Requirements to establish a Company: read us and get the information you need

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Requirements to build a society read us and get the information you need, commercial, public, anonymous companies, among others, play a very important role

Setting up a commercial company sounds like a very complicated procedure, but in this article we will show you how to do it easily and safely

At present there are several companies which manage their positions independently, in this way many independent workers want to join these companies

IF you have ever wondered How to form a commercial company?, or What are the requirements to establish a commercial company? , do not stay with these doubts

Read on to find the necessary information!

What are the types of commercial business partnership?

To know the types of commercial company it is necessary first to know what a commercial company is

When we refer to the commercial society we are talking about an organization or association of the commercial sector which is constituted by natural and legal citizens in order to obtain economic gains.

The types of commercial companies play a very important role not only in the economic sphere but also in the national society.

There are four types of commercial companies which are:

  • Anonymous society
  • Limited Liability Companies (Ltda.)
  • Collective Societies
  • Limited Partnership
  • Simplified joint stock company

The types of company named above contain a series of specific requirements for each one, for this reason you must be aware of what type of company you are going to order and look for the documents corresponding to said company

Commercial society

One of the main companies within the national and jurisdictional financial sphere of Colombia is the commercial company

It is worth mentioning that the Commercial Company is one of the most important economic organizations within the commercial sector due to its main activity

This society is the one that main composes all the associations of economic activity within the national territory and leads to economic functions

The commercial company is that the organization to which it is constituted by legal or natural persons with the main objective of developing some economic activity together

The main functions of the commercial company are:

  • Address issues within the commercial sector
  • Establish commercial organizations
  • Contribute to the economic sector of a country
  • Agree on the profits of the commercial activity carried out together
  • Gather a series of business partners among themselves to reach financial agreements

These functions make up the commercial company which must be fully complied with for its proper functioning.

Limited Partnership

When we refer to the limited partnership, we are defining a group of organizations created voluntarily by managing shareholders who seek to settle corporate debts.

Limited partnerships are used for partners to hold a meeting in which they agree on the capital that must be contributed to the social debts of said organization and carry out administrative thoughts within it.

It should be noted that among the main characteristics of this society are:

  • Possess legal or natural persons
  • It leads to a series of agreements on financial debts
  • Manage capital for the proper functioning of the company
  • Join limited partners with administrative partners
  • Make payroll
  • Manage compliance with jurisdictional quotes

All the people who are involved in this company must be aware of the administrative companies which are affiliated with their organization.

Limited Liability Companies (Ltda.)

Limited liability companies are referred to as those organizations that make up partners in a limited and responsible manner.

Mainly this company has the main objective of agreeing and establishing the limit of shareholders who are going to join said organization, for this reason it is called Limited Liability Company (Ltda.)

It is important to mention that limited liability companies make the contribution of essential capital managed by the organization and in order to compose this company, the partners cannot be less than two or more than fifty.

This company does not require an imperceptible capital, and above all, its members claim equal contributions to their contributions which will be registered in the administration within the company

Anonymous society

As its name indicates, the corporation is that legal individual who is associated with an organization which supplies the capital by multinational shareholders.

The corporation encourages its shareholders to hold meetings in which the respective contributions are determined to agree on the management of the management system

It is important to know that this company fulfills the following functions:

  • Their contributions are independent (for this reason it is called anonymous)
  • It seeks to raise investment projects
  • Seeks to meet those administrative needs presented by the organization
  • Find shareholders independently
  • Manage your own directory completely independently

Let us remember that among the main factors of this company is to start the search for investors independently and anonymously.

Simplified joint stock company

This company leads to a series of regulations which are governed by the Laws of shareholders of Colombia, for this reason it is important to know in depth what this process takes.

In our country these entities relate and verify their data according to the Law 1258 which was created in 2008, this law is the one that indicates all the parameters that both investors and partners of this company must comply with

More than 90% of the institutions and companies that start their creation do so linked to this type of society due to its great jurisdictional clarity

The Simplified joint stock company It helps to identify the business entity of the company within the business systems of the country, apart from leading to necessary documentation

What are the requirements to build a commercial company

The documentation necessary to be able to establish a commercial company must be carried out safely and legally

We recommend that shareholders who start in a commercial company seek legal guidance from a tax institution which will guide them during the process.

The requirements that must be attached for a commercial company are the following:

  • Original and copy of the identity card of the shareholders and partners who are going to found the company
  • Affiliate residency certificate
  • Statement of reason why you want to start the company
  • Nominee of administrators
  • Appointment of associates
  • Complete list of all administrative personnel and main associates who are involved with the formation of associates

Thanks for reading!

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