Requirements to get the Success Card: Read us and find out what you should know

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Requirements to get the success card: read it and find out what you should know, All the procedures and benefits to obtain a successful card must be fully complied with and here we have this information and much more information

Applying for a successful card entails a series of procedures and requirements which are simple and easy to carry out, which we will explain to you in detail.

Possessing an Éxito card, apart from entailing a series of requirements, this card grants its users a series of benefits and credits which are very advantageous for users.

Currently there are many Colombian citizens who want to obtain an Éxito Card and do not know how to do it, so if you have how to carry out this procedure or what are the requirements for a summer card

Stay and read this article to handle this information!

What is the success card

Many citizens currently need credits and services efficiently, for this reason many people apply for the success card

When we refer to the success card, we are defining a Banlínea bank card which has various credits and benefits for users

The success card is that helping hand for entrepreneurs, people who need to make credit expenses among other services.


To know a little more about the success card we must be aware of the functions it fulfills, among these are:

  • Provide a quality service to all users
  • Allow an estimated credit time
  • Manage credit procedures easily and safely
  • Protect data to the affiliate user (passwords, movements and account status)
  • Verify purchases
  • Provide credit savings support

Apart from the aforementioned functions, the main purpose of the successful card is to give confidence and security to all users who wish to join.

What are the requirements to apply for the Success Card

It is worth mentioning that each citizen who is going to present the requirements to be able to obtain a successful card must have his original Identity Card on hand as the main document

It does not matter if you are an independent employee, freelance worker, housewife, pensioner, retired, you can opt for one of the long-awaited success cards as long as you comply with the necessary documentation

Requirements to obtain the Success Card

Take note of the following requirements that you must attach to get your successful card:

  • Identity Card (original and copy)
  • Be between 18 and 88 years old, this requirement is not limiting
  • Solvency Interest, which is issued by the labor company with which you are affiliated
  • Account Opening Agreement,
  • Online application to obtain the card
  • Proof of work (which must contain current earnings salary)
  • Personal email and preferably gmail
  • If you are an independent worker, you must have your independent labor certificate at hand
  • Proof of residence
  • Receipt of a domestic service which you quote on your own (this service can be water, electricity, gas, internet, among others)
  • People who are natural employees must submit the latest quote in Fosyga

Note: Retired citizens, retired or unemployed, must present a proof of support by which they manage their income

Once all these documents are attached, you must deliver it to your nearest banking agency which will verify them.

When you have met all the requirements to get the success card the bank will send you a notification to your e-mail of rapture of the request for said card

How to apply for the success card?

By having all the documents completely, it is time to start with the procedures and the application for the successful card

Thanks to technological advances You can apply for this card from your home! If, as you have just read through the Banlinea web portal, you can make this request

It should be noted that the application for the card is free and you will not have to cancel a single peso to be able to request and you can do it online in less than 10 minutes

Steps to follow

Below we will show you the steps to follow to request the success card

  1. Open your premeditated browser and in the web browser search for the Banlinea web portal (to access directly click here)
  2. When we are in the web portal we go to the section “My Banlinea” to start with the application
  3. Once we are in the section, the portal will direct us to a form which must be completed and sent
  4. As we can see in the previous image, we must complete the form that we observe indicating: full names and surnames, email, email password, date of birth, among other personal documents
  5. At the end of completing the form it is important that we have written and verified the data, we proceed to accept the terms and conditions to send the application form

In an easy and simple way you can request your success card, as you observed previously from a computer with an internet connection and by completing the application form your application will be registered

How to check the balance of the successful card?

This question is asked by many users, since it has happened to many that they have run out of balance when buying because they do not check their available balance

or that many people do not know is that to consulate the balance of the successful card it can be done via the internet from any smartphone or computer for free

To check the balance of your card, carry out this procedure

  • From any device that has an internet connection, enter the web portal of Tarjeta Success,
  • Once we are in the portal we go to the web portal section
  • The system will ask us for the card number and identity card of the holder
  • When we have provided the requested data correctly, the portal will show us our consolidated position of the success card (available balance, account movements, among others)

Remember that the consultation has no cost and you can do it any time of the day you want and whenever you want

What are the benefits of the success card

The success card contains benefits which will help you manage many purchases and credits in a simple and secure way

By having a successful card in our hands, we enter a series of unbeatable and very advantageous benefits for the affiliate

The benefits of a success card are:

  • Every week of the year this card offers discounts to make purchases or other services
  • Unlimited fees of a maximum of $ 800,000 pesos daily
  • Make cash advances
  • You can obtain credits at the cash registers of the companies associated with the successful card
  • More than forty thousand shops and businesses nationwide accept the success card to make purchases
  • Fees with payment facilities
  • Quote services and pay credits

The benefits of this card are incredible, so if you don’t have one and you meet all the requirements, what are you waiting for? Take all the steps to get your card

Thanks for reading!

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