Requirements to get a mobile phone with installments in Claro: All the information you need

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At some point in your day to day you have to make heard about the phone company called Of course. This company also has other services, but the most interesting thing in this case is that it can allow you to get a cell phone to installments. If this is what you want, here you can get more information about the requirements that will be needed.

What is Claro

It is an operating company which received the name of Sure, before it was called Telmex and Comcel, it has a subsidiary in the country that is called Of course Colombia.

This operator offers services such as telephony mobile, the internet with various plans and subscription television.

It is from December 2011 that this telephony would have more than 30 million lines that are active, fully functional in the country. In turn, the company we are talking about is owned by América Móvil, and although we know it as Sure Colombia.

It is still a company that subsidizes América Móvil, this is necessary to have it well Sure to avoid future confusion. It is from June of the year 2012 on the 26th, that the Comcel company is integrated into Telmex Colombia SA, thus generating the brand that we know as America Mobile.

This is how Claro begins to offer services for fixed telephony and mobile telephony in this way as well.

Without excluding the internet both the mobile such as landline and television by prior subscription.

It is in this way that Comcel SA continues to be the operator and provider of all the services that we have mentioned above under the name of Of course.

This is how, in addition, Telmex de Colombia It is responsible for providing all services on television, internet and fixed telephony.

Still independently from the other company but still under the same company name Of course.

But it is since June of the current year (2019) that Telmex Colombia SA decides to complete its merger with the company Comcel SA

Thus, Comcel SA remains the only one of the providers of services in the world of telecommunications.

For Colombia but in particular from the company Mexican that they named América Móvil.

What services does Claro offer

Of course known for being a prestigious communication company, I recently announced that it will currently have available for Colombia.

Up to 6 types of mobile phone lines prepaid and for postpaid, which may have up to 30% additional mobile data.

Also the television service Of course video with which you can even have 80 extra channels but in HD, for greater enjoyment of the service offered.

And it is also through one of the press releases that the company Of course took it upon himself to explain new information about the Multiplay service.

This is a service which can provide you with the possibility of combining the offer of your services according to your own needs.

This is done with the sole objective of power to get better in a significant way the experience that families have,

To generate in this way a greater saving but with comfort, thus adding benefits of the exclusive type.

Thus also improving the entire experience with digital entertainment, connectivity and its services.


The company Of course is in charge of also offering prepaid telephony services, which usually depend on the type of plan chosen in order to obtain different benefits.

At present, more than six types of services have been released for telephony prepaid and some of them may even offer you.

An amount of additional megabytes at no cost just with the purchase and maintenance of the plan.

These services can be used on any device mobileHowever, there are those who prefer to acquire them in the company.


For telephone lines there is also the service postpaid, which is in charge of offering it the company that we already know called Of course.

These lines can be used in any team however, there are those who prefer to purchase it directly with them.

Which actually doesn’t have any kind of benefit.

If they are granted Benefits You will receive them only for acquiring the line with them, currently there are plans that also give you megabytes.

The only condition to keep them is to pay weather your plans.


The company Of course It also offers both mobile and landline internet services, for this you just have to purchase the service.

The combos come in amounts of megabytes and some for gigs, which tell you how much you will have to cancel.

And what will be the level of coverage that you will be able to obtain with the service, these can bring some benefits as well although they are variable.

What are the requirements to acquire a team on installments

The requirements can be varied according to the company which is requested to acquire a cell phone to installments,

However, the only ones who are responsible for requesting Of course They are your Credit life history and purchase the plan with them.

Since they will not allow you to acquire the mobile to installments if you want to use it with another company or operator.

How to acquire a team on installments

As we have already named if you want to purchase a mobile phone installments in Claro, mainly you will be required to have a credit life.

And that the plan that you are going to use is Of course since if you wish to use another operator’s, you will be refused to acquire the equipment like this.

If you meet your requirement of your life credit, then you must go with your ID to any care center.

In the same way, we explain that only chain stores are the ones who will be able to allow you to acquire equipment in dues.

If the case is that you do not have your credit history.

Although lately Of course allows the user if they do not have their credit history, the company can allow them to purchase a voice plan or data basic.

But only once I know prove I pay on time for three months, at that time the possibility will be evaluated.

To finance various equipment or cell phones up to a maximum of 3 million pesos.


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