Requirements to form a Political Party in Colombia: Here you can find the information you need

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If you do not know what the Reqs areRequirements to form a Political Party in Colombia or you need information about political parties you are in the perfect place

The political sector of a country is a very important component for the decisions of a nation and Colombia is not left behind due to its political partner factors.

All citizens of the world have different opinions and tastes which is normal and natural, for this reason political decisions are different

Have you asked yourself What are the requirements to form a political party?, or you don’t know how many political parties exist in our country, don’t worry anymore

Keep reading to discard all your doubts!

What is a political party

When we refer to political parties, we are defining those societies of national public interest which grant the right of political opinion to citizens.

The political parties are constituted due to the massive participation citizen in the electoral centers, due to this there are various political institutions to develop projects of interest and social work

Each istarting a party is entirely voluntary and legal In order to lead to the installation of a political party, it is necessary to go through a series of procedures and documents established by Colombian law.

The main purpose of political parties is to get a message across and incite the population to join a political sector which is represented by said party, this in order to obtain a sum of supporters at the time of political elections.

Clearly all those who wish to constitute a political party must be aware of the socio-political situation of the country, in most cases political parties are born in electoral campaigns

what are the functions of a political party

Organizing, attending meetings and agreeing agreements to improve the proper functioning of the political party are some of the many functions that these political entities fulfill.

It should be noted that political parties apart from fulfilling a series of main functions, they have various long and short-term objectives.

Below we will show you the most prominent functions of political parties, among these are:

  • Designate compliance activities to citizens who are working within the party
  • Promote an advertising campaign for an electoral movement, (presidential, state, municipal, among others)
  • Encourage citizens and closest towns to attend their public meetings
  • Grant a series of social tasks mostly non-profit
  • Inform citizens of the objectives and purposes that the party has for the nation and thus achieve greater inclusion within the same entity
  • Verify the status of your electoral candidates and grant these candidates social support
  • Implement a political, social, economic and cultural ideal
  • Adapt the vision and objectives of the party to Colombian society
  • Supervise the proper functioning of all party venues
  • Verify that everything is in good working order in the electoral process

Each party has the right to manage its own vision and adopt a political ideal independently, but without these ideals being racist and offensive to society

What we mentioned above is very important, since if the legal entities reveal a party which imposes discrimination in all its areas, this party will be automatically dismissed and sanctioned.

What are the requirements to form a party

It is worth mentioning that the requirements to form a political party must be fully complied with, since each of the documents must be legally registered.

Before starting to name the requirements to form a party, it is important to mention that people interested in forming one must verify if they meet all the requirements requested to achieve registration effectively

The requirements to legally form and register a political party are:

  • Letter of statement of reason which explains the application for registration before the National Electoral Council of the republic
  • Account of the main founders of the party which must be written in a Foundation Act
  • Identity card (original and copy) of all the main founders of the party
  • Do not incite violence, racial or sexual discrimination, among other derivatives (otherwise registration with the CNE will be denied)
  • Planning already carried out for a Government Program within the entity
  • Have an original symbol, emblem or distinctive which represents the party to represent
  • Nominal table of collection of signatures of social acceptance (this list must contain the full names and surnames, the identity card and the signature of the users)
  • Organic Regimen Certificate

Note: The National Electoral Council will verify all the documents that the founders deliver and will dictate the approval or denial for the registration of the party within the system.

How to form a political party

Although it sounds very complex to form a political party, it can be done easily and effectively, this if the requested documents are complied with and it is managed in accordance with what the law indicates.

If you want to form a political party together with other people, we recommend that you take a look at the electoral laws of Colombia and read the following recommendations:

  • Organize ideas as a work team
  • Execute various meetings which will serve as contributions and improvements for the party
  • Investigate the electoral laws of the country to be aware of the legal areas
  • Carry out advertising campaigns, either via the internet or in the town where the party is to be founded
  • Verify that all the documents requested by the CNE are up to date to avoid inconveniences
  • Start carrying out social work campaigns to start presenting the game and making it known

Whether to transmit or support a political ideal, form a political organization from the beginning, you must work hard to meet the objectives set.

Steps to follow

To form a political party, take notes of the following steps that you must take, these are:

  1. Have enough members who serve as your main supporters
  2. Hold meetings within the organization to determine jobs
  3. Make the party known in society
  4. Have an attendance payroll
  5. Attach the documents requested by the CNE
  6. Once the documents have been verified, they must be presented to the CNE and start with the registration.

Note: Many private or public companies seek to help political parties in some special financing to support social campaigns.

What are the most important political parties in Colombia

Colombia is a very large country, therefore, in its different locations, citizens share different political opinions.

The laws of our country suggest that realizing the right to vote in electoral campaigns should be a right for all citizens

Below we will show you the 15 political movements with the highest relevance in Colombia:

  1. Colombia Fair Free CJL
  2. Citizen Option
  3. Independent Social Alliance SO
  4. Patriotic Union UP
  5. Human Colombia
  6. Alternative Democratic Pole
  7. Colombian Liberal Party
  8. Alternative Revolutionary Force of the Common
  9. Independent Movement of Absolute Renewal MIRA party
  10. Green Party (Colombia) Green Alliance
  11. Radical Change Party
  12. U party
  13. Indigenous Authorities of Colombia AICO
  14. Colombian Conservative Party
  15. Indigenous and Social Alternative Movement MAIS

Remember that voting is your right and that you choose the future of the country we want

Thanks for reading!

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