken swimming.
  • Grades card.
  • Color photocopy of the applicant’s personal identification document, with 150% enlargement.
  • Color photocopy of the identity document of the applicant’s parents with 150% enlargement
  • Diploma and certificate of bachelor’s degree, in photocopy.
  • Valid passport, presented in a photocopy.
  • ICFES results.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Entry application processed.

How to join the National Army of Colombia?

  1. Once you have all the requested requirements, you must follow the following steps, to be able to enter the Colombian National Army:
  2. To begin, you must process the pre-registration, to do this, enter the corresponding website by clicking here.
  3. Process the pre-registration form and save it, so that the system will issue a file in PDF format, which will be sent to your email address.
  4. You must have all the requested documentation and deliver it.
  5. Then you must carry out the corresponding medical tests.
  6. You must wait for the result of the process to be notified to you.

The General José María Córdova Military School for Cadets offers two courses which are:

Official Weapons Course

To enter this course, it is necessary to meet a series of requirements, which are:

  • Possess Colombian nationality.
  • Be between 16 to 21 years of age.
  • Present the ICFES certificate for applicants already graduated.
  • Do not have a criminal, disciplinary or administrative record.
  • Have graduated from Bachelor.

Administrative Official Course

Must possess and present the following requirements:

  • Colombian nationality.
  • The applicant cannot have any kind of criminal, disciplinary or administrative background.
  • Do not exceed 30 years of age for promotion as a second lieutenant without specialization.
  • Do not exceed 35 years of age for promotion as a lieutenant.
  • Professional title, which is valid before the Ministry of Education.
  • ICFES certificate.
  • Diploma and baccalaureate degree act.

NCO School

The Sergeant Inocencio Chincá NCO School, is an institution in charge of the education and training of future NCOs. This institution offers courses for the corresponding preparation of applicants.

Non-commissioned officer of Arms course

Intended for male high school graduates, applicants must present the following requirements:

  • Colombian nationality.
  • Age between 16 to 23 years maximum.
  • Be a high school graduate with academic record.
  • Have taken the corresponding tests: Sabes 11 (ICFES).
  • Swimming Certificate.
  • Do not have a criminal, disciplinary or administrative record.
  • Possess a suitable physical and psychological condition.

Administrative Non-commissioned Officer Course

This course is intended for those professionals, men or women, technologists or with a technical career:

  • Possess Colombian nationality at birth.
  • Do not go beyond the established maximum age of 28 years.
  • Having graduated from some of the programs with a qualified registration from the Ministry of National Education, in addition to having at least two years of work experience, within the program, which must be accredited.
  • Have the required psychophysical aptitude, which must be certified by the Military Health.
  • Do not present a criminal or disciplinary record.
  • Documentation that accredits the respective technological or technical title before the MEN.

What are the benefits of belonging to the Colombian National Army?

Belong to Colombian National Army, has various benefits. We can start with the job and economic stability that it generates, the health services for the military and his family, the solution for housing and pensions and the offer of comprehensive training in technical, tactical, physical, psychological, social and spiritual areas.

You also receive complementary education, the opportunity to travel and enjoy vacation periods in the exclusive facilities of the Colombian Military Force.

If you want to be part of the Colombian National Army, take into account all the information in the content and carry out your process successfully.

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